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Nuclear Power? Fukishima Off

December 15th 2014. Fukishima

Massive release of Fukushima radioactive waste being planned. 
 Government Official: 'I was overwhelmed by amount of contaminated  water from reactors, we must dump it into ocean!'   (VIDEO)  Thus Far: Over one million people have died from nuclear poison released from Chernobyl. Fukushima released ten times more nuclear poison than Chernobyl...

December 4th 2014, Port of Vladivostok 
Radioactive tyres from Japan confiscated: “Unsafe to bring into Russia... Emitting excess levels of gamma and beta rays”... 
“There’s a good chance the radioactive tyres are a result of the Fukushima accident,” said Ivan Skogorev, a safety inspector.
Unlike Britain and American, Russia ordered extra radiation checks after the Fukishima meltdown. So far millions of tons of Japanese cars, industrial plant, white goods and food products have been refused entry into Russia and sent back to their home ports. To stop journalists and the Japanese people reporting the ongoing nightmare (nuclear waste spreading in the tap water supply) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe introduced a Nuclear Secrets Law. Anyone posting or tweeting the truth is now (14/12/2014) liable to be sentenced to 10 years in prison.



UKIP: No Joke


UKIP leader Nigel Farage is heading for next May’s General Election with a good chance of changing British voters 'Upstairs Downstairs' attitudes for good.

All he has to do is keep quite!    

As the General Election looms, Farage can let the three main parties knee-jerk each-other to death regurgitating the same old 'we know what's best for Britain' claptrap.

UKIP's common sense arguments are far more relevant to British voters than Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem proven, blatant bloody lies.

UKIP’s victory in the Clacton by-election and their near victory in Heywood and Middleton show that not every voter is as brainwashed as Cameron, Clegg and Miliband believe.

The Tory 'leader' is about to steal another £1.7 Billion from our essential services and give it to Brussels. So why waste your vote on the Tory, Labour and Lib-Dems who created the EU Parliament to line their own pockets.

Rochester and Strood by-election   Another win for common sense.


Laughable Lack of Opposition

November 11th 2014. The Liar King  a.k.a. Tony Blair, endorsed Ed Miliband’s 'leadership' of the Labour Party. Blair's endorsement means Miliband can expect to be replaced before - rather than after - next May’s General Election.

Liberal Democrat  ‘leader’ Nick Clegg has proved his party is as relevant to the needs of British voters as a one-legged-man at an arse kicking party.
The sole reason Clegg is in Parliament is to keep the foreign bankers puppet David Cameron in office. Which makes Clegg doubly useless to British voters.

From his first day as Prime Minister
(11th May 2010) David Cameron has refused to address the diabolical-mess the main parties have made of our EU membership. He has also done absolutely nothing to stop cheap labour flooding into Britain.
Cameron does not represent 99% the British people. He works for the
Queen - the richest criminal bitch in the land and - of course - her criminal European cousins. All of who made their multi-billion-fortunes out of slave/cheap labour.
Who can deny mass immigration is the best way to Divide and Rule?
A single currency suits the royal business plan.  Were it not for the surprising amount of Euro sceptics within the Tory Party the Queen would have signed Britain into the Euro six years ago.

EU Thieves Kitchen 2014

For the 19th time in 19 years

The European Court of Auditors

Have failed to balance the EU Books

This years audit found “around £7 Billion” of EU taxpayers' money has gone missing. No doubt it found its way into the same tax haven bank accounts that received a similar amount of stolen taxpayers money last year. The Tory leader, the Queen's Chief EU Thief, David Cameron is about to steal another £1.7 Billion from our essential services and give it to Brussels – to distribute into the EU Thieves bank accounts. Only UKIP have the will to stop this disgusting theft.
So why waste your vote on
Tory, Labour and Lib-Dems tosspots who created the EU Mafia for no other reason than lining their own pockets.

Royal Cyber Spies: Details Leaked

July 2014 Her Majesties finest hackers employed at GCHQ have been exposed in classified documents supplied by former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden.

The latest leaked documents list comprehensive-sweeping-cyber-techniques that only governments can employ - at horrendous expense to the taxpayer.

Among other things. GCHQ operators' use their state-of-the-art hacking programs to alter the outcome of online polls! And to catalogue Facebook photos tin order to match Facebook users with Her Majesties other data base's. The Queens hackers also create virus's to seek and destroy computers belonging to people who complain about the Queen's bankers and politicians who steal billions with the Queen's consent.

