Elizabeth II. The Queen Of Thieves - Creating Wars For Profit

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Royal Intentions

Following her royal orders, Theresa May sacked 21, 000 old fashioned coppers.
The Queen had decided to change Her Majesties Police Force to
Her Majesties Police Service. Her Majesties Police Service services and protects Her Majesties banking, oil, gas and nuclear investments.   Thirty years ago, to join Her Majesty's Police Force you had to be 6 feet tall or over, have 5 'O' Levels, an excellent medical record, a cheerful attitude to life and the ability to write an essay.
The Queen scrapped the above recruiting criteria in favour of a 240 point psychological profile! This 240 tick-box exercise weeds out people who can think for themselves.
In short the kind of people who would refuse to follow the Queen's recent orders. For instance: violently beating-up any person, young or old, who peacefully protests  Her Majesty's


      News Not Yet In: A retard in a baseball cap said.
"I have written permission to kill anyone who protests Her Majesty's Policies. 
The old lady with the No Fracking sign was threatening my life, so I cut her in half with my machine gun. Her Majesty has invited me to Buck House to receive my medal".
(click on my photo above)

The recent survey in the Yorkshire Post above confirms what every sober adult already knew. The Queen will gleefully dismiss this survey along with ten years of damming evidence against Fracking. Nothing must get in the way of Queen Lizzy's Fracking Plans.

Damming evidence of Fracking's shocking effect on human health led to France, Germany, South Africa, Bulgaria, Poland, New York State and New York City BANNING fracking. The Queen is denying this undeniable evidence exists. The denial stems from the facts that the Queen owns the mineral, mining and drilling rights underneath your home and the royals massive shareholdings in nuclear, oil, fracking, drilling and ancillary companies. The Queen intends to use exhausted (fracked-out) mine shafts and tunnels to dump the royals fatal nuclear waste from Her Majesties nuclear bomb factory at Sellafield.










If you happen to live near one of Her Majesties Fracking Well Sites your rights to clean air and clean water will slowly cease to exist. You and yours will be treated like the residents of Diego Garcia  see below.

Orders In Council

Orders In Council (OIC’s). The Monarch and the Privy Council got their act together in the dark and bloody violent days of the Norman Kings. Each man appointed to the Privy Council had legal and/or local knowledge the Monarch could call upon. Down the centuries nothing has changed.
Advised by her hand picked Privy Council the present Monarch signs-off the day-to-day business of running Britain and the Commonwealth through Orders In Council (OIC’s).
All powerful OIC’s control Act's Of Parliament covering everything from building nuclear power stations. Fracking wells, crime and immigration control, to banking regulations in the dependent territories - i.e the Cayman Islands, the Virgins, Bermuda, the British Indian Ocean Territory etc..  

Diego Garcia

When the Pentagon felt the need to build
a massive nuclear staging post on the idyllic Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, right, the Queen leased-out the island to Uncle Sam.
Two thousand islanders were rounded-up like cattle and disposed of in the slums of Mauritius. Imagine your family being dragged out of their homes. Transported to an alien environment 1,300 miles away and forced to live in crowded squats. That's what the Queen did to the good people of Diego Garcia.  Eventually the islanders found a lawyer to fight their case. Eventually an English court ruled they had been illegally evicted and their homes stolen. George 'Dubya' Bush picked up the oval office phone and had a word with his cousin at Buck House. The Queen quickly issued an OIC that overturned the courts findings!!!
Leaving two thousand dispossessed islanders in no doubt what a poxed-up-cunt the Queen really is.



"The Sovereign can do no wrong 
and no laws can be brought against her". 

Lord Halsbury - The Laws of England.

    Elizabeth The Useless and a Worthless Frog

  May 2009. Her Majesty the Queen held a state banquet at Windsor Castle for the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy.
The Queen had decided to grant her French collaborators, Électricité de France (EDF), permission to build two European Pressurized Reactors in England
- at an estimated cost of £25 BILLION each - starting with one at Hinkley Point on the Somerset coast. Part of this insane nuclear deal includes the Queen's permission to dump French nuclear waste in England.

