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September 1, 2009. Lockerbie Man: Traded for BP Drilling Rights

Leaked ministerial letters revealed today that Her Majesty's government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to return Abdel al-Megrahi home to Libya. 
The decision was made after discussions between Libya and British Petroleum (BP) over a massive oil exploration deal.
Two years ago Her Majesty's justice secretary, Jack Straw, wrote to Kenny MacAskill, his counterpart in Scotland to discuss releasing Megrahi under the prisoner exchange scheme. The correspondence makes it plain that the key decision to release Megrahi was made in London purely in the interest of BP shareholders. Not least the Queen.

The Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece, Toady Blair, had previously told the Bush White House Megrahi would not be released under the prisoner exchange scheme. Straw simply shifted the goalposts by making Megrahi eligible for release on compassionate grounds.
Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, said:
“This is the strongest evidence yet that the British government has been involved for a long time in talks over Megrahi in which commercial considerations have been central to their thinking.”

September 2, 2009. Today we learned that a month before the Scottish Justice Secretary, K. MacAskill, released Megrahi on August 20, 2009. Lord Trefgarne, chairman of the Libyan British Business Council  (LBBC) wrote to MacAskill expressing his “grave concern” if Megrahi died in jail. Trefgarne wrote. “The prospect is of grave concern to LBBC members.”
LBBC bankers include Barclays, HSBC and the British arm of J. P. Morgan Chase (which pays Toady Blair a consultancy fee of £M2 per-year - although some would call this "fee"  hush money).
LBBC is dominated by British Petroleum (BP) and Shell.
Trefgarne’s son, George, has been a director of media and research at BP and still does consultancy work for BP. No surprises there then.


Lockerbie Evidence: Faked

A fragment of a timing-device-circuit-board, allegedly found in woodland many miles from Lockerbie months after the atrocity, was used as evidence to convict a Libyan agent, Abel al Megrahi, of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

In August 2006 a former Scots police chief gave lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.
The officer gave Megrahi's legal team information regarding US agents planting the fragment of circuit board allegedly from a timing device allegedly sold to Libya.

In fact the fragment came from a prototype of an earlier design of the circuit boards that were sold to Libya. Samples of the earlier design had been stolen from the makers after Pan Am 103 went down.

The Scots police chief's statement confirmed claims by Lester Coleman, a former CIA agent, who claims that his bosses "wrote the script" to incriminate Libya. Coleman fled to Sweden where he now lives in exile. Coleman's book has become a collectors' item.

The fragment was identified by the FBI's Thomas Thurman as part of a bomb-timer made by the Swiss firm MeBo. Which supplied electronics to Libya via a Libyan agent Abdel al Megrahi. Thomas Thurman was a star performer at the FBI forensics laboratory.
In 1991 Thurman told ABC. "When that identification was made, of the timer, I knew that we had it."
Thurman did not act alone in spreading the big lie. The mass media were being used to blame Libya, while the  intelligence services were privately admitting it was the PFLP-GC acting for the Iranians.
In 1994 leaked US Defence Intelligence Agency documents stated the Iranian government had employed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command (PFLP-GC) to plant the bomb on Flight 103. 
Frederic Whitehurst, an FBI scientist turned whistleblower, revealed the circuit board that Thurman had shown on ABC was never sold to Libya or indeed to any one else.
"I reported to my superiors up to and including the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US attorney general, members of the US Congress and US Senate as well as the Office of the President of the United States that FBI Supervisory Special Agent Thomas Thurman altered my reports for five years without my authorization or knowledge. Thurman holds an undergraduate degree in political science and I hold a PhD in chemistry. Thurman was not recognized by the FBI or anyone else as having expertise in complex chemical analysis and I was. When confronted with this information Thurman did not deny it. When I raised my concerns with my managers at the FBI laboratory, all except for one of them reminded me that Thurman was the hero behind determining the perpetrators of the Pan Am 103 disaster."

Following the Lockerbie trial at the former US base Camp Zeist, Utrecht, Holland, international lawyers, including senior United Nations officials, voiced their surprise at the verdict and grave doubts about the prosecution evidence.

January 2001. M
ost of the Lockerbie victims' relatives came away from Camp Ziest knowing full well justice had not been done.
Some relatives, blinded by revulsion and ABC / Thurman type misinformation, believed the false evidence introduced by the CIA but many were convinced al Megrahi,
above right, had no knowledge of the Lockerbie bomb plot. 
Even the
counsel to the US counter-terrorism bureau, Michael Scharf, described the case as "so full of holes it was like Swiss cheese. It should never have gone to trial. The CIA and FBI had assured the State Department there was an iron-clad case against al-Megrahi and al-Amin Khalifa Fimah but in reality they had no confidence in their star witness. It was a trial where everybody agreed ahead of time that they were just going to focus on these two guys and they were the fall guys." Scharf called the Dutch trial a "whitewash".


