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          Her Majesties Tick Box Cops

Thirty years ago, to join the Police Force you had to be 6 feet tall or over, have 5 'O' Levels, have an excellent medical record a cheerful attitude to lifeand the ability to write an essay.
Before Her Majesty started signing away Publicly owned Gasworks, Waterworks etc, etc, to her foreign banker friends (Privatisation) she decided to dumb down the Police Force. She decreed it would now be known as Her Majesty’s Police Service. The above recruiting criteria were scrapped in favour of a 240 point psychological profile.
This 240 tick-box exercise weeds out people who can think for themselves. In short the kind of people who will refuse to follow Moronic orders. For instance: violently beating-up anyone who peacefully protests Her Majesty's
Fracking Policies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IraL93eh0U

 above, Her Majesties Tick Box Cops In Action September 21st 2017

Baseball capped Tick Box Cops were ordered to assault and hospitalise Vanda.
Vanda was protesting Her Majesties Fracking Policy. For over two hours she was 'guarded' lying b
y the roadside, in wet grass, before an ambulance came to take her to Scarborough General.
If you protest anything these days you'll soon learn that only the concentration-camp-guard-type are now recruited into Her Majesty's Police Service. People who can think for themselves are a clear and present danger to the malignant Monarchy.
Her Majesty's GCHQ keeps the profiles of those turned down for Her Majesties Police Service - they are filed as potential terrorists. 
The good news is that the realisation that corruption starts at the very top has led to people Boycotting the royal-arse-licking BBC ect, etc., in droves. Social media discussing Her Majesty's love of profiting from producing needless nuclear waste, illegal wars and her gruesome collection of Jimmy Saville's is fuelling the kind of anger we will need to storm the Palaces. We must give the Queen and her offspring a fair trial and a fair hanging.

People have realised its no good blaming Her Majesty’s puppets in Her Majesty’s Parliament. Parliamentary puppets do as the Auschwitz guards did - they follow their orders. For instance Her Majesty’s puppets recently voted 439 to 70. NOT to prosecute the War Criminal Tony Blair!  Sent to the Hague Blair would tell the court the simple truth, he was following his royal orders.  The first link below is a presentation by John Hurst who served 30 years in the Police. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52OwCoqSU-c

The following link is John Bingley on the Rule of Law.


Servants Of The Thieving Crown: Lying Common Thieves

The Queen's Parliamentary puppets below, are paid over £55,000 per year.
They spend their entire time claiming more than their salary on "expenses."
Their sole purpose in life is stuffing their offshore accounts before an accident at one of Her Majesties nuclear waste stations makes Britain unfit for human habitation.
They couldn't care less about you and yours. They never have and they never will.
As far as the degenerates below are concerned you and yours are already dead.
Degenerates who voted for FRACKING. These degenerates also vote for FOXHUNTING. 


                                         F                                                                 F


                      F                                                                F


                            F                                                                                      F                                                                  

                                                    F                                                                                                                                                 F

Thieving Servants Of The Thieving Crown


    F                                                           F                                                                      


                                                        F                                                                                                                F

                                                                                                     F                                                                         F

   F                                                                                                                                    F

                                             F                                                                     F                                                                                                      F


Members of Her Majesties Parliament swear their allegiance the Queen. Not to their Constituents.  Not to Britain. Not to The NHS or The Railways, Affordable Housing or Green-cheap-energy.
Or indeed anything that Britain really needs. But to the most despicable bitch in the land.

Selling-Orf One's Governmental Responsibility:
Treason By Any Other Name 

Mrs Thatcher, Her Majesty's pernicious, passing Prime Mouthpiece told the public that ordinary people should own the Water, Gas and Electricity services that we can't live without.
Many ordinary people thought that was a jolly good idea - ask Sid :)
The carefully and criminally contrived sell-orf (planned by Her Majesty's Bankers) sold the old electricity boards of North Western England, the Midlands and Eastern England to the German energy conglomerate Eo.N based in Düsseldorf. Eo.N went on to acquire several of our oil, gas and coal-fired power stations along with our turbine shops.
The other German energy conglomerate REW, based in Essen, acquired similar chunks of our electricity supply system. French, American, Canadian, Spanish and Asian energy company's also picked-up bargains at Her Majesty's open-door-fire-sale of our electricity
supply system.
  Britain's vital Water and Gas distribution, along with our old GPO was likewise flogged-orf to the Queens best friends, all foreigners, who avoid paying tax by using the maze of tax loop-holes Her Majesty had kindly written into her Privatisation Legislation. Thanks to Her Majesty,
the profit from your Electricity, Water, Gas and Phone Bills now go to tax dodging foreigners.

The following innocent looking TV advert was one of many that misled many into thinking Privatisation was a good thing.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5aOO7Aem4M.
These adverts helped the Queen's favourite bankers steal tens of £Billions in property and revenue from the British Public via the stroke of the royal pen.