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who published this latest leaks, noted in his article that an earlier inquiry by the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee had called into question the "legality, necessity and proportionality" of the data-collection activities of GCHQ - and the NSA for which Mr Snowden worked.

Greenwald also highlighted that the article's publication coincided with the start of a legal challenge brought by Privacy International, Liberty and other civil rights groups that claimed the UK's security agencies had acted unlawfully.

above. Her Majesties Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is the Queen's information store. Everything from your Birth Certificate to your last phone call and text message can be accessed from here.

GCHQ was built to defend the Queen's Realm - which is presently
run by a gang of Eton bum-boys led by the Queen's cousin Doris Cameron.

To suit the Queen's nuclear investments the Queens cousin,
 Doris Cameron, No 2. will build her more Chernobyl's on your doorste

The Bullingdon Club

The Bullingdon Nancy boys idea of a good night-out is to book a restaurant or a private room at a pub. Get pissed and throw the furniture through the windows.  When Bullingdon Nancy boys are arrested their Daddies bail them out and pay for the damage. It should come as no surprise that Nancy boy No 2  became the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece.

 "Just good friends" Bully Bum Boys Boris & Doris






April 24, 2014.

On behalf of the 1% of the richest 1% Obama was assuring the Japanese leader the radiation from Fukushima killing Americans via the Pacific Ocean food chain would never be reported by the American Media.

right.  President Barack Obama shakes hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe following a meeting of rich thugs at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo on April 24, 2014.











Remember, Remember the Eleventh of September 


 above: Tower 7, being demolished hours after The Twin Towers,
below, suffered the same fate.  New York 9/11 2001.

9/11 Demolition method used in Germany: Feb. 2nd, 2014

 A three-hundred-and-eighty-foot tower is blasted into dust.
Frankfurt Germany, February 2nd, 2014.
(AFP Photo / Frank Rumpenhorst)
Thousands crammed the surrounding area to watch a mini version
of what had happened to WTC 1, 2 and 7. 
Nobody over the age of 10 can still believe the official story of 9/11.





What The Bloody Hell Is It For?

Twelve years ago Field Marshall Lord Carver asked Her Majesty's Government. "Trident, what the bloody hell is it for?"  Answer came there none. The silence stems from the fact that Her Majesty The Queen is the main shareholder in all the companies involved in building and supplying this bloody useless relic.  Royal War Profits

                         Nuclear Lizzy's Progress

October 2013: Her Majesty The Queen chose a French nuclear waste producer (EDF) to build another nuclear terrorist target at Hinkley Point, Somerset, Eng

The Queen will sign this obscene deal into Law guaranteeing EDF twice the current market price for electricity it generates from the new reactor. This will push your electricity bills far-far higher than anyone in Her Majesties Cabinet of proven liars are forecasting now.

EDF and the Queen's Prime Mouthpiece, Doris Cameron, are forecasting the new Nuclear Target Of Mass Destruction at Hinkley Point will cost between £13 - £16 bn. Like every other new nuclear build " this figure will treble by the time it is built.  
Even an inbred moron like the Queen's cousin, Doris Cameron should know every "new nuclear build" in this country has been a total waste of taxpayers money. Take the case of advanced gas reactor at Dungeness in Kent, In 1965 we were told in would cost £90 million and would be on stream in 1970. It actually cost the taxpayer four times the original estimate and came on stream thirteen years late in 1983!
The Finnish taxpayer is presently being mugged in the same way.
see below

             The Finnish Folly
The French nuclear outfit Areva say they will complete the nuclear reactor, at Olkiluoto in Finland, left, despite Health and Safety inspectors finding over 3,000 construction faults - including fatal flaws in the welding! 



Ordered in December 2003, for "the final price of €3.5bn." the Finnish folly has suffered the usual setbacks associated with building nuclear doomsday machines.

In 2009 the Finnish Parliament reported the Olkiluoto reactor would be three years late and would cost at least twice the original "final price."
Oras Tynkynnen, of the Prime Minister’s office, stated. "Nuclear power has failed to deliver. It has turned out to be a costly gamble for Finland and for the planet."

October 2013: Finnish nuclear folly nowhere near completion 

So far Olkiluoto has cost over € It should have opened in 2009. That was changed to 2012. One year later it is still nowhere near ready! At least another € will be spent before it produces any electricity.
At that stage it could suffer a mechanical fault like the new reactor at Three Mile Island, which was three-month-old when it had to be written-off due to a partial melt down... Or it could suffer from human error and blow-up like Chernobyl.
Chernobyl's nuclear poison wrote-off thousands of square miles of surrounding farmland causing the forced evacuation of that land and countless early deaths from everlasting nuclear poison. Or like Fukushima it could be opened-up by extreme weather conditions.  Fukushima is still spewing its everlasting poison out into the air and sea.