Her Majesty's
Secret Service

HMG’s secret deals that led to the release of Megrahi, started when an MI6 agent flew to Libya with BP boss Lord Browne for two cloak-and-dagger meetings with Colonel Gaddafi.
Jeff Chevalier, the ex-lover of Lord Browne, told The Mail on Sunday that Browne was ‘shocked’ when the agent made a reference to his gay relationship with Mr Chevalier, making it obvious Her Majesty's
Secret Service knew all about their affair, which the pair had kept fiercely secret.

Lord Browne was forced to resign from BP after he admitted lying to the High Court about his lover, Mr Chevalier, during an unsuccessful attempt to gag a Mail on Sunday investigation into his murky business activities.

The Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece on an oily errand to Libya in 2007.
Colonel Gaddaffi, right, has said he handed over the Lockerbie suspects, Abdel al Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa in the belief that no court could possibly find them guilty.


False Evidence

Many relatives of the victims of the 1988 Pam Am bombing have complained that vital details were withheld from the start of the Lockerbie investigation and that false evidence was planted thereafter.

Aug. 20, 2009. Abdel al-Megrahi, the miss-called “Lockerbie Bomber”, was released and flown home to Libya.
Megrahi denounced his conviction and incarceration as “a disgrace”.
The decision to release Megrahi was attacked by the usual bobble heads. Her Majesty's
Government now stand accused of releasing Megrahi in order to seal a massive oil deal with Colonel Gaddafi. 
Hardly surprising when you consider the company set-up by Her Majesty's
grandfather, as Anglo Persian Oil - which became British Petroleum (BP) - will make $Billions out of the deal.
Her Majesty's
son and Trade Envoy Prince Andrew is a friend of Gaddafi's
son and heir Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. The photo shows Prince Andrew talking with another of his Arab golfing pals, Gaddafi's nephew, Omar Massoud, at Windsor Castle.
To placate the bobble heads Prince Andrew may well cancel a planned visit to Libya but that won't stop Gaddafi's envoys being welcomed with open arms at Sandringham, Balmoral and similar "royal" dens of iniquity - albeit they will be using the servants entrance for a while. 

Over the next five years Big Oil led by British Petroleum (BP) will invest around US$42 Billion in Libyan oil exploration and development.
Earlier last month Her Majesty's
Business Secretary, Lord Mandy Mandelson, met Gaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam, at the Rothschild's annual moot in Corfu to dot the I's and cross the T's. It would be extremely childish to believe the Magahi
release deal went ahead without President Qbama's wholehearted approval.

Abdel al-Megrahi
Megrahi's release ended his appeal. Magrahi's lawyers had been calling for all the Lockerbie documents presently under Gagging Orders.
Many relatives believe this illegally suppressed evidence would have cleared Megrahi and led to proper investigation. The last thing the CIA / FBI / MI5 / MI6 want is a proper investigation into how the bomb got onboard Flight 103.

Robert Baer, right, a retired CIA terror expert claim's Megrahi would have been freed on appeal.
Ex CIA agent and Middle East expert Baer has revealed details of the secret dossier that would have cleared the so-called Lockerbie Bomber.
'Scotland's Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill,' say's Baer, "had little option other than to release Megrahi.
The evidence amassed by his appeal team is explosive and extremely damning to your system of justice. Your justice secretary had two choices - sneak into Megrahi's cell and smother him with his pillow - or release him."

According to Robert Baer Megrahi's appeal would have proved Iran carried out the bomb plot. "The CIA knew this almost from the moment the plane exploded. I knew this information back then so you can rest assured both MI5 and MI6 knew. The investigators in the original case did not get all the information we had. Megrahi did not get a fair trial."

Ahmad Jibril, left, was the founder and leader of a Palestinian militant group linked to Iran and Hezbollah. Many believe this man organised the Lockerbie bomb.
Robert Baer believes Iranian Intelligence paid £M8 into the bank account of a Syrian terror group days after the bombing in December 1988.

A senior Iranian intelligence officer who fled to Turkey also claims Iran masterminded the bombing under the nose of the CIA...


The Simple Truth


Persian Gulf. 10: 47 am July 8 1988. Iran Air flight 655 took-off. The US warship Vincennes picked-up the aircraft as a hostile plane. The Vincennes shot the airliner down. Killing 290.
The Iranian government promised pay-back. 

Scotland. 7: 19 pm Dec. 22 1988. Pan-Am flight 103 was blown out of the sky. Killing 270.

From March 1987 Lt. Col. Oliver North was involved in buying heroin, grown in the Baakar valley, from the Iranian backed terrorist group Hezbolla.
The drugs were used to trap big-time dealers in USA. This was a joint intelligence operation involving the CIA and the Airport Authorities at Beirut, Frankfurt, Heathrow and Kennedy. Matthew Gannon, CIA Head of Station in Lebanon, would inform customs of the names of the drugs couriers.
The couriers, accompanied by CIA minders, would then be allowed through all four airports unchallenged by Airport Police, Customs or Immigration. Anyone who knew about this “intelligence” arrangement could blow up an airliner; simply by planting a bomb in the couriers inspection free luggage.