Like every other type of nuclear reactor the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) can only be described as a totally needless Target of Mass Destruction. Only an enemy of England or a degenerate-nuclear-vested-imbecile would build an EPR in England. 

By May 2015 EDF were six-years behind schedule building an EPR in Finland - and five-years behind schedule building another EPR in France. Consequently the Queen's imbecilic plan was running short of finance.

     November 2015: The Boys From Beijing

Her Majesty The Queen held a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The pair stitched-up a deal in which the brutal-blood-soaked Beijing Regime will invest £30 Billion in the Queen's new nuclear waste stations. The first, Hinkley C, is scheduled to open around 2025.  The Queen's French collaborators EDF say Beijing will cover one third of the cost of Hinkley C. EDF already has the Queen's permission to dump French nuclear waste in England. The brutal Beijing Regime "disappear" anyone who complains about nuclear waste. 

History proves no nuclear waste station has ever opened on its scheduled opening date. They are always years late and they always cost at least twice as much as the estimated cost.   also see Finland cancels EPR

   Below left. The Queen's Target of Mass Destruction to be opened around 2025 on the Somerset coast.
   Below right.  
Fukushima, still gushing nuclear poison into the Pacific after the 2011 triple meltdown.

The lunatic Queen's latest, totally needless, Target of Mass Destruction is scheduled to open around 2025. She has similar lunatic plans to build two more Targets of Mass Destruction  at Moorside next to Sellafield!!!

From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear desert. The British public have never for one moment entered those plans. Should Chernobyl happen at a British nuclear power station the royals have escape planes standing by 24/7, private palm fringed islands to fly to and £Trillions in 22 tax havens.
In preparation for a British Nuclear disaster the evacuation of the "royal" family is reviewed and rehearsed at least once a year. Britain and the Queen's simple minded flag wavers will be abandoned to die of nuclear poison - without so much as a royal wave. Nobody over the mental age of 10 could possibly believe the "royals" give a flying-fuck for Britain or the British.

The Crown Prerogative dictates there can be no questions in Her Majesty's Parliament probing Her Majesty's total control of the British Energy Market. Members of Her Majesty's Parliament are not even allowed to think of how many millions the royals are making every single minute from their oil, gas and nuclear investments. Which gives you some idea of how totally worthless Members of Her Majesty's Parliament really are to the British Public. It will be to late to blame Her Majesty's puppets in Her Majesty's Parliament when one of Her Majesty's nuclear poison stations explodes and your family start choking to death on Her Majesty's nuclear poison.     

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

                                                   Royal  Reasoning

   If the Prince Of Charlie's hasn’t got both hands in the nuclear till, why did he spend so much time criticizing the cost of the Millennium Dome, £M950, yet never say a bloody word against Sizewell B, which cost the taxpayer £2.9 bn? 
£M650 of the £M950 cost of the Dome came from the National Lottery!
Whatever you thought about the Dome, it cannot poison Great Britain!
An accident at one of the Queens nuclear waste stations could empty Britain.
If Charlie had a spine in his back he would have joined the Sizewell B protest. 

In truth, a nuclear end to British history wouldn't worry Charlie. When one is born with £Trillions in foreign banks it really doesn’t matter what part of the planet one happens to be killing dumb animals to pass the time of day. Do's it?

      Nuclear  Profits

   Between 1957 and 1976 British reactors produced enough nuclear waste/weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. In the 1976 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution the distinguished nuclear physicist Sir Brian Flowers stated. "It would be irresponsible and morally wrong to commit future generations to the consequences of fission power." 
  Sir Brian was well aware that British reactors had already produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete.  The Royal Commission was royally ignored. The Queen's cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear firms operating under Her Majesty's Official Secret Act, funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers £Trillions.

