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The President Of 9/11

Part 2



Any would-be hijackers on-board the alleged 9/11 jets would have had no more control over events that day than would any other passengers, the crew or the pilots.

US made passenger jets can have their radio's knocked-out and their transponders reconfigured to transmit false information from outside the cockpit. This can only be done with certainty by US made spy planes - Air Warning And Control planes. Awac's for short.  
In the 1980's Lufthansa had all their American made avionics stripped-out and replaced by German avionics after they realized their Boeing fleet could be remotely taken over by US Awac's.

  Air Warning And Control Planes 

Air Warning And Control (AWAC)  

(Awac's are Above Top Secret. Worried about his upcoming 9/11 attack Mr. Bush secretly gave the blood-soaked Beijing regime $40 BILLION TAX-DOLLARS to get one back!) 
Any would-be hijackers on-board the alleged 9/11 jets would have had no more control over events that day than would any other passengers, the crew or the pilots. The jets would have been electronically hi-jacked by Black Ops Awac's.
Replacing the jets with remote controlled plastic-look-a-likes was the only way Black Ops could be sure of hitting the buildings they had laced with explosives and intended to laser beam into atoms.
The "success" of 9/11 depended on the look-a-likes hitting their targets. Suicidal wannabee-pilots with hysterical passengers shifting their weight about were never on the cards for this vile mission. Sixteen years on only a lunatic could believe the Bush version of 9/11.
Arab terrorists were NOT responsible for 9/11. Arab terrorists were, as they remain, essential noises-off in this Presidential Act of Unparalleled Treason.

                                  Mr Bush's Mass Murder Seen From Space
The white dust cloud rising from Manhattan consists of thousands of people and millions of tons of concrete and steel atomised by high explosives and laser (pulverizing) beams.
Lunatics who say 9/11 was pulled-off by a gang of suicidal-half-wits are in the pay of the vilest thugs that ever walked on planet earth. Yahoo O'Reilly & Co., are shit scared of the truth coming out. The day the truth emerges
Yahoo's like O'Reilly will get kicked to death for all the lies they told on American TV while licking the draft dodgers arseholes.  
and  http://www.rense.com/general70/tarp.htm

War Games

9/11 was the first time, ever, that a draft dodger had been put in charge of USA War Games. Putting Vice President Dickhead Cheney in charge of the Defense of America was an act of Treason in itself.
Dickhead Cheney is a truly evil degenerate felon who naturally refused to serve his country in Vietnam. Five times he found†lame excuses to dodge the draft. As the Head of Halliburton Cheney set-up illegal offshore companies to supply Libya and Iran with banned equipment. Cheney is a natural Enemy Of The American People and a soul-mate of the sniggering-coke-sniffing-throwback George 'Dubya' Bush.

Building The North Tower

1,500 feet high. 110 floors.
Note the massive core. Mr Bush's 9/11 Commission Report reads: "The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft..." 
As you can see that is a blatant lie.

The core of each tower was not  "a hollow steel shaft" but "Forty-seven immensely strong towering steel support columns."
The towers forty-seven-steel-core-supporting-columns and the outer steel walls were purposely over-designed to withstand the unlikely event of a protracted Category 4 Hurricane.

There is no way an aluminum 767 jet hitting the outer steel wall between the 93rd & 97th floor could lead to the explosions that turned the tower into dust. 
Colossal buildings containing 500,000,000 tons of steel and concrete are NOT turned to dust by an aluminum jetliner. Nothing other than high energy beams and hundreds of precision explosions, pulverizing both steel and concrete, could have created the dust you see below.


World Trade Center Stats:
200,000 tons of steel
425,000 cubic yards of concrete
43,600 windows
12,000 miles of electric cables
Had its own zip code, 10048

Each Tower:  Had 110 floors
208 ft by 208 ft at base
Weighed approximately 500,000 tons
1,368 ft high (north tower)
1,362 ft high (south tower)
Contained 198 miles of heating ducts

97 elevators for passengers, 6 for freight.

The 9/11 Commission Report repeated Mr Bush's Fairy Tale that the Twin Towers "pan-caked." In writing-up this criminal invention the commissioner's committed Treason by ignoring the massive main-supporting-steel-cores of the towers.

Nearly six years after 9/11. June 30, 2007 two suicide bombers drove a burning Cherokee Jeep at the Arrival Hall doors at Glasgow Airport. Proving, yet again, there never will be a gang of suicide bombers capable of putting together anything like the meticulous assault on Manhattan that created the unprecedented dust above.
No gang of suicidal martyrs will ever get the tens of billions Black Budget necessary to develop high energy beam technology. No gang of suicidal martyrs will ever be capable of suspending, blocking or miss-directing the multi-Trillion-Dollar American Air Defense System.
Only the President of America can arrange that.

