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General Betrayus: Pay The Enemy


  9/11 Refs

  The Message Is In The Media.   "I'm in a bloody rage at these secret societies."  Marshall McLuhan.  

The late great Marshall McLuhan studied members of centuries old secret societies, including Masonry and Popery. He was enraged to find members of these societies at the highest levels of government. 

Smiling Assassins

 Mass Murder explained in Ten Minutes


 Last Tango In Baghdad   Bedtime Story

9/11: The Trial     How Bush Did it!

An Inside Job? How Dare You!
What The Private Pilot Saw  
The Queen's Gestapo NoBrain McCain
Why Bush Got Away with 9/11

Privacy? What Privacy?

Obama's Welfare to No Work Plan
 EU: Overture & Beginners

EU: Hell In A Handcart 

Know Them By Their Fruits

If this is "Change" I'm a Banana

 The Bush Inheritance  

Mandy: Globalist Queen  

USA-UK Going Down Slow

Prince Charlie's Hero  Flight 77

 Queen Lizzy's Profits Rouge Traders

The Real History Of England

What Do Popes Do? The Rapture

"Life" in the Queen's Army

Obama & Beyond Obama

The Royal Gift 

Why Is The BBC Still Lying?

Clean & Fast  Blair: Hirst's Skull Model

Wall Street: Dirty Business As Usual

The President Of 9/11

The Real John McCain

 Cold War 2 & BBC "reporters"  

  Palin: Not Wanted On Voyage

Alex Jones: Air-brushed by Media

Royal Puffta: Outed In Aus 

Google Lose Rights To Your Privacy!

BAE & The Flying Saucer Man

New War's For Old: South Ossetia

Schoolgirl thanks Russia for saving her from Georgian troops

Banking For Beginners

The Smog Games Queen Liz's Way

July 20, 2008. Jack Blood Connects Okalahoma to 9/11  

9/11 & The Empire State Crash  

Bush Story  The Queen's Gratitude Message

Budding Politicians  How to Lie

Bilderberg Thugs: Annual Moot  

Why Bowie Fears Americans Deadly Cousins  Bad Money
Lizzy & The Frog   9/11: How Bush Did it! 

A mind is a terrible thing to waste - Use it!



Impeachment Is Not Off The Table

 The Kucinich Impeachment Speech and the 35 Articles in Full ...


 Without Precedent  It’s out! Straight from the horses mouth.
The 9/11 Commission was a complete fraud.
Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton the chair and vice chair of the 9/11 Commission, state in their book
Without Precedent the commission was “set up to fail.” 
Without Precedent from Amazon.com


Sorry. There were NO Phone Calls

No Call Home and Paul Thompson's The Terror Timeline,  page 404. 

Complete 911 Timeline

Bush Crony Myers 
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Board of Directors   Northrop Grumman,

Rice Lies - White House, 5/16/2002

 1999 - 2001: NORAD Exercise Simulates Crashes into the World Trade Center     USA Today,  4/18/2004; CNN, 4/19/2004 Before September 11, 2001  


  9/11 News Videos Were All Fake

The media cover-up of 9/11 and the maintenance of all the bleeding obvious lies is a bipartisan effort. Democrats in Congress have refused to demand the truth because they know the truth about 9/11 will see 80% of Congress and Senate members jailed for gross neglect of duty. If not as treasonous accomplices of George W Bush. 

  9/11 News Videos Were All Fake


                     "Full Control of Any & All Computers"
The Bush Gang responsible for murdering 3,000 US Citizens on 9/11 are now openly bragging of their Cyber capabilities.  "Cyber favors the offense," said a special assistant to the Air Force Chief of Staff who previously headed up the service's Cyberspace Task Force.



Baltimore Sun: US terror plan 

Way Back in 1962 the Pentagon Was Planning on Blowing up Airlines, Sinking Ships and Bombing Washington. The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Documents Stated That Casualty Lists, Dead Americans, Would Be Helpful in Newspapers for a Wave of Indignation. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Jan 2005 Tens of thousands protest Bush inauguration in Washington


A former Boston Center air traffic controller Robin Hordon states. The Pentagon tracked three of the four alleged hijacks to their targets. Air traffic controllers have been silenced to protect the Bush Gang. Interview with former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller  (Google video).   