Crown  Control

British Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II alone appoints military commanders.
British Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II presides over a weekly meeting of the Joint Intelligence Committee, (JIC) where she - and not her passing Prime Mouthpiece - is fully briefed on the activities of all of the British Secret Services. No British agents, or British troops, carry out a single act, overt or
covert, without direct orders signed by the British Head Of State.

With Rothschilds acting as her principle-nominee-bankers Queen Elizabeth II has become the wealthiest women in the world. In financial circles the Queen is known as the world's "ultimate insider trader.''
Not only is she advised by the world's richest financiers she also has full access to all British State Secrets, through the daily Red Boxes.
The Queen has 455 military advisers in 30 countries. If the Queen learns that some country, lets say Nigeria, is about to be destabilized, she can immediately sell her Nigerian oil shares and invest that money in Arms sales to Nigeria.
The only people who know the murky details of royal insider dealing are those on the same gravy train.
It is presently impossible, for anyone (especially a royal banker), to press charges of decades of insider trading and conflict of interest against the Queen in her own courts.

Memo. From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear desert. The British public have never for one moment entered those plans. Should Chernobyl happen at a British nuclear power station the royals have escape planes standing by 24/7, private palm fringed islands to fly to and £Trillions in 22 palm-fringed tax havens. In preparation for a British Nuclear disaster the evacuation of the "royal" family is reviewed and rehearsed at least once a year. Britain and the Queen's simple minded flag wavers will be abandoned to die of nuclear poison - without so much as a royal wave

Chernobyl fallout applied to the UK « No2NuclearPower 

photo. Testing uranium poison levels near Chernobyl.

When Electricité de France announced the new European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) would be more efficient than the old Chernobyl type reactor they were, for once, actually telling the truth. The EPR will “overcook” nuclear fuel. This will produce between five and fifteen times more eternally fatal High Level Nuclear Waste for the taxpayer to pay for - forever and forever and then some.
An accident, like Chernobyl, in an EPR will release much higher levels of fatal radiation causing five to fifteen times the human misery Chernobyl has. How’s that for nuclear efficiency!



                                                     The Queen of Deceit

                                                  photo. October 17, 1956. The Queen opens Calder Hall.
Once upon a time we were told nuclear power stations would provide electricity 'too cheap to meter.' We then learned that when the Queen opened her first uranium (nuclear) power station it had had nothing to do with providing electricity. Nuclear power stations are built to produce nuclear weapons material for Her Majesty's Government. From the very beginning of nuclear power Her Majesty's Government contrived to hide the horrendous cost of running nuclear power stations by using massive subsidies of the taxpayers tucked into the folds of Her Majesty's Defence budget. Untold £Billions have been stolen under the cloak of Her Majesty's Official Secret Act and funnelled into the Queen's nuclear waste business. 

The Queen's Uranium Mines

One of a family of despots
Her Majesty 
Elizabeth II
 owns mines and mineral rights all over the globe. In the 1950's the uranium mining company Rio Tinto Mines was formed for the British Royal Family by the Queen's "Africa adviser" Roland Walter Fuhrhop.

Fuhrhop (better known as "Tiny" Rowland) was described by a fellow German as "an ardent supporter of Hitler and an arrogant, nasty piece of work to boot." 
The Queen's 
"Africa adviser" had been a passionate member of the Nazi youth movement. Rowland became Africa's most ruthless businessman. Africa being a prime source of the uranium used in the Queen's nuclear investments.