Keep studying and Spread the word :)


                                                         F                                                                           F

 F                                             F

Fracking Update - 2017

Her Majesty the Queen has now sold Fracking Licenses covering most of the UK.
Below is a
preview of Her Majesty's Realm after Her Majesty sinks thousands of her her two-miles-deep-fracking-wells. Would you spend your holiday in a toxic smog? Fracking ensures The English Tourist Board will become a memory - thanks to Lizzy.


The proof of Bevan's statement is all over the internet. NOT on the BBC.


   More Servants Of The Perverted Crown denying this undeniable evidee exists. The denial stems from the facts that Her Majesty owns the mineral,


A Little History

In Georgian Times there was a degenerate gang of London muggers and
cut-throats who only attacked children, blind beggars, drunks and cripples.
They were known as The Tory's. Tory being the family name of the gang leaders.
Members of Parliament (MP's) who spoke-out against the King's booming Slave Trade and his ever increasing taxes on the poor, took to shouting “Tory Tory Tory” across the floor at those MP's who supported the King's brutal polices.
Those MP's who spoke in favour of Reforms became the The Whig Party. 
The King's MP's who made the poor poorer by voting against any Reforms became the extremely vile, perverted and undeniably psychopathic Tory Party of today...

                      F                                                     F                                                   F
's nuclear bomb Sellafield.


Type in                            F                                F                            F ”.

My fortune was founded on the Slave Trade.
Consequently I earn £Billions Per Day in interest.

Happy Fracking New Year


As the Queen's Home Secretary, Theresa May followed her royal orders to kick the Westminster Paedophile Ring into the long grass until the voters, bombarded by the usual BBC bullshit, lost interest and forgot about it. Jimmy Saville's best friend, the Queen, hates the truth. As the Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece Theresa May will bend it like Beckham. Most of the Tories you see sat around May in Parliament are cock-sucking regulars at places like Cliff Richards Elm Guest House. 

Her Majesty's Perverts

Property of Her Majesty's Perverted Government


Her Majesties Junkie George Osborne promised to reduce the National Debt.
He actually increased the National Debt by over £5 Billion.
The National Debt is the Royal Bankers device for keeping the poor poor.








BSE USA February 26 2008 By Naomi Spencer

Puppets posing as news reporters continue babbling on about election candidates and the phony war on terror instead of telling Joe Public about the largest beef recall in US history. One-hundred-and-forty-three-million-pounds of beef has been recalled by one producer alone.

Mr Bush's cronies the "Beef Barons" are denying BSE is a problem after a video of sick cows going to market hit the internet.
The Humane Society video shows cows too sick to stand-up being shoved, dragged and rolled across cement-floored pens at the Hallmark Meat Packing slaughterhouse in Chino, California. Immobile cows caked in manure can be seen being rammed with forklifts, jabbed in the eyes, dragged along by chains, shocked and subjected to simulated drowning with high-pressure hoses to get them on their feet and into in the  "kill box" of the facility.

Cows too sick to stand, or "downer cows," are officially banned from use as human or animal food because of the risk of mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE). The disease, which eats away at the brains and nervous system can be contracted by humans, is untreatable, irreversible and fatal. BSE cannot be cooked out of tainted meat. Its symptoms may take many years to surface. In addition, downer cattle have much more contact with faeces, increasing the likelihood of contamination of entire lots of processed meat from life-threatening bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella.

The Hallmark plant is a subsidiary of Westland Meat Company, which has sold beef worth $146 million to the federal Department of Agriculture over the past five years for its school lunch and needy families programs. Westland received the department’s “Supplier of the Year” award for the National School Lunch Program in 2004-05.

Thousands upon thousands of schoolchildren and poor people have knowingly been put at risk in a way that will take years to assess. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) placed an “administrative hold” on Westland meat in its possession beginning January 30, yet it was not until February 18 that the company itself announced a recall.

In spite of the record-breaking scope of the recall and potential for a public health crisis, company and federal officials have downplayed the incident. The USDA called the risk of mad cow disease “negligible.” Dick Raymond, the undersecretary of what passes for the Bush administration's food safety dept., made the absurd claim that the meat posed little health risk because “The great majority has probably been consumed!”

In an interview with the Washington Post published January 30, Westland President Steve Mendell, who is also the manager of operations at the Hallmark Meat Packing plant, claimed no knowledge of the use of stun guns, workers using forklifts to move downer cows, or whether cows were subjected to simulated drowning. He said, “I don’t stand out there all day.”

Meat Inspectors are supposed to be on-hand to conduct pre-slaughter inspections of all cows to ensure that no diseased animals pass into the food supply. Yet for at least two years Westland violated federal regulations under the noses of the Bush administration Inspectors.

In a February 17 press release, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) made it clear that it would not stiffen inspection procedures at slaughter facilities because of the recall. Governmental oversight has been steadily dismantled and consumer protections loosened over the past decade in the name of the “free market,” even as the food system has become more international. When outbreaks occur, they are widespread, and federal agencies are able to respond only with requests to companies to voluntarily initiate a recall. As a result, the population is increasingly exposed to hazards which it has no means of detecting or preventing.

