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Accessories To Mass Murder

9/11: Bush insiders hurriedly clearing-up the evidence of their missile that hit the Pentagon at 9:32. Had anyone behaved like this at the Concorde crash site or Lockerbie, or indeed any real plane crash, they would have been jailed for destroying vital evidence. The Bush stooges above were probably given the "Freedom Medal" for their despicable service to the Bankers Alliance.

The first photographs of the damage at the Pentagon prove there never was a one-hundred-ton Big Jet crash at the Pentagon. Everyone over the age of 16 now knows 9/11 was not the work of nineteen camel drivers. This could only be the work of psychopathic £Trillionaires.

 The Reichstag Fire at the Pentagon, set alight that night, tells you all you
really need to know about Mr Bush’s 9/11.

Aided by two fellow office workers Army Specialist April Gallop walked out barefoot on to the lawn above after the first explosion that caused the hole she walked through. One of the guys helping her then walked back through the hole to help others out. Yet Mr Bush and the Fake News brigade still say a one-hundred-ton 757 Jetliner was in this hole - in the process of burning itself into untraceable cinders at the time. 
In several youtube video's April speaks of the explosion that she would later be told (by CIA spooks) was a plane crash.  A totally false statement that April, being made of the Right Stuff, refused to repeat.
April explains her morning before the explosion that wrecked her office and why she refuses to tell the unholy lie that a passenger jet hit the Pentagon. April Gallop, along with every other truthful witness, has been royally ignored by BBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, FOX and the rest of the Fake News brigade from day one. April Gallop.


The first photographs of the 9/11 damage at the Pentagon prove there never was a one-hundred-ton Big Jet crash at the Pentagon. Note the smoke is coming mainly from inside the building - as you would expect  when a missile goes through a wall. 

Some people actually believed the Fake News reports that a forty-foot high, one-hundred-ton 757, with a wingspan of 125 feet hit the Pentagon wall, disappeared inside, and made the little hole above on the other side of the room!  Can you believe such idiots exist?  

What you see above and below is the work of the Queen's inbred cousin,
George W. Bush, a pernicious little thug and the Rothschild's Royal banking cartel.

As a seven-year-old George W. Bush jammed fireworks down the throats of frogs and laughed with manic delight as the frogs exploded. The same pernicious little thug shot at his own brothers when he lost his little temper. The same pernicious little thug used a red hot wire coat hanger to brand the bare buttocks of his (equally sick) college pals into his Secret Society and then bragged to The New York Times it "was no more than a cigarette burn on the ass." The same pernicious little thug refused to go to Vietnam and then Deserted from the Texas Air Guard after miserably failing to qualify as a pilot. 

Did YOU believe Mr. Bush when he said 1,300 cubic feet of jet fuel can turn a skyscraper of 50 million cubic feet into toxic talcum powder?  Every demolition contractor in the world would love to save tens of $millions-per-contract by simply igniting a jet fuel tank on the top floors of steel frame towers to bring the structure down in its own footprint. Only BBC "reporters" and the Bush Gang are stoopid enough to think they can fool all of the people all of the time. History will recall the Bush Gang had a brand new weapon and no enemy.
So they used it on American's to start their phony war on terror.



The Queen’s weapons outfit BAE Systems will supply the US Navy

with the latest mass murder weapon - The Electromagnetic Hypercannon

-  which some believe was field tested on 9/11.


Even Dumber Than "Dubya"

Painfully bereft of brain cells BBC "reporters" and "royal family" supporters believe hijacking a Big Jet is no different than hijacking an SUV.
In the real world 95% of all the worlds qualified pilots cannot take-over Big Jets at 30,000 feet, navigate to a specific city and then hit specific buildings within that city. Qualified Boeing 747 pilots need two years re-training before they get their hands on a 757 or a 767.
The BBC claim that failed wannabee Cessna pilot's navigated a 757 and two 767's from the middle of nowhere to specific cities and then flew them with pin-point-accuracy into specific buildings is pure childish fantasy.
Only retarded media clown's, like Fox TV's Bill O'Reilly believe the official rubbish laid out in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Had 9/11 been a genuine enemy attack Mr. Bush's total lack of response (between the first explosion in the North Tower at 08: 46 am and the first explosion at the Pentagon at 09: 32 am) gave any credible enemy enough time to wipe-out his major response bases - along with New York city and Washington DC. Considering the speed of Russian or Chinese nuclear missiles America would have been nuked into surrender without marshalling any proper opposition. Spineless BBC, ABC, CNN pundits on-hire from Tosspots & Toadies-To-Go  continually and criminally fail to mention this First Principle for immediate Impeachment.