                        Sovereign Rules

The American Congress can discuss royal family business but it is forbidden for Her Majesty's
Parliament to discuss the family business, or the royals offshore fortune, or the fact that Her Majesty has illegally used her Law Lords to keep her obscene wealth a secret.
The Queen's holdings in Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) was first brought to public attention by a leak from a source at the Bank of England to Andrew Morton, who wrote the authorized biography of Diana.
Philip Beresford, author of 'The Book of the British Rich', written in conjunction with the Sunday Times of London, found the Queen tends to invest in "blue chip'' stocks, including Rio Tinto Zinc, General Electric Company of Great Britain, Imperial Chemical Industries, Royal Dutch Shell, and British Petroleum. Among those acting as royal cut-outs and nominees are S.G. Warburg's subsidiary Rowe & Pitman, Barings and Cazanove. Forbes magazine also reported the Queen is a major RTZ shareholder, as is the Bank of England.
Charles Higham, co-author of Elizabeth and Philip, also states the Queen is a major stockholder in RTZ, which, with her old friends at Anglo-American, controls 12% of the world's precious, strategic, and base metals and minerals.
In 1976, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee found that an international cartel, of which RTZ was a major partner, had been formed in 1971 to fix the world's uranium prices.
A federal grand jury found corroborating evidence of RTZ's role.
To protect RTZ's directors and their richest shareholder, the Queen, Lord Denning and the Law Lords quashed Westinghouse's ability to take depositions in the United Kingdom.
On June 16, 1976, in hearings in the U.S. House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Subcommittee Jerry McAfee, chairman of Gulf Oil admitted that the cartel in which RTZ was his partner had  criminally conspired to falsely increase the price of uranium on world markets.
When the Tennessee Valley Authority tried to sue RTZ for price fixing the U.S. Attorney General again demanded testimony from RTZ executives. However, the directors of RTZ and their boss the Queen were once again protected by the Law Lords, who claimed RTZ directors did not have to appear before an American court, as this was "an unacceptable invasion of British sovereignty.''
RTZ was in on developing North Sea oil from the beginning. Writes Higham. "The Queen undoubtedly approved the heavy investment, which would enrich her in the immediate future.''
Starting in June 1975, RTZ and Texaco were spearheading shipments from the North Sea Argyll Field, to the refineries of British Petroleum, (BP) in which the royal family have a massive stake dating back to the Anglo Persian Oil Company set-up by George V and his bankers to rape the Iranian oil-fields. Anglo Persian evolved into into BP.

The Bank of England colluding with the Queen established a highly illegal nominee company, the Bank of England Nominees Ltd. (BoEN), to hide the Queen's investments as well as the investments of those Heads Of State the Queen personally recommends. The Sultan of Brunei, King Bhumibhol Adulayadej of Thailand, the Kuwaiti royal family, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and his then friend Saddam Hussein all became clients of "Queen Lizzy's private bank."  BoEN is only one of the many cut-outs used by the Queen to hide her obscene arms, oil and nuclear profits.   

About the royals RTZ . Rio Tinto Zinc's business is finding, mining, and processing mineral resources. Major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, energy (coal and uranium), gold, industrial minerals (borax, titanium dioxide, salt, talc) and iron ore. Activities span the world but are strongly represented in Australia and North America with significant businesses in South America, Asia, Europe and South Africa.  more

The British monarch became the ultimate insider-trader in the reign of "The Mad King" George III, 1769-1815. King George III was perfectly sane when he gave some of the Crown Lands to Parliament in exchange for extravagant annual payments, of taxpayers money, to fund the monarchy and their palace-pampered-lifestyle of offensive luxury. These annual payments are called The Civil List.  (now called The Sovereign Grant.) The royals annual Civil List became an endless supply of money-for-nothing to be used for warmongering-for-profit and Empire money-grubbing-speculation. By 1936 when the Queen's grandfather, George V, died the royals private (offshore) fortune was estimated at one billion Sterling.

A small part of the present Queen's massive disposable wealth is the tens of billions amassed tax free between her Coronation in 1953 until the public demanded she pay tax in 1992.
The Queen calls 1992 her "Annus Horribilis." This was the year of the Windsor Castle fire.
Widespread public outrage erupted when the taxpayers were arbitrarily told they would have to pay approximately £30 Million for the fire! The outcome was a "memorandum of understanding" that the Queen would pay some taxes - at her pleasure. Although, the Queen can ignore this "memorandum of understanding" any time she pleases. In 2002 it pleased the Queen to refuse to pay tax on the known £70 Million the Queen Mum left to the Queen. Prior to her death the Queen Mum was always said to be broke. It transpired that eight years before she died the Queen Mum had put £140 Million into Swiss Trusts for her grandchildren.

