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Queen Denies Britain Safe, Cheap, Power From The Sea  

Power Generation From Offshore Rock Dams

Stormy tidal changes can turn the turbines in tidal barriers into fish, seal and dolphin mincing machines. This risk is drastically reduced by using the same turbines in a circular hollow island.
The rock lagoon concept, see above, is engineered to trap billions of tons of the ever moving tide.
Which is then released at whatever rate needed to keep the turbine power-output constant.
The turbines are reversible which means you have a constant power supply as long as the tide is moving in and out - as God intended.  Like all hydro-electric-systems, having returned their construction costs, rock lagoons produce virtually free electricity.
(no nuclear power station can ever pay for itself because of the everlastingly fatal, totally senseless, nuclear waste it produces.)

The largest fresh water hydro-electric-system in Europe, 1300Mw, at Dinorwig North Wales, opened in 1984, had paid back its construction costs of £m450 by 2001. Dinorwig’s tunnels were blasted out of one-hundred-and-forty-million-year-old slate beneath Snowdonia and was ten years in the building. Building a 400Mw tidal lagoon takes four years.
In September 2000, an Anglo American company, Tidal Electric, proposed a £m500 rock lagoon; one mile off the coast of Rhyl, Wales, producing 400Mw from turbines built into it's circular construction. Environmentalists, who slam tidal barriers, welcomed the plan. Greenpeace, who know these shores well, pointed out; there is no shortage of suitable rock lagoon sites around the UK. And what’s more; wind turbines built on the rock lagoons, like palm trees round an oasis, will increase the lagoons capacity to 600Mw. Ministers of the Crown serving the oil, gas & nuclear-vested Queen said rock lagoons are too costly. This is a lie on the scale of. "Night no longer follows day." Had the Rhyl lagoon been built it would now be saving 2,500 barrels of oil per-day! Even at $30 a barrel that's a saving of $75,000 every 24 hours.

To produce the same power as Dinorwig an oil-fired-power-station uses 4,000 barrels every 24 hours. Apart from not polluting this pearl set in the silver sea, as you read this, Dinorwig is saving the British economy over $250,000 Every Twenty Four Hours. Simply by using rain water.  Which would you rather use in the future?  Barrels of air polluting oil @ $30 - $140 a pop. Or God's own rain and sea water? 

A decent Prime Minister would admit off-shore wind and near-shore rock lagoons are the easiest and quickest way Britain can cut carbon dioxide pollution and curb the crippling costs of oil and gas. However. Her Majesty's servants, especially her passing Prime Mouthpiece are obscenely well paid to ignore the truth.

In the House of Lords Renewable Energy debate, 23 June 2005. Lord Sainsbury of the DTI made it perfectly clear Her Majesty's "government" will continue to starve safe, off-shore, sensible power systems of anything like sensible funding. As we have seen over the last decade ministers of the crown will continue to promote onshore Wind farms to goad the gullible into accepting potential Chernobyl’s in their backyard. The public will not be told the never ending "Back End Costs" created by using uranium in nuclear waste stations, is at least fifty times more expensive than using oil! In short. Ghouls in the nuclear waste game can make bigger profits than Big Oil.

If we had started building nuclear waste stations like Sizewell B when "Bad" King John was around. Britain would now be unfit for human habitation, swamped in high, low and medium level nuclear waste. Our water poisoned for all time like the land and rivers around Chernobyl.

If you know anyone who wants to build more nuclear waste stations - do the world a favour. Take the silly bastard bungee jumping. And axe the rope.  This simple graphic shows how to trap and use the moving tide to supply 24/7 power. Saving the billions we are now spending on oil, gas and totally needless nuclear waste stations.

Tidal Electric. 

also see   Renewable Energy Debate.23 June 2005.  - 27.htm

Small Scale Constant Power

Wavegen’s oscillating water column (OWC) system uses the perpetual tide to supply the national grid.
Her Majesty's "government" want nothing to do with virtually free electricity from the perpetual motion of the tide. One must think of one's oil, gas, and nuclear investments. Mustn't one?

HMG ignored 99% of the British public who were against the building of the insanely dangerous Thorp nuclear fuel plant at Sellafield. Despite years of public protests HMG went ahead and built Thorp. "Queue's of international customers" Ministers of the Crown had promised for Thorpe never materialised. By September 2001, HMG had spent  £1 BILLION on Thorp. While the dust from the Twin Towers was choking New Yorker's, the Queen's passing mouthpiece, Toady Blair, announced the taxpayer would be paying the £1 BILLION bill and any other bill Thorp may incur. The Queen then told the Buckingham Palace band to play God Bless America...

Worse than irrelevant: Robin Cook

 Robin Cook (who died Aug 6) writing in the Guardian. July 29
Down at Aldermaston they are spending hundreds of millions of pounds of your money on a refit of the production line for nuclear warheads. We are assured this does not mean that any decision has been made to replace the Trident nuclear system. Dear me no, the investment is merely intended to keep open our options.
 It was Jim Callaghan who first struck the Trident deal with President Carter, eccentrically in a beach hut on Guadeloupe. The justification was that we faced, in the Soviet Union, a great hostile bear bristling with nuclear claws. The missiles were put on submarines precisely because the ocean bed was the only place they could hide from Russian firepower.

The collapse of the cold war has removed even the theoretical justification for our possessing strategic nuclear weapons. However, the spirit of the cold war lives on in the minds of those who need an enemy to buttress their own identity. Hence the vacuum left by the cold war has been filled by George Bush's global war on terror.
But nuclear weapons are hopelessly irrelevant to that terrorist threat. Investment in a new strategic nuclear system would be worse than an irrelevance. Britain's most valuable role in global stability is the professional, experienced contribution of our soldiers to peacekeeping missions, which earns us much more goodwill round the world than our nuclear submarines prowling the seas.

The world would be less stable and Britain would be less secure if we were to trade in even more of our army units for son-of-Trident. It is not just peaceniks who would oppose such a choice. I suspect a clear majority of the officer corps would vote against diverting the defence budget into another generation of nuclear weapons.

Trident missiles are not even owned by us, but are leased from the Pentagon in an arrangement that Denis Healey once dubbed as "rent-a-rocket".

Renewing our collaboration with the US on nuclear weapons will deepen the bonds between Downing Street and the White House, at the very time when the rest of the nation longs for a more independent stance.
It is therefore against Britain's national interests to replace Trident. It is also against our international obligations, notably the commitment in the non-proliferation treaty to proceed in good faith to nuclear disarmament.

More nations have given up nuclear weapons over the past generation than have developed them. Brazil and Argentina negotiated a treaty to terminate their rival nuclear programmes. Ukraine and other former Soviet states renounced the nuclear capacity they inherited. South Africa, post-apartheid, abandoned its nuclear programme and dismantled its weapon capacity.
None of those countries regards itself as any less secure than before. Nor need we, if our leadership can find the courage to let Trident be the end of Britain's futile and costly obsession with nuclear-weapon status.

Toady Blair did NOT attend Robin Cooks funeral. August 12, 2005.
After causing the unnecessary deaths of over 100,000 innocent people and an unprecedented rise in the price of oil. Bush and Blair are now saying we need to built nuclear waste stations (Targets of Mass Destruction) to save money on energy bills!!! Proof, as if we needed proof, the loonies have taken over.


to  Clean Power & The Smog Olympics

 Beijing   July 27, 2008 


Games Rehearsal: Beijing Police marching in the smog. The playing cards are to "help posture." Lose the card and it's no rice for a week (:

The Games Open


If you see the Beijing Olympics you will also see how urgent it is for China to develop clean power. With their new found wealth the Beijing regime could easily take the lead in developing cheap, clean power. Planet-wide production of safer, cheap and clean water, wind & solar power would solve many of the world’s present problems.

Oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens wants to build large scale wind- farm-systems using Tax Dollars along with his (oil-earned) billions. The Pickens Plan is one way forward for America but Pickens would still leave power bills in the hands of billionaires - like Pickens who rob you blind.

What we need here in Great Britain is an honest Head of State to direct the government to build water, wind and solar power networks. This means publicly owned city, town and county corporations. Not money-grubbing privately owned multinational-bankers-theft-shops like the foreign outfit one that sent your last power bill.






OLD STUFF: Katrina ect



i    Hurricane Dennis

In these days of circus drum roll NOW HEAR THIS! “News” broadcasting you can be forgiven for forgetting Dennis.
Hurricane Dennis that is. Rated at hurricane strength Category 4.
Dennis ripped through Cuba last July causing ten deaths in Havana. Fortunately Cuba’s Commander-in-Chief, Fidel Castro, had moved over half-a-million, many reluctant, Cubans out of harms way. America's pathetic Commander-in-Chief had no intention of saving American's when Hurricane Katrina was spotted five days before it struck!


Late August 2005

August 23. US and British weather satellites track the warmth of the sea giving birth to Hurricane Katrina in the Bahamas. 

August 24.  The National Hurricane Centre (NHC) warns Katrina heading for Florida.

August 25.  Katrina howls across Florida as a Category 1. Killing nine people.

August 26.  Katrina grows in strength as she moves out into the Gulf of Mexico.

The NHC forecast Katrina could reach Category 4. The Governor's of Mississippi and Louisiana declare states of emergency.

(Who ever declares a state of emergency, be it the Mayor, the Governor or the President, starts the procedure of releasing government money, men and stores to cope with any disaster. However the President's Department of Homeland Security has the final say in deployment. The cream of the National Guard, and their equipment, who should come together like clockwork to deal with hurricane damage, have been shipped to Iraq.)