將影片新增至 [快速清單]

911 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste stated.
 "This is not an investigation."

Jerry Pippin

將影片新增至 [快速清單]

9/11: 1,400 VEHICLES MELTED!
What kind of weird weapon melts cars, trucks, buses and drivers?

911: The Birth of TREASON


   Pentagon Drills:  October 24 and 28, 2000     Military Holds Exercise to a Plane Crash at the Pentagon. Pentagon and Arlington County emergency responders assemble in the office of the Secretary of Defense for a mass casualty exercise. Involving three mock-scenarios. One is of a commercial airliner crashing into the Pentagon and killing 342 people. 

June 16, 2001: Major Simulated Terrorist Attack Exercise is Held in Pennsylvania

May 2001: Medics Train for Airplane Hitting Pentagon.

1999 - 2001: NORAD Practices Live-Fly Mock Shoot down of a Poison-Filled Jet.  NORAD fighters perform a mock shoot down over the Atlantic Ocean of a jet loaded with chemical poisons heading toward the US.  
USA Today, 4/18/2004   CNN, 4/19/2004

Director of the FBI until June 2001, Louis Freeh stated:
 ' In 2000 & 2001. The use of airplanes, either packed with explosives or otherwise, in suicide missions was part of the planning.' 
US Congress,
  United States Secret Service,  4/13/2004

 2000-2001: ‘Planes as Weapons’ and ‘Simulated Attacks’ Part of Security Planning for Major Events in the US.  

Automated systems are advanced enough to bring a hijacked airplane home. By A. Staats. Published Feb.1998     I. Introduction   II. How the system works  III. The bottom line        IV. History on remote control  V. Progress   VI. A highly evolved autopilot     VII. Sources    BBC News - US denies spy plane deal 

PENTAGON HOAX  French say NO 757 hit the Pentagon, the US military bombed themselves. Sacre Bleu! 

Complete 911 Timeline

Whistleblowers: September 2007

將影片新增至 [快速清單]Pentagon Lies to 9-11 Commission

Cynthia McKinney confronts Richard Myers on 9/11 issues

December 2006

 Air Traffic Controller: 9/11 was an inside job

more Whistleblowers

Root Of All Evil

When Oil is sold in Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Dollar notes, the buyer first has to buy dollar bills from the FRB. Profit from the sale of the dollar bills goes directly to the owners of the FRB, the U.S. public gains absolutely nothing. When Saddam Hussein started selling his oil in Euro's instead of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank's Dollar notes, Federal Reserve Bank lost billions of dollars in profits. Rothschild's are the largest shareholder in the FRB.
Evil Roots 

Student Protesting Warmonger Bush 2003

Neutron Dance - Pointer Sisters

Bilderberg Piss-Up

June 2007. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, daughter of Prince Bernhard (one of the Nazi Bilderberg founders) the King of Spain and the mass murderer Henry Kissinger met to pool their resources in pursuit of global Slave Labour and the installation of some retard like George W. Bush as their World President. This has been another excellent year for the warmongering Bilderbergers. Their Blackwater army of Robothugs now outnumbers official USA troops in Iraq. Blackwater have committed countless murders which never reach Fox, ABC, CBS, BBC or any other so-called News reporting channel. What Blackwater are doing in Baghdad today will serve as the blueprint for their control of American cities after Bush, Kissinger and their Nazi cronies have committed their next 9/11 and Martial Law is declared.

World Bank President Wolfowitz Goes Bilderberger by CENGIZ CANDAR

Making a Killing: Halliburton / Bechtel War ScamsL

Bilderberg 2007 - Final Report by DANIEL ESTULIN

Still 'Secret': Bilderberg Conspiracy 2007 by DANIEL ESTULIN

US Terrorism: Halliburton in Bed with Iran b

Bilderberg Conspiracy: Global Crime Cartel Meeting by URI DOWBENKO

Crimes of Halliburton: Fraud, Fraud & More Fraud by BOB CHAPMAN

See Dick (Cheney, KBR-Halliburton) Loot Iraq by DAHR JAMAIL

A Gutless, Draft-Dodging Coward Named Dick Cheney by

Cheney's Halliburton Stock Options Rise 3,281% by CONSPIRACY PLANET


http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-925270800873130790  Cheney  

Traffic stops to see Pentagon fire   




  Loose Change 2nd Edition    911 Birth Of Treason.avi  


將影片新增至 [快速清單]



George W. Bush President?