In the case of the present recall, parents have no way of knowing whether the food their children are served in public school lunch rooms is safe, or where it comes from.  
The Humane Society video can be found here:

See also:  The British BSE Murders

Massive recalls highlights failure of the free market 

FDA knew of food contamination for years

Hundreds sickened by contaminated food

Beef industry, federal regulators long ignored warnings  

Mad cow discovery punctures myth of US “firewall”


In The Morning


 She´s leaving home





Sea Change

Oceans becoming more acidic

View larger image

 WASHINGTON — Seven hundred miles west of Seattle in the Pacific at Ocean Station Papa, a first-of-its-kind buoy is anchored to monitor a looming environmental catastrophe. Forget about sea levels rising as glaciers and polar ice melt, and increasing water temperatures affecting global weather patterns. As the oceans absorb more and more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, they're gradually becoming more acidic. And some scientists fear that the change may be irreversible. At risk are sea creatures up and down the food chain, from the tiniest phytoplankton and zooplankton to whales, from squid to salmon to crabs, coral, oysters and clams.

The oceans are already 30 percent more acidic than they were at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, as they absorb 22 tons of carbon dioxide a day. By the end of the century, they could be 150 percent more acidic. "Everything points to dramatic effects," said Richard Feely, an oceanographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle. "There are suggestions the entire ecosystem could change over time." Originally, scientists thought the oceans could be one of the solutions to the build-up of greenhouse gases, as they absorb about one-third of the carbon dioxide that's emitted worldwide. But they now know that the fundamental chemistry of the oceans has changed, and the possible impacts seem to grow more nightmarish as research accelerates. "It seems like it is a one-way street, and that is alarming," said Steven Emerson, a professor of oceanography at the University of Washington. "The pH of the oceans could be lowered permanently."
Emerson was the lead scientist on the team that built the buoy at Ocean Station Papa, where weather measurements have been taken since the 1940s. The 10-foot-diameter buoy is equipped with an array of sensors that, among other things, measure the amount of carbon dioxide that's being absorbed by the North Pacific and the pH, or acid levels, of the ocean. Anchored in water 5,000 feet deep, the buoy relays its information to onshore scientists via satellite. Of all the oceans in the world, the North Pacific could be the most vulnerable to acidification. As the oceans' deepest waters circulate around the globe, they eventually arrive in the North Pacific, where they rise near the surface before plunging deep again to continue their global journey. When the water arrives in the North Pacific, it's already acidic from the carbon produced by decaying organic material during its 1,000-year journey from the North Atlantic through the Indian Ocean and across the Pacific, Feely said. As it surfaces, or up-wells, in the North Pacific, the water absorbs even more carbon dioxide from the air. Cold water absorbs more carbon dioxide than warm water does. "The older water is in the Pacific, the newer water is in the Atlantic," Feely said. "There's 10 percent more carbon dioxide in the Pacific than in the Atlantic."
Corrosive water 600 to 700 feet deep already has been detected off the continental shelf of Washington state, Oregon and Alaska, Feely said.
"It's butting right up against the coast," he said. "The concern is when it gets to the continental shelf, what it will do to the fisheries."
The increasing acidity can eat away at the shells of crabs, oysters, clams and nearly microscopic organisms known as krill and pteropods. It also inhibits calcification, the process in which these animals rebuild their shells. Without shells, most of the animals probably would die. Krill and pteropods are a major food source for juvenile salmon, herring, pollock, cod, mackerel and other fish. "When you start messing with the lower end of the food chain, it can dramatically affect the higher end of the food chain," Feely said. Squid also are sensitive to higher acidity, which affects their blood circulation and respiration. Colonies of coral, including those in tropical waters and those found deep off the Northwest coast, could disappear. Feely said that 500 million to 1 billion people worldwide depended on fish for survival. Sharp declines in fish populations would affect their lives. Eventually, the acidification will reach into inland waters, affecting oyster beds and clamming areas. Earlier this month, the Senate Commerce Committee passed a bill co-sponsored by Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., that would create a comprehensive ocean-acidification research and monitoring program. A similar measure has been introduced in the House of Representatives.
Cantwell said she expected her Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and Coast Guard subcommittee of the Commerce Committee to hold hearings in the Northwest on ocean acidification early next year. "It's a little-known fact, not widely understood, but it is clear our oceans are suffering," Cantwell said.
A San Francisco environmental group, the Center for Biodiversity, has asked 10 states — Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Maine and Delaware — to declare their coastal waters "impaired" under the Clean Water Act because of rising acidity. Such a move could clear the way for the states to regulate carbon-dioxide emissions. "Though we believe the science is there, the political will may not be there," said Miyoko Sakashita, a lawyer for the Center for Biodiversity. "At least this will raise awareness among policymakers." Though cuts in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-gas emissions might slow or reverse global warming, scientist say it could take thousands of years or longer to reverse the increased acidity of the oceans.
"For all practical purposes this is permanent," Emerson said. "That's not true of temperature. But with ocean acidification the time scales are long."



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