August 27.  The NHC warns Katrina heading for Louisiana.  People living in the low-lying areas are told they must evacuate. The police chief announces on local TV "get your arse's outta-here." Those who could afford to, left the area. President George Bush could have sent troops to move  "low to no income families" out of harms way. He didn't. He was more interested in eating cake at a fund rising party.

August 28.  7 AM - Katrina is upgraded to Category 5.

By now the world is watching what could be the strongest hurricane ever recorded.  From 9 AM that morning the Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, commandeers city buses for a free service to outlaying schools, the Superdome and the Convention Centre, which stand on high ground. Thousands choose not to use the buses, preferring to stay put. Without federal troops Mayor Nagin has no means of forcing them to get to hell outta Dodge. Just after 10 AM came the strongest worded weather warning anyone could remember.




August 29. Katrina hits Louisiana at 145 miles per hour, wrecking anything in her path. The New Orleans levees are breached flooding the entire city. Thousands are missing - feared dead.  That night President Bush was enjoying himself eating cake at John McCain's birthday party.

August 30. Rich tourists and the poorest of the poor have been thrown together at the Superdome and the Convention Centre, with the inevitable result. The media has yet to report what really went on in these confined spaces. Suffice to say it was a microcosm of George W. Bush's, myopic, dog eat dog policies of theft, murder and rape.

Aug. 30 2005. Michael Ainsworth/The Dallas Morning News, via Associated Press

 August 30. Five hundred buses promised by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to take 35,000 evacuees to relief centers, mainly from the Superdome and Convention Centre, fail to turn-up. Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin (seated) told the world he was "pissed" at  FEMA, and the Governor of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco.  The Governor was reported as "blistering mad" at the cake eating President's apathy.

August 31. As the storm cleared the Red Cross arrived with trucks full of emergency rations and bottled water ready to go into New Orleans. They were prevented from doing so by the President’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), on the grounds it was too dangerous and the DHS were on their way with supplies. The BBC, CNN, ABC ect., were allowed into the disaster area to film tens of thousands of victims crying out for food and water but the food and water was not allowed in. Not surprisingly, starving victims had taken to looting to feed their families.

First Reports

The first damage report delivered to President George Bush explained how Katrina  had wrecked Mississippi‘s coastal towns beyond repair. This led to urgent talks with his business partners at Bechtel and Halliburton. Obviously a massive rebuilding program was taking shape. The President's cronies wanted him to suspend the Construction Wage Laws - put in place in 1931. Which he immediately did. Anyone applying for heavy construction work in the disaster area will no longer qualify for what was the Minimum Construction Wage of $9 an hour. The President’s cronies will decide the pay-rate. In short, Bechtel and Halliburton will be employing illegal immigrants and anyone else willing to work $3 an hour. 
Days before he was shamed into visiting the disaster area  (where the bodies had been cleared away, and an aircraft carrier was moved away from the coast as not to remind anyone of his Mission Accomplished stunt) the President was handing out corrupt, No Bid - No Limit On Overspend, contracts to his cronies. These same "reconstruction" contracts have already defrauded the US taxpayer out of billions in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  see  money gone. and


Bush. Forward Planning 

2002-3. Twenty percent of vital work was incomplete when President Bush decided to "defund" the levee's protecting some of the poorest people in America. Who happen to live in New Orleans. Army engineers, who direct the contractors maintaining the levee's, were expecting $M105, for urgent repair work, they were given just $M40. The work was originally delayed in 2001 while Bush & Co, re-wrote the budget to fund the apparently non-existent Department of Homeland Security after 9/11.



Louisiana. They're trying to wash us away. Randy Newman.  
The river rose all day
The river rose all night
Some people got lost in the flood
Some people got away alright
Rained real hard for a real long time
Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline

Listen to the song here.  needs itunes
August 29, 2005.

President George W. Bush joins Arizona Senator John McCain in a small celebration of McCain's 69th birthday Monday, Aug. 29, 2005, after the President's arrival at Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix. The President later spoke about Medicare to 400 guests at the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort and Country Club in nearby El Mirage. White House photo by Paul Morse

Most people know the story of a flood and a man who builds a boat. When the President Bush hears about a flood. He eats cake.
Hurricane Katrina illustrated how President Bush will react to a nuclear 9/11. The public would be abandoned without medical aid, food and water. Not for five days, as the poor of New Orleans. There will be NO aid for the victims of Mr Bush's next 9/11. The public will be left to die while Bush and his cronies eat cake in a nuclear bunker.




Ignoring the Evidence

The New Orleans flood defenses were built to withstand Hurricane Category Three strength winds. All recent studies of a possible Category Four hurricane in the New Orleans basin mention the added danger of chemical fires caused by petro-chemical-plants in the area. Every study also mentions troops would be needed to evacuate the poor - who have no transport of their own. Despite the last decade of warning the President would later tell a press conference "nobody thought the levee's would break.' Perhaps he meant to say. "Nobody as stupid as I am thought the levee's would break.'  In the event, as every study forecast, the wind just pushed down the defenses. The Big Easy was torn to pieces before being swamped in 6 - 20 feet of water. Tens of thousands of tons of stinking crude escaped from battered storage tanks and severed pipelines. Broken gas and oil pipes caused toxic fires from New Orleans down to the mouth of the Mississippi. 
While Mississippi was burning the President's personal Witchdoctor and warmonger-in-a-skirt, Ms. Condy Rice, was shopping on Fifth Avenue. Shoppers noted her spending thousands of ill-gotten dollars on new shoes. One irate shopper rounded on her.  "You're that jumped-up filing clerk! Aren't you? Don't you know your own people are dying in New Orleans?"  Rice had two members of her security team carry the woman out of the shop! That evening Rice pulled out all the stops to show her fellow Americans how much she really cares for them. Not by flying down to her home state of Alabama but by going to see Monty Python’s Spamalot, the hit Broadway musical. 

 Katrina flattened the homes of one million people. Two days into America’s worst ever human disaster since 1900 when 8,000 died in the hurricane that destroyed Galveston. The President's Department of Homeland of Security, responsible for delivering emergency medical aid, food and water was still in the "discussion stage." Operation's being directed from the President's ranch in Texas where, as usual, the President was on holiday.


Oil On The Water
On the third day of America's worst ever human disaster the President was busy playing golf. Nobody in the Bush Press Office had any idea where the chairman of Halliburton (and vice President of America) Dick Cheney and the rest of the "executive" gang were.
By now BBC News 24 was filming corpses floating down Canal Street.
The old and the sick, among the twenty-odd-thousand evacuated to the Superdome, were dying of heatstroke, thirst and hunger.  Similar deaths from the President's "forward planning" were occurring at the New Orleans Convention Centre where another fifteen thousand victims were also waiting for a positive response from the President's idea of "homeland security."

The President was sleeping-off yet another fund rising “coketail party” for the rich and worthless when a chemical plant blew up and caused panic at the Convention Centre. People who had lost everything, many weak from hunger and dehydration, were told "there could be toxic clouds coming this way" and "we may have to run for it."  As there was six feet of water in every direction people could run, people surrounded by the smell of death can’t be blamed for thinking the Bush gang wanted to finish them off.
Corpses face down in the sewerage of New Orleans or buried by bricks in Biloxi have no meaning to a "leader" who bombs Iraqi women and kids - for no other reason than the bombs are approaching the end of their shelf-life.

Day Nine. Protesters outside the Bush  White House tell the President what they think of his response to America's worst ever human disaster since 1900.  Flashback: Galveston 1900   08 Sep 2005 REUTERS/Jason Reed

September 17 2005. The US mainstream media are still not making any effort to count those murdered by the Bush "leadership" in their own back yard. Yesterday Bush made a speech promising to abandon Republican (go fuck yourself) polices. He said he would find federal money to repair Katrina's damage. Nobody over the age of four believed him.





story image 1

New Orleans 2005

I fled to Texas
 Latrice Pinkins, Local Reporter

 At dawn August 29, Katrina blasted through Barataria Bay bringing a twenty-foot-wall of sea-water. The bowl of New Orleans started to fill. People were trapped in attics, stranded on roofs and drowning in the streets. 
The Superdome, “safe harbor,” became a den of horror and a living hell for all evacuees. My cousin who chose to stay behind in the 9th Ward found himself evacuating his home through the roof. He and four others rowed a boat to the Superdome only to find mayhem. “There were children getting raped, shaking junkies, gunshots, abandoned dead bodies and other scenes from hell,” he said.

Days later, when help finally arrived, he made his way to a shelter and someone picked him up to reunite him with the rest of the family. But thousands of people still do not know where their relatives are or even if they survived.    Latrice Pinkins. September 06, 2005.


New Orleans: May 2007 No help for tens of thousands made homeless but Hundreds Of Billions Of Tax Payers Money For Illegal Wars

Following his 9/11 attack President Bush manufactured two illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq that has murdered over 650,000 and cost the American taxpayers $456 Billion thus far. Katrina's victims have been forgotten.  photo May 8, 2007 New Orleans.  


Speaking in Washington, September 18 2005. Ex President Clinton said. "Never in the history of our republic have we ever financed conflicts by borrowing money from somewhere else." 
Bill Clinton did not say that only a congenital idiot would put America in hock to Chinese, Arabian and Japanese banks. He didn't need to.    