Little Lizzy's little House

During the 1930's Depression when a third of British children suffered growth defects caused by constant hunger (Rickets). "Little Lizzy", the present Queen, had her own child size six-roomed thatched house in the garden's of Royal Lodge, Royal Windsor Great Park (three mile south of Windsor Castle).

The Times reported. ‘The Small House is fully furnished with running water electric light, and a wireless.’ 
Architect John Nash rebuilt Royal Lodge for the depraved Priny (George 4th). It became one of the Queen Mum’s many homes. She died there, aged 101, pickled in the finest gin other peoples money can buy.

Aged 7, in line to inherit £Billions of Empire loot, the future Queen practices the Hitler salute. Make no mistake the German "royal family" would have welcomed Adolf Hitler were it not for Winston Churchill - Churchill obtained Top Secret reports that His Majesty the King, George 5th, had decided would not be declared in His Majesty's Parliament. George 5th did not want Members of his Parliament to know his German cousins were building-up their armed services to unprecedented levels. Churchill told Parliament Hitler was planning to take over Europe.
The King's Prime Mouthpiece, Stanley Baldwin, was ordered to get Churchill thrown out of Parliament.
Baldwin tried to get Churchill's constituents to organise a Vote Of No Confidence in their Member of Parliament. Baldwin failed. The King replaced Baldwin with a a new Prime Mouthpiece, Neville Chamberlain. Churchill continued spreading the truth about Hitler's intentions. The British Public
started to remember the Cousins War  (WW1) and asked why do we need "this German royal family?". 
At that point the so-called "royals" started speaking out against Hitler.

Part of the Queen's known wealth consists of her private collection of castles, jewellery, works of art and a portfolio of blue chip stocks and bonds and real estate investments around the world. In 1991 the Financial Times estimated Her Majesty's investment portfolio - spare cash to play with - was worth at least £3 Billion. Her total wealth - £Trillions - is divided into many parts. One known part is the Venetian-style Fondo (trust), that must be passed on to her heir - free from inheritance tax.


The secret world of royal finances.
British monarchs have illegally avoided taxes and illegally accumulated untold investment wealth in countless countries. see Royal Fortune - Phillip Hall 1992.



           Centuries of Money For Nothing

The Queen's great grandfather King Edward VII, right, better known as Dirty Bertie, inherited the royals love of money-for-nothing. One of Edward VII's Jewish advisers was the Hungarian banker Baron Hirsch. When Baron Hirsch died in 1896, his position as leading adviser passed on to another Jewish banker, Ernest Cassel, whose daughter and heiress, Edwina, married Lord Louis Mountbatten, a chief influence on Prince Philip and Prince Charles.
The ultra-unctuous Jewish bankers Rothschilds, the scheming American financiers J.P. Morgan and E.H. Harriman and the Sassoons were all friends of King Edward VII. There has always been an incestuous relationship between the British monarch and the global-money-grubbing-oligarchy, especially with Barings Bank, dating back before the Opium Wars.  
Edward VII hated his cousin the Kaiser the feeling was mutual. His son the present Queen's Grandfather, George 5th, and the Kaiser were responsible for for starting The Cousins War

St. Morizt 1915. The rich enjoying themselves as-per-usual while millions died in WW1. 
St. Morizt was a favourite venue of war profiteers and their agents\nominees.     
After WW1 the royals resumed their usual lifestyle. Entertaining German cousins with the usual gold plate banquets after hunting on their various estates. Racing their yachts at Cowes, their horses at Ascot. Fashion shopping in Paris in the spring. Cruising the sunspots in the summer and, of course, the usual winter bash in the Alps - paid for by their bankers.
Edward VII's heir, George V, below, continued the "philo-bankerism'' of his father.

George V's private financial adviser from 1929 onward was Sir Edward Peacock of Barings merchant bank. Peacock was also a director of The Bank Of England. In 1934, for his services to the royals Swiss accounts, Peacock was knighted and given a Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, which is part of the "Sovereign's Gifts'' that does not require consulting the monarch's Prime Mouthpiece (the passing piss-poor Prime Minister.) 