Lie by Lie    Cost of Bush's Iraq   Click here




Prince Harry has caused outrage after pictures of him dressed as a British soldier emerged last night.

In the photos, he is seen wearing a British Army uniform and even giving a British Army salute! Buckingham Palace issued the following bulletin:
The peasants must not criticize Prince Harry. Like all royals Prince Harry is bisexual and likes nothing better than playing soldiers-in-skirts with Prince Phillip, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince Charles and their Arab friends. Prince Harry is also a born coward who needs to be surrounded by twenty SAS bodyguards before he throws a drunken punch at a photographer. Like the rest of the royal family Prince Harry is pre-programmed to spend his entire life stumbling from one palace-piss-up to the next surrounded by armed bodyguards. All of which the peasants will pay for.'  
Harry's father, another cross-dresser known as Captain Jane Hewitt, refused to comment on the uniform incident.  More Information: THRONEOUT



And Pelosi Is Off Her Tits!

  Rudy for Presrudy-giuliani_in_drag.jpgident

The second most powerful person in America, Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed America is now run by the sickest gang of perverts ever gathered in one place on the same planet. Pelosi has decided Impeachment, for 9/11 and Iraq is not on the table!? No wonder that repulsive little shit Rudy thinks she could be President. 


 Gonzales firings 
Witness says 20 - 30 pedophile legislators abducted children 
Photographer tied to Bush child sex-ring arrested after Thompson suicide



 Daddy Bush & The Call Boy Cover-Up



Harper’s - Sex and the CIA




How Little Bush started his war for Bush Family Profit
Loose Change - 2nd Edition  (Courtesy of Google Video)
Loose Change - 2nd Edition   (Courtesy of DivX Stage 6) 


 CIA & 9-11 Reichstag Fire

 Webster Tarpley on Synthetic Terrorism

911/4flights.html  George Nelson. 

Fire Engineering. Jan. 02  
and   Madrid Skyscraper Fire


From  Politics in the Zeros  solar power   water power   wave power   wind turbines                Queen Shoots Duck    

  Blair: Nuclear poison stations 'must be on agenda'


The Worst President in the History of Presidents

video_wmv Download (7224) | Play (7353)  video_mov Download (3046) | Play (4597)
MSNBC's  Keith Olbermann  takes a look back at all the "progress" Bush has cited over the past four years.


Bush screams at staffers in fits of anger

           Don't Mention 9/11!

ABC Sacks Rosie O'Donnell for Telling The Truth




April 2007 Mass Murderer Bush Boogies while Iraq Burns  

Two million have fled Bush Gang's Iraq


bush-boogies.jpg 50,000 Iraqis flee their homes Every Month!   

Killed in Iraq since March 2003  Iraqis   US troops    British troops

650,000 Iraqi Dead    
BBC Report    The Lancet  

video_wmv Download (2757) | Play (3142)

 video_mov Download (1448) | Play (2005)

    US and UK hidden costs of war

How jets break-up  Video 1  Video 2 Video 3 Video 4   


 Bush Gang Update http://www.bushbusiness.com/

7-7  Survivor Contradicts Official Story

Videos of Eyewitness to Demolitions  

Blair to Join Carlyle  http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk</ june 2005 

9/11 Hijacker's named by the FBI are alive and well.  
 C. J. Petherick - American Free Press

Mr Meacher's measured language "The war on terror is bogus."  
Michael Meacher, MP.

Explosives Planted In Towers, N.M. Tech Expert . 2006-07-28.

Forget the Bush Bullshit. Watch This.  

http://www.apfn.org/Movies/griffin_madison_full_25.wmv  - 81 min.