Dumbing Down,
9/11 and Mr Bush 

On 9/11 Mr Bush was ready to show the world what he was made of. He made the "Executive Decision" to hide himself in a nuclear-bomb-proof-bunker. If he had any right to call himself President he would have flown to Washington (and /or New York) and sent the vice president to the bunker.  That's what real leaders do.

Synchronized dumbing down, by the BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN & FOX is the given reason why the tragedy of 9/11 made Bush a popular President. Americans were just too shocked to realize they should have executed a President who allowed four of his own aircraft to be hi-jacked and used to kill thousands of innocent people. In his first term Bush squandered every cent of the 400 billion Bill Clinton left in the US Treasury on tax cuts for the rich and starting an ilegal war on Iraq. Having falsely declared "Mission Accomplished." He proposed the congress cut combat pay by half! 
Amazingly some Americans, Bevis and Butthead come to mind, still support this born-brainless-coke-fried-dried-out-drunk who everybody knows stole the White House in a fraudulent election. That said. Tens-of-thousands called the above TV channels to register their disgust when Bush the Draft
Dodger* who Deserted from the National Guard, went strutting about an aircraft carrier pretending to be a war hero and declaring. "Major combat in Iraq has ended."   scroll down page 64 for the Real Record of Bush The Deserter


"Bush, Bush, listen up. We all love Saddam Hussein."   


Bring Back Saddam 
After 30 months of bloody violent occupation many Iraqi's would gladly settle for the return of Saddam. Thousands have started taking to the streets to the make the point.

"This Constitution will increase violence in the country."
Saleh Al-Mutlag. Sunni Negotiator.
August 26, 2005

The city of Baquba, 40 miles northeast of Baghdad. Sunni Arab's protest the draft Constitution which divides Iraq into three. Their banners ridiculed the "puppet government."  As they marched they chanted "Bush, Bush, listen up. We all love Saddam Hussein."  
Iraq has 26 million people 20% Kurdish, 60% Shiite and 20% Sunni.
The Kurds who occupy the north and the Shiites in the south have lucrative oilfields the Sunnis lack in the middle.  Sunni leaders, who ran the country under Saddam, do not trust the leading Shiite's who spent years in Islamic Iran rather than live under the secular Saddam. Nor do they trust the Kurds. Thousands of who were gassed by their hero - Saddam. Sunnis who took no part in last January’s election see the draft Constitution as a business plan for the Mother of All Civil Wars.  

 BBC News 29, August 2005. Sunnis in Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit took to the streets to voice their opposition to the plan. Many waved pictures of the former Iraqi leader, and a statement was read out denouncing the constitution as a "Jewish" document that would divide Iraq along sectarian lines.

 The Next Saddam?  

Shiite preacher Muqtada al-Sadr, who would like to be the next Saddam, claims his father was murdered by Saddam’s Sunni henchman. But he agrees with the Sunni argument that three regional governments can only weaken the country. His followers have sworn to execute members of the Shiite Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. (SCIRII) Who they see as Iranian front-men. This violent split in the Shiite community is one of many roads to nowhere opened-up by the Bush, Blair war for oil profits. 
 August 20th 2005. Thirty-six young Sunni males were kidnapped from their homes in Baghdad. They were found August 25th floating in a river. Handcuffed and shot in the head. Nothing unusual in lawless Iraq where the men of violence make the IRA look like the Junior Girl's Fencing Club. The Sunni's blame the Shiite SCIRII for ordering this particular massacre. Whoever the murderers are they have little to fear from justice. There is no justice in a country with no real government.
August 30th. Almost one million Shiites were attending a religious festival in Baghdad. Someone started yelling "suicide bombers" and panicked the crowd. People started running in every direction and falling over each-other, over 900 died in the stampede. Shiite's blame the Sunni's for starting the panic.  Sunni clerics who warned against voting in last January’s election are now ordering their flocks to vote in the October 15th referendum on the constitution. A good turn-out in the Sunni provinces will kill-off the constitution, that means another election for another cobbled  together Parliament to draw up another constitution. Every day that passes will widen the sectarian divides that descend into bloody civil war. 

September 1st 2005. Western Iraq.  F18 jets dropped 500lb bombs on the border town of Husaybah. The target was the rail station which, if you believe the Bush press hand-outs was being used by al Qeada.  right. One of tens of thousands of "left alive" Iraqi victims of indiscriminate air strikes. Military personal often end-up like this, but the lap dog media never show you how Bush and Blair are wasting our troops - for no other reason than making more money for the oil and nuclear arms conglomerates owned by the worlds richest thugs. 
 photo gallery on Warning: these pictures are extremely graphic and disturbing.  & The red link shows you what the cousins do with nuclear waste.

War for profit: Mission Accomplished

Principal oil producers Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain have posted an average of 17% rise in net profits for 2004. This figure could easily double for 2005 with oil now at a record prices and still climbing. Before the invasion in March 2003. Iraq was producing up to two-million-barrels of oil per-day. By July 2005 over two-hundred sabotage attacks had reduced output by fifty percent. Increasing mayhem in Iraq is the main reason a barrel of oil has more than doubled in price since March 2003. To the oil billionaire's like the Queen and her cousin Mr Bush. Hurricane's like Katrina and Rita are merely icing on the war mongers cake.

While looking after the richest companies on the planet Bush became the first president to lose jobs since Herbert Hoover was overwhelmed by the Wall Street Crash - 1929. At the same time he gave annual tax cuts of at least $8,000 to multi-millionaires!  God knows what percent he demands from the illegal  "reconstruction contracts" he hands out. What we do know is these kick-backs go into the Bush family Swiss accounts. The same accounts his grandfather used to finance Adolf Hitler. To the Bush family ethnic cleansing is a core belief. see  How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler Rise to Power   by BEN ARIS & DUNCAN CAMPBELL.

Money First People Last  
 The shameful ‘Clean Sky's Act’ was written by the President's pals at  Shell, Esso, Enron and Halliburton. Greenpeace energy spokesmen are banned from the Bush White House. Cheap, clean, safe-energy-systems would show even the dumbest American how needless wars over oil really are.
Had John Kerry been elected he would have created 500,000 new jobs building, installing and servicing safe, cheap energy systems to assure America’s future.  Instead of the Kerry-Edwards Safe Energy Plan we have a village idiot in the pay of planet’s Earth’s worst polluters -  Esso, Shell, Enron, Halliburton et al.          

The short video below proves Junior is a spineless coward incapable of facing, let alone telling, the truth. On hearing a passenger jet had ploughed into one of New York's Twin Towers he decided to go to a photo opportunity and read a book to children - while the people who pay his wages were being burnt to death!

On being told the second Tower had been hit Bush decided to stay, where he felt safe, in an infant school. It was twenty minutes later that his secret service team suggested he should leave.

300 people, some holding hands, jumped from the 300 foot tall blazing Towers.  Bush's  rat-like instinct was to run away and hide in a nuclear proof bunker.
  A  real leader would have sent the vice president to the bunker and flown to New York or Washington where his people were being attacked.    

 Click Mad George For Video.                                                                                             

Bush & Co.  Forward Planning

In Saddam Hussein’s reign contracts for building Iraq's water supply system, electricity grid and the telephone network, went to German, French and Swiss companies. Following the Gulf War of 1991 international sanctions meant these companies were barred from Iraq. Consequently the infrastructure fell into disrepair.
Before the 2003 invasion contracts to restore Iraq’s telecommunications, electricity and water supply were given to President Bush’s pals, Halliburton et al. Not to the companies best suited - that built them.
August 2005. Thus far the Bush White House that invented Iraqi nuclear weapons has wasted over half a trillion tax Dollars on a needless war that is making a fortune for the companies that put Bush into the White House. Despite hundreds of billions paid to US contractors seventy percent of Iraqi’s still have no reliable phone system. Their water and electricity is now rationed. In some places to a few hours a day.

Iraqi Dead, Wounded and Not Counted. 
Ninety percent of US causalities, 1,900 dead and 15,400 wounded, have occurred since May 2003, when President Bush told the world “major combat” had ended and the mission was accomplished. As in any other illegal war civilian dead and wounded are not being counted. Apart from sectarian kidnappings, killings and suicide bombing civilians get caught in the crossfire of attacks on occupying troops. Now running at seventy attacks per day. Ordinary Iraqi’s fear walking their own streets or driving on their roads. The Bush, Blair pledge of bringing democracy to Iraq is as worthless as their words on weapons of mass destruction.

 President Bush's cousin, Queen Lizzy, is as seeped in oil and nuclear skullduggery as the Bush crime family. Her grandfather King George 5 was said to be the main investor in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Anglo-Persian became British Petroleum. (BP)  State Papers now at the public Records Office, Kew, prove George 5 stole £20,000 every year from the Civil List. All of which was banked or invested off-shore. George reigned 1910-36...  Her mother, the Queen Mum, was onto the nuclear gravy train the day it pulled into Windscale Station.

7/7 Notes. It was the Queen who decided to join Bush's Crusade for oil profits. Not her piss-poor passing prime minister. You may be thinking it was MP's who voted to send Her Majesty's
armed forces into an illegal war. NOT SO. What you saw in Parliament was the necessary rubber stamp. Had the British Head of State decided against it. (as did the French, German and Russian Heads of State) The spurious claim that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction would not have warranted a vote in Her Majesty's
For two years now the Iraq occupation has concentrated on "guarding" the Iraqi oilfields. President Bush and cousin Lizzy couldn't care less if Iraqi is reduced to rubble. As shareholders in every major oil company why should they worry if anarchy in Iraq quadruples the price of oil? 