George V hugely enjoyed the incestuous relationship with "the City'' he selected Lord Cromer as his Lord Chamberlain. Cromer was a director of Barings Bank and a director of several Establishment companies.

When George V died in 1936 he left at least £1 Billion. Tens of millions of which went directly into Swiss trusts for his ten-year-old  granddaughter, below, who he adored.


The Depression - while decent kids were dying of Rickets (starvation) "Little Lizzy" never missed her morning ride in the heavily guarded Windsor Royal Park.
BTW Lizzy and her sister "Dizzy" had to be brought into world by artificial insemination. Had it not been for the royals team of gynaecologists the monarchy would have ended naturally. i.e. as God intended.  

"The Backward King" George VI (1936-52), who ascended the throne when his brother Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, inherited about half their father's fortune. He also inherited the advice of Sir Edward Peacock - who continued to advise the monarchy well into Elizabeth II's reign.
In 1952 Elizabeth II inherited the lions share of King George VI's offshore fortune, at the very least £M50, to invest and reinvest - completely tax free.

photo left, 1934. Albert, Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes  Lyons, the debutant who perpetuated the phony monarchy by  having herself artificially inseminated.
Lizzy Bowes Lyons was one of many totally self-centered-filthy-rich-bitches who set out to marry the handsome, Edward, Prince Of Wales. She ended-up with the thickest of his backward brothers Albert, Duke of York. Months after the Prince of Wales became King he abdicated and the throne went to Albert - who - changed his name to become King George VI. When he drank himself to death Lizzy Bowes Lyons insisted on being known as the "Queen Mother".

The Queen's American Business: Fleecing US Taxpayers
In 1968 Senator Thomas J. McIntyre (D-N.H) and Representative Silvio O. Conte (R-Mass) confirmed Elizabeth II holds a major share in Courtaulds Textile. Courtaulds came to their attention when the Queen used the company as her nominee to hide her ownership of the largest plantation in Mississippi - on the banks of the Mississippi River near the border with Arkansas. The Queen also uses Courtaulds as a nominee for the purchase of US stocks.
What really upset the congressmen was the wealthiest woman in the world was getting agricultural subsidies to run a plantation in the United States.
The Congressional Record shows how the Queen obtained one of the world's largest plantations complete with sharecroppers in Scott, Mississippi, from Courtaulds. Previously known at The Delta and Pine Land Company, "the Queen's Farm" has 38,000 acres of rich soil, a factory and a mill. Between 1968 - 1970 "the Queen's Farm" received $1.5 Million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. At the time, the plantation was worth $44.5 Million. It employed hundreds of African-American laborers at minimal wages. On April 16, 1970, Senator McIntyre, while introducing a bill on farm payments, said. "We paid the Queen $120,000 for not planting cotton on the farmland she owns in Mississippi.'' The Queen owns many plots of American land including a stud farm in Kentucky where she entertained one of her many boyfriends - the head lad of the royal stables and father of Prince Andrew...

                                                The Queen's EU Business
The British Head Of State, Elizabeth II, alone has the power to declare war and conclude treaties. Including the infamous Maastricht Treaty which handed over British law making powers to the Queen's bankers running the EU.

Cartoon The Sun 27 July 2004 
The Queen sent Peter "Svengali" Mandleson to Brussels to impose the Lisbon Treaty on the uneducated. Some uneducated people believe Mandleson's apprentice Tony Blair ordered the illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. This was never true. History will recall Blair as just another palace bagman. Passing Prime Mouthpieces do NOT take Britain to war. Only the Head of State can do that.

