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1946. The Queen Mum sent the spy Anthony Blunt to Germany to steal or destroy the evidence proving Hitler had enjoyed a decade of royal support. Blunt did a good job. The royals cousins the Bush family failed to hide their deals with Hitler. President Bush is presently being sued by two Holocaust survivors, Kurt Goldstein and Peter Gingold, over Grandpa Bush’s profits from Hitler's Slave Labour.  Bush Family Helped Hitler Rise to Power.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1312540,00.html     

The Queen Mum was the original author of the Atomic Contingency Plan. By which the royal family will be safely air-lifted out of Britain, to join their offshore £Billions, the moment the lid comes-off Sellafield or any of the other royal family little earners. Since 1974 the plan has been known as ‘The Lucan Agenda’ - i.e. the filthy-rich will get away with murder, as-per-usual. 

Palace Notes\ Royal Preparations for The Atomic Bomb

1953. The new Queen and her first Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, saw an Atomic War as inevitable.
The British public had still to learn an 'Atomic War' would wipe Great Britain off the atlas. Churchill chose to make his chilling ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in America.
Along with his great Labour rival Clement Atlee, Winston Churchill was coming to the conclusion Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Russia with the ‘Atom Bomb’ would make Hitler’s Germany look like a Boy Scout’s summer camp. 
August 1948. Russia's Iron Curtain was now a fact of life. The Cold War dominated the headlines. Newspaper owner Lord Beaverbrook was looking for something other than gloom and doom to give his readers. He wrote to ex King Edward 8th asking him to write about the Abdication when he gave-up his crown 'for true love.' Edward replied. 'The war clouds which hang so heavily over us hardly create an atmosphere conducive to quiet thought and reminiscing.' In September Churchill visited Edward & Wallis at their seaside villa in the south of France. After the visit Wallis wrote to her Aunt Bessie in America. 'What a mess everything is. Everyone here is quite resigned to war in a year or two.'
1952. The Home Guard (Dad’s Army) were reactivated to prepare for war with Russia. It was very soon realized Captain Mainwaring, Jonesey and the lads couldn't possibly help anyone after a nuclear hit on Windscale/ Sellafield as they themselves would be choking to death on fallout. The Home Guard were disbanded again.
1953. The new Queen and her first Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, saw an Atomic War as inevitable. As they both agreed her reign would end in nuclear war, with Britain turned into a nuclear desert, neither the Queen nor Churchill saw any reason for her to pay tax. The pair cooked the books. This fact came to light accidentally in 1991.* Cabinet Papers showing how Lizzy illegally banked £M30 are now in the Public Records Office, Kew. The stolen money (invested at the standard rate - now worth at least £M300) remains in the royal maze of offshore banks.
* see Royal Fortune. Bloomsbury. Philip Hall.

State Papers due for release 2052 will confirm the Queen Mum was Head Of State 1936-1952. Not her unfortunate, backward, alcoholic husband. State Papers will not reveal how the canny Scots Queen Mum used her insider knowledge from the Red Boxes and the royal maze of nominees, Rothschilds et al, to gain control of all the companies involved in building, supplying and operating Britain's first Atom Bomb factory - Windscale - now called Sellafield. (Bechtel are presently to be seen at Sellafield "consulting.")
What was the Atom Bomb became the nuclear bomb and those who produced it gained unlimited access to taxpayers money. Every British monarch has, necessarily, been 'into' insider Arms dealing. No previous monarch could have envisaged the £Trillions waiting on the nuclear-gravy-train the Queen Mum jumped on.
Shielded by 'ever-so-umble' bankers, Rothschilds and the irksome like, the present Queen has at least $12 BILLION invested in uranium mining and uranium weapons production. The Queen's cousins the Bush family have similar investments in nuclear poison production.
In the 1990-91 Gulf War the nuclear cousins exploded hundreds of tons of permanently fatal Dirty Ammo, known as Depleted Uranium or DU, in Iraq. Weaponized uranium has a killing cycle of four-and-a-half BILLION years.