     August 30, 2005.  Oil hits $70. 80 per barrel for the first time. A nice little earner for the Bush/Royal family with their stakes in oil wells we are talking $millions per day in ecess profits going into their off-shore accounts.

Fire the LiarThe worst President in American history is presently throwing  $8M an hour at Iraq. Yes! Eight Million Dollars every single cotton-picking hour!  5 - 10% of which is the profit taken by his pals Halliburton et al.
As if that isn't bad enough the money isn't coming from the American economy. Since Bush took-over he has transformed the economy into a deficit. To finance his mission in Iraq he borrows $8M an hour from Chinese, Japanese and Saudi banks. The US taxpayer will have to pay these billions back with up to 10% interest. It was Nelson Mandela who told the world "America has a President with no brain." Bush continues to demonstrate this fact by telling the media he is bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq.

Iraq: Bad To Worse
Photo AP. Basra.  6.Sept. 2005

photoWith 70% unemployed crime is rampant. Ordinary Iraqi’s are worse off than ever. "True believers" are turning to martyrdom. Suicide bombings, unheard of in Saddam's time, have tripled the daily arrivals at Baghdad morgue. The "puppet government" have now reintroduced hanging. August 15, 2005. Iraq's national security adviser Mowafak al-Rubaie stated the draft constitution should not contradict Islam. 
"We are not drafting a constitution for America. We are drafting a constitution for Iraq. "
By this he means strict Sharia law, public beheadings for criticizing the Koran and a violent end of anyone who moves towards women's rights. Women's rights haven't been put on the back burner. They have been put back centuries.




Imposing the Burqa Starts Here

August 10. 2005. Out of the sandstorm swirling through Baghdad came five truckloads of armed men. You could be forgiven for thinking this was the Taliban. In fact, it was their cousins the Shiite Militia. They rushed into the Town Hall. The staff were told. “We mean you no harm. We have come for the Mayor.” The Mayor, Alaa al Tamimi, had left the building.
But no matter, the Militia had brought his replacement, Hussein al Tahaan with them.
The new Mayor is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq who believe women are like Walnut trees and should be kept in burqa's - to hide the bruises.
The old Mayor had more liberal views - hence his removal.
The invasion and occupation in the name of Democracy has given the throwback burqa brigades the upper hand. In Iraq’s so-called "Democratic Election," last January, those who voted did so in fear of violence from their tribal leaders. Those who did not vote, did so in fear of violence from their tribal leaders. The Iraqi "Constitution"  like the “Election” will only serve to escalate violence by attracting even more truckloads of Mujahideen, programmed to die for Allah, across Iraq's unguarded borders.


US Recruitment At Record Low

Prior to the Iraq invasion Nelson Mandela warned the world "America has a President with no brain." Bush continues to demonstrate this fact by telling the media he is bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq.  And "it will take more sacrifices."  US fatalities in Iraq have doubled in the last year. More troops are badly needed. But youngsters who would normally be tempted to serve their country have no desire to work for a brainless war criminal.
One young American who presented himself as a drug user at his local recruitment office was told which drugs to buy, from the mall, that would mask his habit and ensure he got enlisted.
It turned out the would be grunt, David McSwain, was a student who had set out to expose dropping recruitment standards under the Bush administration. Students across the US have complained about recruitment teams setting up shop on campus. Recruitment teams are now working the car parks of McDonalds where petty criminals, drug-pushers and college-drop-outs are known to hang-out. The fact that Bush and Blair never turn up at the military funerals they are causing merely compounds the illegality of their war for profit.

As Bush plans how best to fill his body bags with drop-outs and draftee's Osama bin Laden plans a trip to Iraq to thank his volunteers and the families of his "martyrs. ",00050004.htm August 17, 2005.



 King George's Iraq.

Violent death rate running at 30 per day. Mostly caused by jihadist martyrs wearing explosives.
September 15 Baghdad. 150 killed and hundreds injured in suicide attacks.

   BBC NEWS 24   Devastation 

None of this would have happened if America had a partially sane President and Britain had a half decent Head of State.  M



 (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Sunday July 24, 2005.  Rashad, Baghdad

A suicide truck bomber slammed into the Police Station killing at least 20 and wounding another 30, police said.  Thousands of Iraqis have died in over 500 similar attacks. Until the Bush Blair invasion there was no such thing as a suicide bomber in Iraq. The old ruler, Saddam Hussein, had made certain fundamentalist fanatics never crossed his border. Now they cross by the truckload.


August 17 2005. Al-Nahdha Bus Station


Death toll for triple Baghdad explosions rises...

By Mohammed Al-Ghazzi BAGHDAD, Aug 17 2005 (KUNA) -- The death toll of the triple explosions that ripped through central Baghdad early Wednesday morning.
Medial sources said no final toll could be given as the search is still ongoing for causalities, adding that among those killed were some 20 women and that it was difficult to identify people as many were dismembered or charred. 
A security official at the Al-Nahdha bus station where the first explosion had taken place before 8:00 a.m. this morning, said that he had supervised the removal of 75 bodies from the site of the explosion, as well as 90 wounded Iraqis, including 10 women, three children and four Iraqi policemen.
Eyewitnesses at the scene had said that several buses in the area caught fire as a result of the explosion and that women and children were killed while still inside.  The second explosion had taken place 12 minutes later at an adjacent car park for vehicles that carry passengers to the cities of Nassiriyah and Amara, where one of the eyewitnesses, Mohammed Al-Mayahi, told KUNA that the scene was horrific and that chaos broke out.  He added that the stench of burnt bodies filled the air and that torn off limbs were everywhere.

         Exotic Poison?

One of the strangest “native practices” noted by eighteenth century explorers was the tribal punishment for adultery. Village elders would supply the wronged woman with a specially prepared venom which she would slip into her husbands super. He would then suffer a seizure and collapse. 
The whole village would immediately turn out for his funeral. After a few hours in a shallow grave. The poison would ware off and the husband would wake-up and frantically claw his way out of the grave. Only to be hit with sticks, mud balled and run out of the village. Nobody is expecting Robin Cook to climb out of the grave but some of us are wondering how he got there.

During the scandal of Her Majesty's
Government supplying arms to Iraq.
Robin Cook dissected the Tory front bench. Publicly cutting-up Major and minor liars no matter how much they wriggled and squirmed. When Labour came to power, 1997, Cook was seen as the best brain in Parliament. 
He was given the Foreign Office. From the offset it was apparent he did not intend to supply arms to brutal regimes via illegal deals like the £50M Pergau Dam deal perpetrated by Tory Foreign Minister Douglas (now Lord) Hurd.
Cook's ethical stand and his unequalled knowledge of Iraq did nothing to endear him to the Head of State. He was removed from the Foreign Office in 2001.

2003. Tony Blair took Britain to war by telling lies in Parliament. Rather than go along with the WMD lie Cook resigned from the government. Unlike Cook, many MP’s were led to believe Iraqi nuclear missiles could hit Sizewell B nuclear power station, just 70 miles from Parliament, within 45 minutes of Sadam Hussein giving the order. We now know this was total fabrication concocted in the sick minds of spin doctor Alistair Campbell and the American professional liar Condy "Mushroom Cloud" Rice. 

Within hours of  9/11 Greenpeace had written to the ‘powers that be’ asking Mr. Blair to announce the phased closure of Britain’s Targets of Mass Destruction. (TMD) Before al Qaeda hits one of them and releases enough nuclear poison to close the Bank of England.
Unfortunately the ‘powers that be’ only keep petty cash in Sterling. The bulk of their ill-gotten gains is offshore in gold, Dollars, Swiss and South African currencies. Greenpeace was ignored.

Her Majesty's
Government (HMG) have no intention of closing down Sellafield, Sizewell or any other TMD. On the contrary despite the lessons of  9/11 and 7/7 HMG are about to build more. 
And just to prove the loonies are running the asylum Mr. Blair will order more utterly futile Trident nuclear submarines.

After his dismissal from Her Majesty's Foreign Office and the way he was studiously ignored over Iraq. Robin Cook was a time bomb ticking in the middle of the Queen’s oil and nuclear cartel.
Of all our anti nuclear MP’s Cook was the only one with the intellect to probe who profits from nuclear waste and lay the facts before Parliament. Such a move would have brought down his own government along with the worthless monarchy. But. Considering the needless slaughter in Iraq, which many believe will shortly be repeated in Iran. Was he was about to do just that? 


 Robin Cook (who died Aug 6) writing in the Guardian. July 29

Down at Aldermaston they are spending hundreds of millions of pounds of your money on a refit of the production line for nuclear warheads. We are assured this does not mean that any decision has been made to replace the Trident nuclear system. Dear me no, the investment is merely intended to keep open our options.

 It was Jim Callaghan who first struck the Trident deal with President Carter, eccentrically in a beach hut on Guadeloupe. The justification was that we faced, in the Soviet Union, a great hostile bear bristling with nuclear claws. The missiles were put on submarines precisely because the ocean bed was the only place they could hide from Russian firepower.

The collapse of the cold war has removed even the theoretical justification for our possessing strategic nuclear weapons. However, the spirit of the cold war lives on in the minds of those who need an enemy to buttress their own identity. Hence the vacuum left by the cold war has been filled by George Bush's global war on terror.