Veteran Reporter Barry Zwicker Sums up 9/11   
"That morning no fighter interceptors responded to the highest possible National Alert Situation. This includes the Pentagon's own Andrews squadrons. What more do you need to know?"

 above  Andrews. Home of Air Force One 

Real & Present Danger

 In the Real World no group of suicidal terrorists will never be able to shut down American air defence signals. The attacks on 9/11 could only be made possible by Presidential Orders. The real and present danger to America is a nuclear suitcase bomb detonated near a nuclear power plant. This could easily be put together by the ever growing al Qaeda/Taliban gang - who were wrongly blamed for 9/11.
A nuclear hit will be far easier than the convoluted logistics Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Myers put together for Mr Bush's 9/11.  

A person fit to be called President of America would order all US power companies to phase out nuclear power plants (read Targets of Mass Destruction) and build safe, solar, wind and sea power-systems to make America safer. This would also eliminate any need for occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. George W. Bush had plans for One Hundred more hideously expensive Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction! Bush gave $13 BILLION TAX DOLLARS to his business partners in nuclear power plant construction. Barack Obama has temporarily put the "nuclear new build" plan on hold.
July 13th, 2009 - WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, today unveiled a blueprint for building 100 new nuclear power plants in 20 years.  Senator Alexander is a long time member of the Nuclear Nutters Club.

When it comes to caring about America nobody has ever cared less than those who want to build more American Chernobyl's.

  Jersey Girl:   Where was Cheney on 9/11?



Smoke & Mirror's
Hitting The Towers


Some aircraft, like Raytheonís Global Hawk, can safely take-off, fly 7,000 miles and safely land without a pilot. They land as piloted aircraft do - by homing in on a series of signals. If those signals are coming from a skyscraper. That's where the aircraft will go, be it a 100 ton 767 or a one-ton plastic-look-alike.

Jon Carlson
 "Instrumentation packages added to aircraft to take over automatic flight control are old hat... I took the first digital system to the field in 1969."  http://home.att.net/~carlson.jon/

To ensure accuracy the aircraft has pairs of receivers and antennas tuned to the homing signal which is  transmitted over 15,000 times per second!
 http://www.dtccom.com/uav-uvg-and-robots.html  A highly evolved autopilot      


   www.rense.com/   The photo above shows the receiver and associated electronics required to override and replace both, manual control and the Automatic Pilot. The two blade antenna (circled in yellow) are VHF antennas used to control the replacement autopilot package.   http://home.att.net/~carlson.jon/    carlson.jon@att.net  


No gang of suicidal martyrs will ever be capable of blocking or miss-directing the multi-Trillion-Dollar American Air Defense System. Only the President of America can arrange that.

George Bush

Comparing Dubya Bush to Adolf Hitler is a grave insult to Hitler. Hitler won the Iron Cross twice. Hitler was legally voted into office. Hitler had an IQ far higher than average. Dubya hasn't even got an IQ. Dubya refused to serve in Vietnam and then Deserted from the funk hole his Daddy found him in the Texas Guard. Dubya's pals installed him in the White House by bribing Supreme Court judges and fixing the voting machines.
Do you know anyone, over the age of four, who could support a President who planned to build One Hundred Nuclear Power Stations cum Targets of Mass Destruction across North America while warning of dastardly terrorist attacks every five bloody minutes!?
Do not click on the red link below if you are a Bush Family - Royal Family supporter, or in any other way mentally retarded and unable to face the truth. 

Endgame - Far Worse Than Hitler's Final Solution

Ex CIA officials call for a proper investigation into 9/11  

William Christison, 29-year-CIA veteran.

Christison became the "All Mighty" Director of Regional and Political Analysis. In this demanding office he supervised two-hundred worldwide intelligence gatherers.

Disgusted by the 2004, 9/11 Commission Report he began his own investigation and recently concluded;  'an airliner did not hit The Pentagon. The Twin Towers did not fall to earth because aircraft hit them. The White House story of what happened on 9/11 can only be a monstrous series of lies.'

As stated in Flight Magazine; any licensed aircraft engineer will tell you a 757 can NOT fly at high speeds in heavy air. The density of the air below 5,000 feet would immediately over-heat and shatter both of the six-ton-jet-engines.
A 100 ton 757 moving down the runway at 200 miles-per-hour (mph) is forced off the ground by the air cushion created by weight and speed.

If by some miracle a 757 could reach top speeds in heavy air, without blowing its engines to pieces.
The air cushion created by a 757 moving at 500 mph would force the aircraft to stay at 60 feet above ground level. So how come we were told a 100 ton 757 hit the Pentagon ground floor at 530 mph? Can YOU see it?

Aided by two fellow office workers Army Specialist April Gallop walked out barefoot on to this lawn after the first explosion that caused the hole she walked through. One of the guys helping her then walked back through the hole to help others out. Yet Mr Bush sayís a one-hundred-ton 757 Jetliner was in the process of burning itself into untraceable cinders at the time. Fifteen seconds into this Link April speaks of the explosion that she would later be told (by CIA spooks) was a plane crash. A totally false statement that April refused to repeat. You will then hear the Bush paid liar Jamie McIntyre contradict his original (on air) statement from the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11. April then explains her morning before the explosion that wrecked her office and why she refuses to tell the unholy lie that a passenger jet hit the Pentagon.



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