Click here for 9/11 Lifting the fog  www.911truestory.com   


Patriot  Act  December 6, 2005   

 The  WTC      http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/index.jsp    

09.07.2006   Randi Rhodes Cuts the Crap
... HOUR TWO GUEST: Renowned 9/11 researcher Paul Thompson will join Randi in-studio for the hour to cut through the crap
... HOUR ONE GUEST – Paul Thompson on ABC’s “Path to 9/11”

video of base explosion  

Flight 11 No such flight on the day 

ABC's 9/11 Equivalent of the Swift Boat Liars - Flops
Only 12% of last night's viewers tuned into ABC's Bush propaganda film The Path to 9/11 yet complaints flooded in.
100,000 complain


Nuclear New Build?

Chernobyl's poisoned back-yard the size of Wales

more  & P38    also see  Paul Flynn, Michael Meacher, Chris Mullen, Sir Robert Smith and  Paul Challon.  Hansard, UK Energy  Jan 10 2008.  and  The nuclear drain  & (dishonest) http://www.areva.com/servlet/cp_


Bush Torture Taxi crashes with


Dudya's Delivery Delayed 



 The Nazi NATOConnection

In 1946 the Queen Mum sent the spy Anthony Blunt to Germany to bury the evidence proving Hitler had enjoyed a decade of royal support. Blunt did a good job. ROyal Support.  The royals cousins the Bush family failed to hide their deals with Hitler. President Bush is presently being sued by two Holocaust survivors, Kurt Goldstein and Peter Gingold, over Grandpa Bush’s profits from Hitler's Slave Labour.  Bush Family Helped Hitler Rise to Power.   http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1312540,00.html     

Where Has All The Money Gone?

         Ed Harriman follows the auditors into Iraq.

The authority in Erbil in northern Iraq handed over $1.5 BILLION in cash to a local courier. The money, in $100 bills, shrink-wrapped on pallets, which filled three Blackhawk helicopters, came from oil sales under the UN’s Oil for Food Programme, was entrusted by the UN Security Council to the Americans to be spent on behalf of the Iraqi people...  Paul Bremer, the American pro-consul in Baghdad kept a slush fund of nearly $600 Million in cash for which there is no paper-work!  LRB | Vol. 27 No. 13 dated 7 July 2005 | Ed Harriman   

Queen Lizzy's End Game

As the Queen told her passing prime mouthpiece Maggie Thatcher.
"Public Service's are not required in a nuclear desert. Flog it. Gas, water, the national grid. Anything the ratepayers and taxpayers have paid for we can steal by the stroke of my pen. The peasants must be kept in their place. The poorer they are the less danger they are to me. Make certain their kids never get a proper education by jamming forty into each classroom with an untrained teacher. The last thing you must give the peasants is education. You'll see what I mean after the lid comes off Sellafield. When that happens. You and I must make certain we are ten-thousand-miles-away when the peasants wake-up to reality and see how we robbed them blind."


Throughout WW2 a company of Grenadier Guards and two Troops of Armoured Car shadowed the royals. Ready to speed them to their escape planes the moment an invasion was confirmed. Anyone who got in the way would have been shot.
As you read this. Helicopters are standing by. Ready to lift the royals to the nearest ‘clean’ airstrip the moment Murphy's Law blows the lid off Sellafield or Sizewell B. USAF jets will fly the family to safe islands in the Pacific.  Anyone who gets in the way will be shot.
Taking oil and nuclear profiteers out of the loop, by developing sea & solar power. Is the only way forward. The first step towards a safer world will not be made by greed-stricken inbreds like Snotty Liz and Dubya Bush. They Are The Problem.        

Lizzy's Plans For Harry 
Diana’s youngest, Harry, is an acute embarrassment in royal circles.  Granny will probably have him blown to bits at 50,000 feet over the ocean. Which would have been Diana’s fate had she not died in Paris.
The last thing Lizard Lizzy wanted for the Peoples Princess was the dignity of a funeral. Lizzy wanted Diana blown to bits, char-grilled, stir-fried and fed to the sharks in succulent lumps.   se



"A hundred thousand people don't take to the streets
unless something has seized their hearts and minds."
Jacques Chirac



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