But nuclear weapons are hopelessly irrelevant to that terrorist threat. Investment in a new strategic nuclear system would be worse than an irrelevance. Britain's most valuable role in global stability is the professional, experienced contribution of our soldiers to peacekeeping missions, which earns us much more goodwill round the world than our nuclear submarines prowling the seas.

The world would be less stable and
Britain would be less secure if we were to trade in even more of our army units for son-of-Trident. It is not just peaceniks who would oppose such a choice. I suspect a clear majority of the officer corps would vote against diverting the defence budget into another generation of nuclear weapons.

Trident missiles are not even owned by us, but are leased from the Pentagon in an arrangement that Denis Healey once dubbed as "rent-a-rocket".

Renewing our collaboration with the
US on nuclear weapons will deepen the bonds between Downing Street and the White House, at the very time when the rest of the nation longs for a more independent stance.

It is therefore against Britain's national interests to replace Trident. It is also against our international obligations, notably the commitment in the non-proliferation treaty to proceed in good faith to nuclear disarmament.

More nations have given up nuclear weapons over the past generation than have developed them. Brazil and Argentina negotiated a treaty to terminate their rival nuclear programmes. Ukraine and other former Soviet states renounced the nuclear capacity they inherited. South Africa, post-apartheid, abandoned its nuclear programme and dismantled its weapon capacity.

None of those countries regards itself as any less secure than before. Nor need we, if our leadership can find the courage to let Trident be the end of Britain's futile and costly obsession with nuclear-weapon status.      Full Text   Worse than irrelevant Robin Cook

Toady Blair did NOT attend Robin Cooks funeral. August 12, 2005.

After causing the unnecessary deaths of over 100,000 innocent people and an unprecedented rise in the price of oil. Bush and Blair are now saying we need to built nuclear waste stations (Targets of Mass Destruction) to save money on energy bills!!!  Proof, as if we needed any more bloody proof, the loonies have taken over.

Targets Of Mass Destruction.

Two nuclear power station cooling pools. Each one containing enough poison to kill everyone in Britain; while at the same time turning Britain into a nuclear waste dump.  Anyone wanting to build any more of these  can only be considered educationally sub normal. 



Memo's What the ungodly use nuclear waste for





Old Investments

British Establishment leader and life long alcoholic King George 5 (Queen Lizzy's granddad)  hid his stake behind the usual nominees – Rothschilds, et al when the Anglo-Persian Oil Company was created to exploit the Iranian oil reserves. Anglo-Persian became British Petroleum. (BP)  As the unofficial Head of State for her pissed-up husband the Queen Mum wasted no time jumping on the nuclear gravy train. see The Brains of the Outfit.







"Special Relationship."


Lynndie England, "Just following orders."

Not mentioned in the "special relationship" kowtowing media is another Abu Ghraib called Camp Justice on Diego Garcia, below where torture by contract(ors) is said to be the order of the day.
The only way in and out is through government ships or planes.

Orders In Council (OIC’s).

The Monarch and the Privy Council got their act together in the dark and bloody violent days of the Norman Kings. Each man appointed to the Council had legal or local knowledge the King could call upon. Nothing much has changed. Advised by her hand picked Privy Council the present Head of State signs-off the day-to-day business of running Britain and the Commonwealth through Orders In Council (OIC’s). OIC’s control Act's Of Parliament - covering everything from crime and immigration; to banking in the dependent territories - the Cayman Islands, the Virgins, Bermuda, the British Indian Ocean Territory ect..  When the Pentagon felt the need to build a military base on the idyllic Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, (left) the Queen leased-out the island to Uncle Sam. Two thousand islanders were rounded-up like cattle and disposed of in the slums of Mauritius. Imagine your family being dragged out of their homes. Transported to an alien environment 1,300 miles away and forced to live in crowded squats. That's what the Queen did to the good people of Diego Garcia.  
Eventually the islanders found a lawyer to fight their case. Eventually an English court ruled they had been illegally evicted and their homes stolen. George 'Dubya' Bush (who incidentally stole the White House) picked up the oval office phone and had a word with his cousin at Buck House. The Queen quickly issued an OIC that overturned the courts findings! Leaving two thousand dispossessed islanders in no doubt why some people choose to become suicide bombers.



According to a report released by the US defence department the Iraqi police force is recruiting known "insurgents and former criminals" to its ranks, ...

Who's Who?

BBC News Sept 20, 2005. The Iraqi government has launched an investigation into the events that led the British Army to storm a police station in search of two UK soldiers. The soldiers were arrested by police and then handed over to a militia group, the British Army says.


Who Killed Steve?

US journalist Steve Vincent shot dead in Basra after reporting Shia militants had infiltrated Basra police. Vincent and his Iraqi translator, Nour Weidi, were abducted at gun point by five men in a police car, Tuesday 26 July 2005. Hours later they were dumped on a patrolled road. Nour Weidi was seriously wounded. Vincent had died from several head shots.  Vincent was the 43rd journalist murdered in this needless war.

Mission Accomplished

              An idiots mission, that is   

 Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina Greece, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, made the change from dictatorship to democracy without the help of US and British troops. Aided by the "special relationship" they would all be in a state of increasingly bloody anarchy like Iraq.   Increasing mayhem in Iraq is the main reason oil has doubled in price since the invasion in March 2003. Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Halliburton, Bechtel and Bush’s pals in the arms trade have never had it so good.

Rummy, Mad George, Dick, and Queen Lizzy. Profit first people last


 True to their instincts draft dodgers Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and their jumped-up filing clerk, Condy Rice, are planning another illegal war for profit - with Iran. The Bush lie machine has already started fermenting the idea of Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction in the minds of the gullible.
Mad George's cousin Queen Lizzy lives in seven palaces with 700 servants all paid for by the poor who don't have tax avoiding accountants. Queen Lizzy will sanction any war Mad George dreams up. Wars are essential to keep the poor poor.

 "What are we teaching our children?" by Fred Surr, Ted Page, Janet Tashjian.


L   Nuclear Lizzy  No Thanks

                CHERNOBYL COVER-UP        

                  photo London Evening Standard. 2nd Aug. 1993.


Poisoned By Nuclear Power

A leaked BNFL (now calling itself BNG) report forecasts 30,000 deaths from radiation within 48 hours of a large passenger jet hitting a British target of mass destruction i.e., Sellafield,  Sizewell B, Hartlepool, Heysham 1,  Heysham 2,  Torness, Hinkley Point,  Hunterston, or Dungeness. (see Observer & Independent On Sunday 16th Feb. 2003.) The report fails to mention; such an attack will cause a million collateral victims like Nadia Lapitskaya, right.
In April 1986 Nadia was a happy healthy 5-year-old living on a farm near Vetka, 65 miles from Chernobyl. Fall-out from the ten-day fire stopped her growing!
Her family was one of thousands evacuated from Vetka to Minsk after the accident. Like the thousands of families evacuated from Pripyat to Kiev they were not moved fast enough to save the children. see map below. 'The World Health Organization prognosis for Chernobyl's "dwarfed" children is bleak.'  (see. The Chernobyl Disaster, Paul Dowell. 2003.)  Sizewell B, which the Queen ordered in 1989, is 66 miles from London.  130 people-per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl.  780 people per-square-mile live in Sizewell’s Fall-out-zone. Nothing can be built at Chernobyl for hundreds of years.




Fall-out-zones, see The  Chernobyl Disaster.  V. Haynes.  Hogarth  Press.  1988.

 After the Chernobyl accident the KGB took charge of all hospital and clinic medical records In June 1990 the medical records of 670,000 people living in the fall-out-zones of Belarus were stolen from a medical facility in Minsk. Only the KGB knew where those vital records were being held.  see The Bulletin Of Atomic The Scientists, Chernobyl Data Deleted Sept. 1990. Beware The Data Diddlers May 93, &  Violating The Rules Of Research. Sept. 1993.

The obscene cover-up will not stop Chernobyl’s fall-out altering the genetic pool, blighting and shortening the lives, of two million people - who are to poor to move from the poisoned land. From the start of the ‘Atomic Age’ the main beneficiaries of Britain’s nuclear industry has been the royal family. The £M17 Sizewell Public Inquiry, paid for by the taxpayer, produced mountains of horrific medical evidence against nuclear power, the Queen ignored the evidence and ordered Sizewell B.  Born To Fool -  see The Royals.  Kitty Kelly. 1999. from

 Memo. Having caused the deaths of over 120,000 innocent people and nearly trebled the price of oil in the process. Bush and Blair are now calling for more nuclear power stations (Targets Of Mass Destruction) which they say will bring down the cost of electricity. Can you believe such stupidity?

Man Of The People.

Llew Smith. Labour MP.

"How many farms in Wales, comprising what land areas and in what locations, have restrictions applied to them in respect of land use as a result of the residual radioactivity from the Chernobyl nuclear accident?" (1986)

Restrictions in Wales at 30 April 2004  

Number of farms                          359.      

Land area (hectares)                    53,000

Location                                      North Wales.   see   Hansard



Unlike Oil: Water is Free

The Wavegen Sea Power Station.

  2001. The Wavegen "Limpet" Shoreline Power Station. Wavegen’s oscillating water column (OWC) system uses the perpetual tide to supply the Grid. Her Majesty's
"government" want nothing to do with virtually free power. One must think of one's oil, gas, and nuclear investments. Mustn't one?    In 2002, Her Majesty's
Government gave £2.3 million for wave energy development.
 The same year Camden Council earmarked £2.9 million for refurbishing the lido on Parliament Hill Fields.