Drug courier Kahlid Jaffar, and his minder Matthew Gannon were on a routine run. They left Frankfurt airport after watching Jaffar’s brown Samsonite suitcase, containing two kilograms of heroin, accepted for loading without inspection. Some believe the suitcase was switched in the cargo sheds of Frankfurt airport - for an identical Samsonite suitcase containing a bomb. In truth the bomb was loaded at Heathrow.

The Pan Am Jumbo that landed on Lockerbie did not come from Frankfurt. As some people were led to believe. It had flown from America earlier that day. It was completely unloaded at Heathrow. And then loaded as Flight 103. Luggage and passengers from Frankfurt, Jaffar and Gannon included, were transferred to the ill-fated Jumbo at Heathrow. 

Many relatives of the 259 on board, and the 11 killed on the ground, do not believe the Lockerbie bomb was made in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt Germany, as they were told in 1988. It could just have easily been made in London's South Kensington. By people unwilling to forget Iran Air flight 655. Or the SAS ’s noisy visit to the London Iranian Embassy. 

Acting on her orders from the Queen. Prime Mouthpiece Thatcher had ordered the SAS into the Iranian Embassy.
As Her Majesty's
Head of British Intelligence, Thatcher was also responsible for security at Heathrow.
Thatcher, following her orders from the Queen of course, refused to hold an Inquiry into Lockerbie. Evidence of a break-in at the luggage shed at Heathrow (where the suitcase was arguably switched) was hidden for 12 years; and Her Majesty's
Government are still denying the victims relatives an independent inquiry!


The farce of a Dutch trial indicating Libya gives you some idea of the lengths the ungodly stoop to - to hide the simple truth.




2003-4. CIA-Black Op's gave Libya $3 Billion to publicly declare Libyan agents were involved with the Lockerbie bomb - which they decidedly were NOT. In return America will eventually lift all Trading Sanctions on condition the $3 Billion was split between the relatives of the dead. Irrespective of how the CIA cover their tracks; CIA incompetence was undoubtedly responsible for Lockerbie.  also see  BBC lies

Just before they died; passengers on Pam Am Flight 103 looking out of the portside windows would have seen the extra bright security lights of the mile-long-Sellafield-nuclear-complex just 50 miles due south of Lockerbie.
Had the bomb gone off seconds earlier, the blazing Jumbo could have landed on Sellafield. Not that, that, would worry the Queen. Far from it. When Britain becomes unfit for human habitation, the Queen will increase her present profits by leasing-out Britain as the worlds first country-size-nuclear-waste-dump. Aging royals will not have any pension problems when they retire to their palm-fringed Pacific islands.

more on Lockerbie



      Andy Pandy's Progress - September 2009 

Prince Andrew's "serial pedophile," pal, Jeffrey Epstein, will be released this month after serving 18-month’s for soliciting underage girls. The day he gets out he faces at least twelve more charges of paedophilia from lawyers representing twelve young women who crossed his slimy path. One girl enticed into the billionaire financier's Palm Beach home claims she was led up a staircase lined with nude photographs of little girls - to a spa room where he appeared wrapped in a small towel...

A guest at Windsor Castle and Sandringham Epstein became friendly with the Prince through the arch criminal Robert Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine. Andrew has partied at Epstein’s New York townhouse. The pair have cruised together accompanied by topless women administering “therapeutic massage”. Andrew now has a custom made massage mat.

see Prince Andy Pandy  and  Mandelson's PR friend opens an office in Libya 
 Mandy's & Browne's Boyfriend   


Arctic Sea: The Plot Thickens

August 23, 2009.
Speculation continues that
the strange disappearance and reappearance of the cargo ship Arctic Sea, right, was a CIA rehearsal for  another false “terror attack” using a “hijack ship” to promote the phony "war on terror" - the Bush Gang started with the mother of all inside job's - 9/11.
Whoever switched the ships transponder off would have needed far less technical knowledge and equipment than that needed to turn off the transponders onboard the alleged 9/11 hijacks.  
Russian blogs speculated that the "ship-jackers" were CIA patsies who had been paid a "deposit" and promised millions for delivering the ship and its cargo to an unmonitored (pirate) African port. Taking-over the ship and holding the crew hostage would have been easy for an armed gang.
Like the alleged 9/11 "hijackers", who allegedly boarded the allegedly hijacked jets on 9/11, the patsies who boarded the Arctic Sea would have had no idea what would happen next.
Navy Seals could then have boarded the ship, disposed of the crew and the patsies, planted a crude nuclear device and put the ship on autopilot. The bomb could then be triggered later as the ship came within range of a "suitable target". 
So. Was the strange case of the
Arctic Sea a dummy run for the next 9/11 type atrocity to be blamed on illiterate camel drivers?

 If this sounds far-fetched see  9/11 Dress Rehearsal


The Mighty US Navy?


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