 Jet Fuel ? Yeah Right  

The fake terrorist attack on 9/11 was supposed to bring in Marshal Law

and thereby strip all Americans of their Civil and Human Rights.

The plan continues under Black Bush...

     9/11 For Dummies


Ground Zero

Deadly Cover-Up Continues

New York Contamination

December 10, 2007. The two guys above are cleaning-up the residue of the laser beam activated chemicals used to disintegrate the Twin Towers. The residue is still capable of corroding newly fitted steel beams, above left, at Ground Zero. Workers still have to wear chemical protection suits; as if it had been a highly toxic Shell-chemical-plant that exploded in New York not an office-block.
Tuesday July 1, 2008. Associated Press (AP).
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation will spend $37 Million to demolish the Deutsche Bank tower the Bush administration had declared fit for human habitation in 2001. The reason for this long overdue demolition was contamination.    

AP DID NOT REPORT this contamination is a fatal cocktail of unique chemicals created by the weapons Mr Bush and his pals used to murder 3,000 American citizens on the morning of September 11, 2001.

AP DID NOT REPORT the Bush Gang set-out to murder 50,000 American citizens on that morning, but four of their attack planes ("hi-jacks") failed to take-off...


                                                                          Jet Fuel ? Yeah Right     

The Special Relationship

After the Queen's judge, Lord "Justice" Hutton, openly ignored the facts appertaining to the death of David Kelly (the nuclear weapons inspector who told the world the truth - there never was any nukes in Iraq) and the BBC Board sacking the only BBC journalist with a bone in his back, Andrew Gilligan, the BBC was confirmed as the Bush Broadcasting Corporation. Lord Reith must be screaming in his grave.



Deaf, Dumb
 Blind To The
 Simple Truth

Simple mathematics prove two jetliners weighing two-hundred-tons can not, repeat, CAN NOT knock down two skyscrapers weighing One-Million-Tons.
Only those in need of urgent psychiatric help could write-off what you see above as fire damage.
1,300 cubic feet of jet fuel CAN NOT bring down a skyscraper of 50 million cubic feet. 
Seven-years-on and the US and British media have made no attempt what-so-ever to investigate what chemical process turned eighty percent of the Twin Towers into dust!?

   Chemical Pally

The President Of 9/11

Mr Bush Junior, "Dubya," like his Daddy, has proved to be an exceptionally gifted, profoundly vile and repulsive, pathological fucking liar. Only the outstandingly-feeble-minded could believe him when he said a gang of suicidal misfits took-over four passenger jets and roamed around American sky's unchallenged by America's multi-trillion-Dollar air defence system. Ten-year-old reader's of the Harry Potter books will very soon dismiss the rest of Dubya's monstrous lies laid out in the official 9/11 Commission Report and conclude:
On the morning of September 11, 2001 Mr Bush and his accomplices switched-off American air defence to allow Black-Ops to electronically hijack American airliners. Remote controlled look-a-likes were used to make it appear that two airliners had been flown into the Twin Towers by foreign misfits - who, if you believe Mr Bush, "hate your freedoms."

Had the 9/11 plan gone smoothly, as explained in 9/11: Noises Off, Messer's Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld would have murdered 50,000 innocent people, not just 3,000, on September 11, 2001. Martial Law (and the end of Presidential elections) would have been declared before dusk. 

In February 2008 Mr Bush cut 77 percent of his promised help for 9/11 first responders - from $108 Mllion to $25 Mllion. These were the men and women he grandstanded in the weeks following 9/11 praising them as "true American Hero’s". By September 2008, Mr Bush had authorized over $7 Billion Tax Dollars to be paid out to silence those 9/11 victims and eye-witnesses who were willing to sign their Human Rights away. They got their money by signing away their right to sue the Bush administration and their right to sue the airlines. The 9/11 victims families that constantly ask for a proper legal trial, not a Commission of paid liars, to find out who stood down NORAD have not been given any recourse to any kind of trial. 




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