2004. The Islay Bus -

The World's First Wave Powered Bus

The world's first electric motor minibus powered by wave energy. The Islay Bus re-charges overnight with cheap, clean power from the sea provided by the Limpet shoreline power system above.  The Islay Bus produces no pollution no rattle and a lot less noise. Running costs have been slashed from 23p per mile (for a diesel engine bus) to just 8p per mile.  Why? I hear you ask. Haven’t we slashed costs and halved pollution in British cities by running electric buses charged by conventional power stations? Well, the answer to that is quiet simple. Her Majesty's
Government gives “privatised” bus companies, 80% discount on diesel!  And one mustn’t question Her Majesty's
oil well investments must one?
One mustn't even think of the profit the royals are making with oil at $70 a barrel. That would be disloyal.
Greenpeace put the Islay Sea Bus on the road.

£2.3 million is typical of the insulting sums given to developing and harnessing the perpetual power of the sea. Which we all know we must do for the safety of the planet. Especially now we have a village idiot installed as the President of America.
Her Majesty's
“government(s)” have a disgraceful history of obstructing and rejecting safe, cheap, clean power-systems. 
Just think of all those dreadful public services running for next to nothing. All those awful State schools and NHS hospitals not having to pay massive electricity bills!  One's energy investments would be worthless. Costing one millions of unearned income per day!  And one wouldn't want that! Would one?   The Queen's oil and nuclear policy recently led to the sale of our leading wave power developer. May 25 2005.  Voith Siemens Hydro has purchased Wavegen based in Inverness. see  5,5,2005.

                      Insane Waste

In 2002 Her Majesty's
Government gave £2.3 million for wave energy development. Compare this paltry sum given to safe, sensible, clean energy, to the £7 BILLION taxpayers money presently being totally wasted on keeping British Energy's “privatised” potential Chernobyl's open. And the £48 BILLION taxpayers money allocated to cleaning up the mess nuclear power has already made in this green and pleasant land. When Sellafield and British Energy reactors are finally shut down. The waste they are now producing will need TRILLIONS more, taxpayers money, to keep "safe" for centuries to come Who? But the criminally insane, would knowingly bankrupt the nation's public purse by building more nuclear waste stations?

Man Of The People. Harry Cohen. Labour MP.

It would not be right to switch to building new nuclear power stations. The cost to the British taxpayer of its debts and of clean-up is counted in billions of pounds. There is the risk of a Chernobyl-type disaster, and there is still no safe disposal option for nuclear waste. It is not the solution. We must press ahead more insistently on wind, wave and sun power, and not be fooled by the allegedly easy nuclear option.  I echo a point that someone once made—we govern best when we are Labour. We should now govern as Labour, not New Labour. see Hansard        

Nuclear Power? No Thank You



  Enron Accounting

The nuclear waste station called Sizewell B cost the taxpayer £2.9 bn. In 1992 it was flogged-off to British Energy as part of a job lot of nuclear stations that cost the UK taxpayer £25 bn to build. The Queen’s pals in the “city” picked up the job lot for £1.2 bn!  Adding insult to theft and injury British Energy is now running on even more billions taxpayers money. In due course British Energy reactors will be given appox £50 bn taxpayers money to dismantle them. And £50 bn is just the deposit! The waste British Energy is presently producing will cost billions per-year taxpayer’s money to “keep safe” for centuries to come. This is of course assuming Al Qaeda do not pay a flying visit to one of British Energy reactors and send Britain back to the Stone Age.
“So.” I hear the children say. “What kind of imbecile could speak in favour of building more reactors?”  The answer to that, boy’s and girls, is as old as the hills. Dirty Money. Even the born stupid need a steady supply of fat brown envelops to promote the insane idea of building more Chernobyl’s.


When the sun go's down and the wind don't blow the moving weight of the tides around our coast can produce ten times more electricity than we can possibly use.  Seabed Power Systems like the Snail, recently developed by Edinburgh University would drastically reduce Lizzy's profits from oil & nuclear pollution. For no other reason than making a handful of billionaire thugs richer, Queen Lizzy's "governments" have criminally suppressed sea power systems for the last thirty years.
Under Sea Power Systems.
Suppressed By The Queen’s Bent Ministers.

The latest un-corrodible carbon fibre generators are making  wind & sea-power-systems virtually maintenance-free. The £7 bn recently wasted on BNFL & British Energy will lead to more fatal nuclear waste for the taxpayer (you) to pay for. The same billions invested in sea-power would have saved billions (simply by not making nuclear waste) and given Britain much cheaper electricity.  Lizzy's Crown Estate outfit has been blocking offshore wind farms, wave-power and seabed power systems for the last 30 years. Safe cheap power is not what Nuclear Lizzy wants.




     Man of the People.     Norman Baker  Lib Dem, Lewes.

To ask the  Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he will make it his policy to seek to realise capital receipts from the disposal of BNFL assets in (a) Westinghouse and (b) Urenco.

Barry Gardiner (Department of Trade and Industry)

Holding answer 20 June 2005.  

Under the strategy of delivering shareholder value the BNFL board continues to discuss strategic options with its long-term adviser, N M Rothschild see Hansard


              Payday At The Palace

 1980 - 1982. Mrs. Thatcher spent £M3 (taxpayers money) employing criminal accountants to alter the figures proving sea-power-systems produce electricity infinitely cheaper than nuclear waste stations.  Marine Power: An Open University Technical Report. 1992. [available from the OU] Shows the figures submitted to Thatcher’s cabinet by Professor Steven Salter (Edinburgh University) and Professor Trevor Whittaker (Queens Belfast) In both case's  Thatcher’s "creative" accountants illegally altered the submissions to increase the price of building sea-power-systems by 1,000% to bring marine power in-line with the hideous cost of nuclear power.  Had the billions wasted on Sizewell B been spent on sea-power-systems British industry would now have the cheapest power in Europe. 

 And Did You Know?  When the Queen's deceased idiot Edward Heath put the country on a three-day-week. It came to light; the brilliant  electronics engineer Sir Christopher Cockerell, inventor of the Hovercraft, had also invented two sea-power-systems to cut the cost of Britain’s electricity. Her Majesty's
Government puppets rejected Sir Christopher’s proposals to create thousands of shipyard jobs building sea-power-systems... Over the next twenty year’s Her Majesty's
ministers did absolutely nothing to stop fourteen of our once proud shipyards closing through lack of orders - throwing 140,000 on the dole. In the same period the stroke of the royal pen diverted billions per-year (taxpayers money) into nuclear outfits involved in the insane production of totally needless nuclear waste. Actively denying Britain the benefits of cheap power for no other reason than increasing her obscene fortune shows what Queen Lizzy really thinks of Britain and the British.

                        Water is Free

The Dambuilders:  Power from the Glens.   J. Miller. 2002.  The story of Highland hydro-electric schemes 1909 -1975. from 
Hydro-electricity was coming along nicely - nicely
until the ungodly realized sea-power-systems can deliver virtually free electricity. Just think of all those dreadful public services, those awful State schools and NHS hospitals not having to pay massive electricity bills!
One’s energy investments would be worthless. Costing one millions of unearned income per day!  And one wouldn’t want that! Would one

            Blatant Crown Corruption

 Following paragraph [sans italics] from www.Crown

The Crown Estate, as landowner of the seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit plays an important role in the development of the offshore wind industry by leasing areas of seabed for the placing of turbines. Only when all the necessary statutory consents are obtained will The Crown Estate grant a Lease.  ( In Truth. Lizzy's Crown Estate outfit has been blocking offshore wind farms, wave-power and submarine and  shoreline power stations for the last 30 years. Safe cheap power is not what Nuclear Lizzy wants. )         

The Vickers under-sea-power-system.  One of many safe, cheap, power-systems rejected by Lizzy's cabinet in favour of the hideous Sizewell B.

 In Switzerland where every schoolchild is encouraged to open a bank account, at school, they generate sixty-one-percent of their electricity from water power stations. Water is free. Britain surrounded by water, but ruled by oil and nuclear-vested Lizzy, generates just two-percent of it’s electricity from water!   (2%) .



    Her Majesty's
Government Spending Plan 2005

 July 18 2005. A leaked letter shows British Energy (nee Nuclear Electric) received the first of 80 annual gifts of £184 million taxpayers money!!!!!!!

To pay for nuclear waste. This particular theft of public money is part of the privatization deal put together by Queen's Privy Councillor's John Major and Enron director John Wakeham. memo 2003, the stroke of the royal pen gave  £7 bn tax-payers money to so-called “privatised” nuclear outfits. That’s another £7 bn on top of the £48 bn already earmarked to be diverted from public funds into needless nuclear outfits owned, albeit indirectly, by the royals and their cronies. 


 Waste upon Waste

  By 1990, The Western Alliance had produced enough nuclear waste to furnish NATO allied forces with enough nuclear bombs to split the earth ninety times over. Along with NATO's stock of warheads, we also had over a 1,000-ton surplus of weapons usable uranium & plutonium. Yet despite the end of the Cold War,1992, the Queen’s cabinet continue diverting billions of public money into needless nuclear outfits, producing nuclear waste. Billions that should go to law & order, schools and hospitals is going to needless nuclear waste production that a decent Head Of State would have outlawed after Three Mile Island (1979) Let alone after Chernobyl (1986). Developing wind, wave, and solar power, will more than halve the price of our electricity. Imagine the benefit of cheap power for our hospitals, schools, railways, factories ect. Now imagine the Queen who thinks more of increasing her obscene fortune than she ever thought of the British. 
Long before 9/11 the royal family have escape planes on stand-by 24 \ 7. In the event of a nuclear disaster. Helicopters will land in the palace grounds, be it Balmoral, Sandringham or Buck House to ferry the royals to Northolt or Lossiemouth on the first leg of their journey to some private palm-fringed island in the Pacific. As far as the Queen is concerned.
Her subjects are already dead.