King Abdulllah The Despot's Despot        "King" Abdullah The Queen's Favourite        

 April  9 2004.  The Mayor Of London, Ken Livingston, told the Guardian.
 'I long for the day the Saudi royal family are swinging from lamp posts and the people have a proper government that represents the people of Saudi Arabia.' 

What a pity "Red Ken" hasn't got the balls to speak-out against his own phony royals.
Only the Queen's nuclear-cartel could have conspired to pour endless billions of the taxpayer's money into building another Chernobyl in Suffolk at Sizewell B. Red Ken should be studying why the British Head of State leaves her pensioners in cold and hungry poverty while diverting their billions into her nuclear outfits.
Instead Red Ken has introduced congestion charges to clear the "riff-raff" off Royal London's roads.


            Hand-in-Hand: Medieval Thugs

The Saudi King Abdullah
& business partner Bush

    November 14, 2007
A Saudi judge doubled the sentence of a 19-yr-old gang-rape-victim. The girl was sentenced to 90 lashes last month. Because she then told the media she was the innocent party she will now get 200 lashes for disagreeing with King's judge. Nothing unusual in
King Abdullah's theifdom where the King's Islamic Law has women publicly stoned to death on a regular basis and Princess’s who fall in love with "a commoner" have their heads chopped off.
The girl's lawyer had his license to practice law revoked for sticking by the innocent victim and having the balls to suggest the case should be reviewed by a human rights organization.
The Saudi royals must be wondering 'what will the bloody
slaves want next! Freedoms?'



Pope Benedict
  Pope Benny the Nazi is apparently not being invited out and adulated as much as he thinks he should be. He has employed Tea with Mussolini director Franco Zeffirelli as his “image consultant.” Jesus Wept. No seriously., Jesus fucking Wept!   


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  The only real scientific study of civilian casualties in Iraq was at 654,965 as of July 2006.



Photo of Michael MeacherMichael Meacher MP Jan 10.

Nuclear Power:
 "the mother of all white elephants."

Bearing in mind, first, that taxpayers will pay more for nuclear electricity to cover decommissioning costs and will still have to pay for any shortfall which could run into billions; secondly, that taxpayers will have to pay the massive construction costs for storing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of highly radioactive waste; thirdly, that taxpayers will also be called on, if necessary, to guarantee a minimum price of carbon; and, fourthly, that the last round of nuclear build led to the country and taxpayers having to pay £5 billion to bail the nuclear industry out of bankruptcy, as well as £70 billion to deal with the waste, is not the whole nuclear project the mother of all white elephants?" Michael Meacher


"Nuclear New Build"

The Usual

February 2008. The much talked-up "nuclear new build" at Olkiluoto, Finland continues pouring other-peoples-money down the nuclear drain. The same way the cost of building Sizewell B went from £M450 to £2.9 Bn. The Finnish Folly is on the same criminal path. In May 2007 the publicized "final cost of €2.5 Billion" was "revised-up to €4 Billion". The estimate of €4 Billion could easily double as the "nuclear new build" has now "failed its building standards inspection on over 1,000 separate counts!" And all these faults despite the "nuclear new build" being two-years behind its building schedule.
The French media revealed the other-peoples-money to finance the Finnish Folly came from Export Credit from the hapless French taxpayer, back-door State Aid (now being investigated by the EU) and dubious cheap bank loans. Most of which could be re-called and thereby end the project. The Finnish taxpayer could end-up paying billion's of Euros for sweet Fanny Adams.
Not by a very long chalk the first "nuclear new build" multi-billion-fuck-up.

The French nuclear giant Areva are responsible for this latest criminal waste of time and money in the pervert's pursuit of totally needless new nuclear power stations.
Even pro-nuclear Finnish politicians are voicing their anger at Areva for farming-out parts of the nuclear engineering contract to Polish cheap labour.
Not surprisingly Her Majesty's
Government favours the French cowboy outfit Areva to build Sizewell C. The first of ten potential Chernobyl's Nuclear Lizzy is plotting to build in Great Britain.

also see  Chris Mullen, Hansard, Energy  Jan 10, 2008.  Hansard & David Heath, Charles Henry, Colin Challen, Hansard, Energy  Jan 22, 2008.




Nuclear Power?

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