Trident Subs: Embedded Royal Profits
With tens-of-billions in Swiss Trusts invested in uranium mines, and  tens-of-billions in American Trusts invested in uranium weapons production, BAE Systems Martin Lockheed ect., and  tens-of-billions invested in foreign "nuclear new build" companies, Areva, Westinghouse, Halliburton-Bechtel and the like the Queen puts her obscene nuclear profits first, second, third and last.
It was a labour Prime Mouthpiece who announced (albeit in different words) the British taxpayer would pay billions per-year to rent American-nuclear-submarine-missile-systems made by companies partly owned by the royal family. Every Prime Mouthpiece since Jim Callaghan has assured the British public 'only the British can fire these American made weapons'.
The Queen expects her simple subjects to believe the Yanks are daft enough to rent-out nuclear weapons that could be fired back at them!

            The Queen's Fondo (Trust) and Royal Private Property

The Queen has over 300 residences. Most of which are part of the Fondo to be passed on to her heir (tax free). Most are "grace and favour houses'' ostensibly for family members and palace flunkies. Included in the Fondo are five castles: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Kensington Palace once occupied by the late Princess Diana, and St. James Palace occupied by (the allegedly alive) Prince Charles.
Two other castles, Balmoral and Sandringham, are said to be "private property", but they were bought with taxpayers money from Queen Victoria's scandalously generous Civil List of £600,000 per-year for her sixty-four-year reign. All royal residences are maintained by the hapless British taxpayer through Her Majesty's Department of the Environment.

Most of Victoria's Civil List loot was quietly banked abroad.
right, Prince Albert bagging gold Sovereigns for the royals German bank accounts. (£600,000 per year, money-for-nothing, then is equivalent to being given over £6 Million per year, money-for-nothing, now.  Prince Albert, Victoria's first cousin and husband set-up many offshore accounts to receive not only millions stolen from the Civil List but the royals massive Empire profits)

As part of the Fondo to be handed down to the worthless heir the present Queen created the Royal Collection Trust; to which she transferred all the 7,000 paintings, 20,000 Old Master drawings, and various antiques amassed before Queen Victoria's reign.
The Queen has personally acquired a large collection of art works ranging from Renaissance masterpieces, such as Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, to examples of modern "art." The British taxpayer gets the bill for guarding, cleaning and maintaining the royals art collections.

The Duchy of Lancaster is also part of the ever growing Fondo (trust).
The duchy is comprised of properties stolen in the 13th Century from the rebel Simon de Monfort, who tried to create an honest Parliament in 1265, only to have his land and life taken by Edmund Crouchback, youngest son of Henry III.
In 1987, the Duchy of Lancaster was 36,456 acres, mainly agricultural land; within the duchy, the freehold of 2.25 acres in the Strand area of London (lying between the Savoy Hotel and Somerset House) is so valuable, that the Queen had The Duchy of Lancaster Act of 1988 steered through Parliament allowing her to develop and sell this area - mainly to her mega-rich oily Arab pals.
Charles, The Worthless Prince of Wales, banks the income of the second royal family duchy, the Duchy of Cornwall, which has 50,000 acres , including another posh section of London.

The Crown Jewels, which are kept in the Tower of London, except for major events such as State Visits and Coronations, are another part of the Aladdin's Fondo the next monarch will inherit.
Apart from the Crown Jewels, the Queen inherited the largest private collection of jewels in the world. The history of the collection shows the incestuous relationship between the Crown and the City of London. When the British East India Company Army defeated the Maharajah of the Punjab, in 1851, the company stole and later presented Queen Victoria with what was then the world's largest diamond, the Koh-in-noor. Queen Victoria took sadistic pleasure in displaying the Koh-in-noor to the defeated Maharajah on his visit to Buckingham Palace. He left the palace muttering, "Mrs. Fagin.''

At the conclusion of the Boer War the peace offering to the monarch included the largest uncut diamond in the world, the Cullinan Diamond, weighing 3,106 carats. Two cut stones from the Cullinan Diamond went to adorn the Crown Jewels, and the Queen today possesses a brooch that consists of the third and fourth largest stones (94.4 and 63.6 carats) cut from the Cullinan Diamond.
in Empire Days monarchs were regularly showered with jewels by propitiatory princes of India, and, as that largesse ran out, they received similar gifts from Anglo-American diamond finds in South Africa. For example, shortly after World War II, Mary Oppenheimer presented Princess Elizabeth with a 6-carat, blue-white diamond for helping to advertise Anglo-American's diamond monopoly at a time when diamond prices were depressed. Later, Princess Anne, the Queen's oldest daughter, on her 21st birthday, received a necklace of colored diamonds. Today, an adulatory group of oil-rich sheikhs and emirs adds to the Queen's private collection.