Mirror: 27 July 2005.

 By Clinton Manning Business Editor.
British Petroleum's £422 profit per second.

Unions branded the figure "obscene", accused the company of failing to invest in its workers and called for a windfall tax.  Thanks to record oil prices, British Petroleum (BP) made £3.3billion profit in the 3 months - 42 per cent higher than the same period last year. It means the firm made just under £6billion profit in the first half of 2005. That is 29 per cent up and three times as much as all-conquering Tesco made last year. BP is now on course to beat the record £10billion profits made by HSBC in 2004. 
Amicus said: "The figures are obscene. With such sky-high profits the company should be investing more in staff skills and training, and making huge improvements in wages."
The T&G union said: "This greed must stop. All BP workers should get decent pay and pensions. There'd still be enough left for a windfall tax to sort out the pensions scandal in this country." Friends of the Earth also demanded a windfall tax to kick-start a switch to more environmentally friendly fuels to help prevent climate change.  BP boss Lord Browne, paid £5.6million last year, insisted the huge profits owed much to heavy investment as well as high oil prices.  He said: "Our underlying profits have gone up 42 per cent. The oil price has risen an equivalent amount."  He also stressed the profits were good news for investors and pension funds. Motorists have seen pump prices soar 10p a litre since January.
But Lord Browne stressed UK petrol prices were the cheapest in Europe before government taxes. BP is setting aside more than £470million to cover compensation claims resulting from an explosion at a refinery in Texas that killed 15 workers and injured 70.

               PROOF - WAR ON IRAQ IS FOR OIL.

Bush decided to invade Iraq in April 2001, six months before 9/11, and the official reason was to improve Western access to Iraqi oil. "President Bush's Cabinet agreed in April 2001 that 'Iraq remains a destabilizing influence to the flow of oil to international markets from the Middle East' and because this is an unacceptable risk to the US 'military intervention' is necessary.*  The only people who will benefit from the war on Iraq are the elite wealthy oil men who finance Bush's election campaigns, and people like Bush who have huge personal investments in the oil industry.

 *Sunday Herald newspaper (UK), "Official: US oil at the heart of Iraq crisis", 6 October 2002.
and BBC News (UK),
"Oil prices lift Exxon Mobil", 30 January 2003.

 War For Profit: Results. August 4, 2005.  Bin Laden's Egyptian lieutenant, al Zawahri, released a video report stating the bleeding obvious, i.e. 'Tony Blair brought destruction to central London.'  Al Zawahri warned of more suicide attacks in UK. Last June he warned the Egyptian government of collusion with the West. A month later, July 23, five British tourists were blown to bits in the Egyptian suicide bombing that killed 64.  al-Zawahri statement  



            Where Has All The Money Gone?

Ed Harriman follows the auditors into Iraq.

Authority in Erbil in northern Iraq handed over $1.5 billion in cash to a local courier. The money, fresh $100 bills shrink-wrapped on pallets, which filled three Blackhawk helicopters, came from oil sales under the UN’s Oil for Food Programme, and had been entrusted by the UN Security Council to the Americans to be spent on behalf of the Iraqi people.
The CPA didn’t properly check out the courier before handing over the cash, and, as a result, according to an audit report by the CPA’s inspector general, ‘there was an increased risk of the loss or theft of the cash.’

Paul Bremer, the American pro-consul in Baghdad until June last year, kept a slush fund of nearly $600 million cash for which there is no paperwork: $200 million of this was kept in a room in one of Saddam’s former palaces, and the US soldier in charge used to keep the key to the room in his backpack, which he left on his desk when he popped out for lunch...

 Full Text    and LRB | Vol. 27 No. 13 dated 7 July 2005 | Ed Harriman

BNFL. Untouched By Common Sense.

Left in a fire of 800 centigrade, for ninety minutes, nuclear flasks burst open. The channel tunnel fire reached 1,000 centigrade! The fire burnt for fourteen hours!! During which time, train wheels and lines melted and welded together and the tunnels four-inch-thick concrete lining exploded.  Nine of the HGV chassis’s were ‘reduced’ beyond recognition. BNFL say this kind of fire can not happen near a nuclear flask!  A pre-emptive strike on the lunatics running BNFL and British Energy is the only way to stop a catastrophe at one of the royals nuclear investments. Those who live in Palace’s on other peoples money have a twisted view of the public. From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public have never entered those plans.  

Born To Fool.  A recent report forecasts 30,000 deaths from radiation within 48 hours of a passenger jet hitting BNFL Sellafield. Such an attack wouldn’t worry the family above. The phony royals have always been ready to abandon Britain at a moments notice. (So why are we paying their bills?) Instead of developing cheap power that would benefit everyone. Her Majesty's
government is wasting billions of taxpayers’ money keeping open “privatised” potential Chernobyl’s-cum-Targets Of Mass Destruction. Not long ago taxpayers were told Her Majesty's
government can not stop insurance companies robbing Her Majesty's
subjects of their "privatised" pensions. Pensioner's who worked all their lives paying taxes that paid all the phony royals bills, are now reduced to living in official poverty. The phony royals live in the same obscene luxury they have wallowed in for centuries at the taxpayers expense. 

1953,when Queen Lizzy opened Britain’s first nuclear reactor. She did not need Rothschild’s to tell her, companies involved in Windscale/Sellafield were gold mines. Funded by trainloads of public money. Via contracts issued by her placemen in the cabinet room - cosily covered by Her Majesty's
Secrets Act - Windscale/Sellafield was the engine of what became the royal’s nuclear-gravy-train.  

1988.  British reactors had already produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next three centuries. By which times ‘nukes’ will be antiques. So, why would anyone order another bomb factory at Sizewell B in 1989! Three years after Chernobyl!?  If not for base financial gain?
In order to “privatise” nuclear power the Queen passed Laws making the taxpayer (you) responsible for dismantling nuclear waste stations, and handling & storing everlasting nuclear waste!

   Privy Councillor and director of Enron & Rothschilds John Wakeham steered this fraudster’s Bill through Parliament. Lizzy's “privatisation” flogged-off nine nuclear stations for £1.2 bn. (They had cost the taxpayer £25 bn) And steered £Billions more public money into the royal’s maze of nuclear companies. Over the next Parliament the Queen will sign Bill’s giving at least £48 bn taxpayers money to (her) nuclear companies - for, allegedly, cleaning-up nuclear sites.Small wonder Her Majesty has only peanuts for British pensioner’s.


The New Minister





“Just play it by ear. Camilla’s phony consultancy bills your ministry for fifty-million each month. For secret work at British Energy. You and Tony just sign the cheques. Charlie wires your share to Zurich, Nurua, Sark or Belize. Who’s to know? Why do you think we invented the bloody Secrets Act?”      





                             You’ll be working late boys. Camilla’s bringing the Mox take.


Who cares if Britain becomes a nuclear desert where no-one can live? Certainly not the nuclear-vested Queen who ordered Sizewell B three years after Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. What else has the Queen done for you?






Old Lessons

 1819, the Riot Act was the excuse for the ‘Massacre of Peterloo.’ Workers attending a peaceful meeting at St. Peters Fields, Manchester. The crowd were voicing their opinion of their atrocious housing and starvation wages. Sabre wielding soldiers on horseback stampeded the crowd. Men women & children were slashed down and crushed under the hoofs of the King’s horses.

1830-1831. The King ordered hundreds of similar attacks on half-starved protesters in the Captain Swing Riots. As the new Threshing Machines replaced manpower, 19 were officially executed, hundreds died of their wounds and 500 were transported, for complaining they were being starved to death by greed-stricken landlords throwing them out of work and hovel. Many who died had fought for King & Country at Waterloo. (1815)   1914, joining the army to fight WW1 the flower of British youth were promised A Land Fit For Hero’s. They returned to five decades of the same filthy slums, unemployment and grinding poverty their forefathers had been forced to live in.

1919. Tory MP Stanley Baldwin started a fund to create jobs. He gave £100,000 - one fifth of his personal fortune - to the Treasury. He asked every Establishment family to do the same. As a Treasury Secretary, Baldwin knew the landed families had untold £Billions, sitting in Swiss banks, they would never need. Instead of the £1 bn + Baldwin expected. Just £470,000 was donated to the Treasury. Mainly from families with far less to spare than Baldwin. While paying lip service to Baldwin’s scheme the obscenely rich royals and their pals had no intention of doing anything for the poor. Had the Establishment followed his lead, the country would have more money to create employment than ever before.

1920. As Baldwin forecast, unemployment soared. Reaching 1.4 million. The King’s Establishment got richer by the hour by using the ever-growing dole queues to blackmail workers into taking less pay. Live-in servants had their pay cut by half. They were told. ‘You are lucky to have a roof over your head.’ 

1921. George 5th insisted he needed another £103,000 added to the Civil List - for ‘entertaining.’  Some MP’s found the King contemptible. But, then as now. Parliament contained far more spineless royalist’s than honest men. George was granted another £100,000.