   A Little History: Civil List Loot: King George III

Erskine May. Civil List of King George III. Chapter IV.

While the King was engaged in increasing subserviency of the court (Tory) party. Parliamentary support was purchased with pensions and pecuniary corruption.
In February 1769 the arrears of the Civil List amounted to £513,511; and his Majesty applied to Parliament to discharge them.
This demand was made when the people were exasperated by the persecution of John Wilkes,- when the policy of the court was odious, and the King unpopular. But if the country was discontented, Parliament was held in safe subjection. Inquiry was demanded into the causes of the debt, and explanatory accounts were sought: but all investigation being resisted by ministers, the amount was granted without information. In the following year Lord Chatham avowed his conviction that the Civil List revenues were expended in corrupting members of Parliament.
But the same causes of excessive expenditure continued without a check; and eight years later the King again applied to Parliament, not only to discharge a debt of £618,340, but to increase his annual Civil List to £900,000 a year. The large amount of secret-service money, and the increased pension list were noticed,- and insinuations made of corruption. But Parliament acceded to the demands of the King. Erskine May. Civil List of King George III. Chapter IV.

The Speaker, Sir Fletcher Norton, commented. "The Commons have not only granted to your Majesty a large present supply, but also a very great additional revenue; great beyond example; great beyond your Majesty's highest expense." George 3 had Speaker Norton fired. Norton was the last Speaker to criticize the Civil List. The last Speaker of Her Majesty's House Of Commons, Michael Martin, is a typical royal arse licker. Public opinion demanded Martin was fired for his part in stealing tens of millions from the taxpayer in false claims for expenses
Not surprisingly the Queen immediately elevated Martin to Her Majesty's House of Lords.

                                   Royal Notes 1947

The idiot Archbishop of Canterbury declared the wedding ceremony for Princess Elizabeth was 'exactly the same as it would be for any cottager who might be married in some small country church' ...
The differences: the twelve wedding cakes at the royal reception, including one nine feet high that Philip cut with his sword, 2,666 wedding presents, including a Thoroughbred horse, a mink coat, a 54-four carat pink diamond said to be one of its kind in the world, and a plantation and a hunting lodge in Kenya."
In his day, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh better known as “Phil The Greek” was well regarded in filthy-rich homosexual circles. He complained to his gay friends about Elizabeth’s sexual insatiability on their honeymoon.
As his wife reverted to her stable of palace flunkies for her pleasure Phil the Greek had affairs with anything with a hole in it.


The Queen Mother and “Phil The Greek” hated each other from the gitgo. She because he was a very minor “royal” with no money. He because the Queen’s sainted mother was actually an illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Strathmore and a common serving wench on one of his estates.
The Queen Mother's offspring Elizabeth and Margaret were both produced by artificial insemination. Whose semen is not stated. see The Royals -  Kitty Kelley 1997 (ISBN: 9780446585149)
MEMO. The Crown Prerogative dictates there can be no questions in Her Majesty's Parliament probing Her Majesty's total control of the Energy Market.
Members of Parliament are not even allowed to think of how much the royals are making every single minute from their oil, gas and nuclear investments. Which gives you some idea how totally fucking worthless Members of Her Majesty's Parliament really are.

All The Queen's Thieves

The Queen's ex Agriculture Minister, Douglas Hogg, charged the taxpayer £2,000 for cleaning his moat.
Hogg should have been jailed-for-life years ago for his part in the BSE Murders.

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Divide & Rule      The Way Forward Sun-power

The Chernobyl Queen Lizzy is Planning For YOU.  


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