During WW2 many members of the British public began to realise they could carry on tugging their forelocks, like medieval peasants, or use their vote to get rid of the King’s Tory Party. The Labour Government of 1945 set about sharing the wealth of the country by Nationalization. In so doing Labour did more for the poor than the previous 1,000 years of Crown controlled Parliaments. Unfortunately. Labour ideals of fairness are been eroded by the Queen's puppet Tony Blair.

ROYAL WAR PROFITS ROLLING  IN   Photo. London Evening Standard February 27. 2003.  

Fresh from a visit to the Pope, but still bereft of any under-standing of Christ’s teachings, Lizzy's mouthpiece came to Parliament to prove war profits - not least from DU (dirty-depleted-uranium-ammo) mean more to Lizzy than any consequence of waging war on Iraq. The royal family (indirectly of course) own all the companies making and supplying Her Majesty's
forces with dirty uranium ammo. Thousands of troops returned from the first Gulf War with cancer caused by ‘preventative medicines’ and exposure to Her Majesty's
dirty ammo. Her Majesty's
Defence Minister and shooting pal Nicholas Fatty Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Soames is a Director of one of the outfits supplying Her Majesty's
government with millions of pounds worth of ‘preventative medicines’. 

May 2005. Over seven-hundred British veterans of the first Gulf War have now died of Gulf War Syndrome.
If church-going Toady Blair had an ounce of common decency, let alone any religious beliefs, he would close our needless nuclear reactors. However; reactor’s make nuclear bombs and dirty ammo. Lizzy’s first minister, like a Auschwitz guard, is only following orders...

The Den: Lancs Sabs\ Passing Puppets.

In his first appearance as doomed Tory leader. Mr. Howard reminded the House how Mr. Blair used to say.  "I would take Britain out of Europe."
In the event of Mr. Howard becoming the Queen's Prime Minister his Swiss bank accounts will receive a few million and his anti Europe rhetoric will be reversed.
 Graphic. Independent 4th Oct 2004.

It was "Tricky Mickey" Howard who convinced Mrs Thatcher to go ahead with the criminal Poll Tax; when the conscious world advised against it. As Tory Home Secretary, Howard claim's he 'reduced crime.' He did no such thing. He simply told police chiefs to record crime's in one street as one crime. i.e. In one night, seventeen cars were stolen from one street in central Manchester. This was recorded as one crime! "Howard's Rules" made it possible for your granny to crawl into a police station after being mugged. But because there were no witness's to the mugging. No crime was recorded! According to "Howard's Rule" Granny mugged herself! None of Queen Lizzy's Chief Constable's objected to this indecent deceit. "Howard's Rules" falsely reduced housebreaking, assault's and burglaries. Wherever crime blossomed; the true figures were easily halved by Howard's "Recorded Crime" (criminal) accounting. Senile TV pundits will tell you more people went to jail when Howard was Home Secretary. The senile have no way of knowing the same amount of people would have been jailed irrespective of any passing Home Secretary. Under Thatcher & Major crime soared along with the Tories dole queues. Unemployment increased from 650,000 in 1979, when Thatcher took-over, to five million - 1989. The crime binge and the benefit culture Thatcher started in 1979 continues sapping the Great out of Britain. Adding insult to injury; Howard & Co., are continually telling TV viewers 'the Tories left the economy in good shape!!!'  The truth is they should have left it twenty- times richer. Instead of stealing the oil money Howard & Co., could have used it to develop cheap power for British industry and given Britain full employment.
1976-1979 The late Tory leader Edward Heath was fond of telling party meetings, "profits from the North Sea oil will give Britain full employment." With all that income tax revenue coming in, the Bank of England was supposed to become the Central Bank of Europe, with reserves of over £200 bn. We now know the Queen had other plans. Her puppet's Thatcher and Major "disappeared" half the oil money. They used the other half to create mass unemployment and Cardboard City’s from Edinburgh down to Plymouth. Between 1979 –1997 Gods Gift of £310 bn sheer profits from North Sea oilfields rolled into Her Majesty's
Treasury. The fact that Thatcher and Major left a mere £27 bn in the vaults under Threadneedle Street. (Gold And Foreign Currency Reserve. 1997) can only be described in one word. Theft.


        Fire the Liar                    Hard Work

For 25 days in August 2005. Cindy Sheehan parked outside the village idiots ranch in Crawford Texas. The Coward of Crawford stated he would not interrupt his five-week holiday to spend five minutes explaining the war on Iraq to Cindy. He did however threaten to arrest her for telling the truth. 


Mother of four, Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville, California., accused President Bush of lying to the nation about a war which has consumed tens of billions of dollars and claimed more than 1,700 American lives. Including her son. Army Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan.  Mrs. Sheehan ridiculed Bush for saying that it's 'hard work' comforting the widow of a soldier who's been killed in Iraq.  'Hard work' is seeing your son's murder on CNN one Sunday evening while you're enjoying the last supper you'll ever truly enjoy again. Hard work is having three military officers come to your house a few hours later to confirm the aforementioned murder of your son, your first-born, your kind and gentle sweet baby. Hard work is burying your child 46 days before his 25th  birthday. Hard work is holding your other three children as they lower the body of their big brother into the ground. Hard work is not jumping in the grave with him and having the earth cover you both,' she said ... 
"'We're watching you very carefully and we're going to do everything in our power to have you impeached for misleading the American people,' she said, quoting a letter she sent to the White House. 'Beating a political stake in your black heart will be the fulfillment of my life ... ,' she said, as the audience of 200 people cheered."  

Hundreds of local US newspapers have carried similar reports of ordinary people organizing meetings to discuss the illegal war that continues to murder the innocent from Rashad Police Station, Baghdad to Stockwell Tube Station, London.    

  Cindy   &

War For Profit. Collateral Damage - LondonJean Charles de Menezes

Running Man
Wasn't running after all

To earn more than he could in Brazil, 27 year-old electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes obtained a student visa to “study” in London. Where the black economy (cash-in-hand) is booming as never before.

Friday 22nd July 2005. London's top cop, Sir Ian Blair, told a press conference Menezes had been shot dead after being challenged in the street and running into Stockwell Tube Station. The media were led to believe he leapt over the ticket barrier wearing a bulky coat that could have concealed a bomb and ran down the escalator and onto a waiting train.

Tuesday 16th August 2005. ITV News obtained part of the official police report which proves Sir Ian Blair is as proficient a lair as his namesake Tony Blair.

Stockwell’s CCTV security camera's show Menezes strolling into the station wearing jeans and a thin jean jacket. He picks up a copy of the free newspaper Metro and then used his Oyster travel card to pass through the barrier. He then walks to the escalator blissfully unaware an order had been issued to kill him.
The police report reveals the order was given after he left the block of flats where he lived in Scotia Road, Tulse Hill.  A police surveillance  team and a firearms team were watching the block. They believed two of the occupants were terrorists. The officer filming the exit door say's he failed to record Menezes leaving the building because he was taking a leak. (Incidentally. The existence of such a tape would of course be proof positive of homicidal criminal negligence by the
London police.)
As Menezes travelled for fifteen minutes on the No 2 bus to Stockwell station another member of the surveillance team reported by radio the suspect had “Mongolian eyes.”  This was taken as confirmation he was one of two suspects. And Menezes fate was sealed.
Shortly after the shooting, eye witness Mark Whitby, who was sat on the train reading the paper, said Menezes was shot dead after he half tripped and was half pushed to the floor as he and three pursuers rushed into the carriage.
Whitby told his story to the BBC, Sky and ITV outside Stockwell station. This then became the official version. Running man shot by mistake. All very tragic but no one to blame.
see 'They unloaded five shots'
According to the police
report; Menezes was actually sat down when armed police rushed into the carriage. He stood up and was forced back into the seat by a member of the police team. An as yet unnamed witness, in the report, who was sat opposite, states Menezes was then shot at close range in the head.

Mark Whitby probably didn’t see Menezes entering the train. Hearing the commotion he would have looked up from his paper. He reported what he saw. Menezes, apparently being held to the floor by two police officers while another fired at his head with a black automatic.  (After Menezes had been shot in the head while being held in the sitting position.) Whitby counted five shots.
The police report states eleven shots were fired. Three missed, one went into Menezes shoulder and seven into his head.
Days after the shooting Scotland Yard sent a senior officer to Brazil with a legal document for the Menezes family. The document offered them money in exchange for their silence. This kind of unspeakable insult is fast becoming part and parcel of "War on Terror" police work. The Menezes family will not go gently. They want justice not money. Had Menezes been a pal of Prince Charles or a toy-boy of Princess Anne Sir Ian Blair would have resigned within hours and his blundering cowboys would be awaiting trail for murder.
After the Bush, Blair administrations have been thrown out of office and we can sift the truth from the wreckage. Menezes will be listed as innocent victim number 120,000 and something of an illegal war for oil profits.

It is now clear now seems the person who leapt over the ticket barrier was one of the police team wearing body armour.

The police team are employed at the taxpayers expense to stop suspect suicide bombers boarding buses or entering tube and train stations.
Like his cohort, Tony Blair, Sir Ian Blair obviously believes he can commit murder by proxy. And telling lies to the media? Well that’s all part of the phony "War on Terror."
The state murder of Menezes illustrates how the rules have changed since the "powers that be" launched of an illegal war on Iraq. Where the innocent are routinely slaughtered by the busload.  
 Real Terrorists



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