As far back as 1985 Forbes magazine described the failed nuclear power industry as "the greatest managerial disaster in business history." Managers blame the workers but managers and workers have no part to play in the nuclear charade. Nuclear reactors are built on the direct orders of the person in charge of the government.
Only Heads of State can access the horrendous amounts of money needed to finance the insane production of ever lasting, fatal, nuclear waste - that no decent person  would sanction in the first place. Chernobly Today  


The Queen's Dictatorship

You may remember the Queen's
ex Prime Mouthpiece Tony Blair.
His catch phase was "Education, Education, Education". And we all know what happened to that fairy tale... Recently Blair told the BBC:  "Once you pull the lid of these repressive dictatorships, what comes out is a lot of religious, ethnic and tribal influences that need to be compatible for the modern world". Blair omitted to say spineless cretins like himself and the Queen's present Prime Mouthpiece - her pathetic cousin - Doris Cameron are employed by the Queen to keep these religious, ethnic and tribal gates of hate wide open to ensure to the poor get poorer. 


Crown Licensed Thieves Kitchen

September 2014
Last year the bill for Her Majesties Crown Licensed Thieves expenses
reached record levels as MP's put their cronies on the public payroll.

Her Majesties Thieves travel, staff, stationary and accommodation cost the taxpayer £M104 last year, up from £M99 the previous year and £M95 in 2009. 
After the “Duck Pond Parliament” expenses scandal in 2009, the Committee on Standards In Public Life (like the Jimmy Saville Inquiry) has followed Her Majesties orders to shut-the-fuck-up.
From September 2014 Crown Licensed Thieves will get a 10% pay rise.
The Queen encourages her Crown Licensed Thieves to employ “family members” on salaries of up to £50,000 a year e.g.  Laurence Robertson, the Queen's Thief  for Tewkesbury, employs his wife and his ex-wife...


Safe In Our Hands: Queen Flogs The National Health Service

Final Agenda

To Destroy

The NHS Published

By Julie Hyland March 2013



Plans for the wholesale privatisation of the NHS have now been laid bare in Statutory Regulations published by the Department of Health.
The regulations, currently going through Her Majesties House of Lords, relate to the Health and Social Care Act that came into force last year.
The Act set out the largest reorganisation of the NHS in its history. The new regulations mean all contracts must be determined by market forces.

Sue Richards, from the Keep Our NHS Public campaign, explained the regulations bring the NHS under European Competition Law, making it prohibitive to remove ‘business opportunities’ for private companies.

At the end of this month, hundreds of Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities will be abolished and handed over to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) these profit motivated management groups that will control £60 Billion of health spending. Thousands of NHS staff will lose their jobs under the move.

The Section 75 regulation sets out the rules to be applied to (CCGs). Under the guidelines it will be common practice for CCG's to outsource to the nefarious private health sector. This led to a barrage of complaints that Her Majesties Government had broken its promises.
With just weeks until the regulations become law more than 1,000 NHS doctors have written to the Daily Telegraph condemning the legislation. They urged parliamentarians to force an emergency debate and vote on privatising the NHS for corporate profit.
The NHS doctors are being studiously ignored by Her Majesties Ministers.

Writing in the Guardian, Dr. Clive Peedell said that regulations will also make it easier for staff to be transferred over to the private sector—“a huge bonus, given that 65 percent of health care expenditure is related to staff costs. The Treasury has agreed to underwrite the pensions of NHS staff who transfer to the private sector — effectively a subsidy from the taxpayer. In addition to the de facto subsidy that exists when experienced NHS staff, trained at NHS expense, move to the private sector.”

A letter to Health Minister Lord Howe from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, leaked to the Observer, also accused the government of reneging on its pledges. Academy chairman Professor Terence Stephenson expressed the academy’s concern at the introduction of unnecessary competition having adverse effects on patient services.

The new legislation will end any legal obligations for State Health Care. The 1946 legislation, that founded the NHS, "to provide health care, free at the point of use". Will be scrapped.

Clause 12 of the new legislation states that Her Majesties Government, via Her Majesties Secretary of State for Health, no longer has a legal “duty to provide” a comprehensive health service. In short; health care will be delivered on a profit making basis to those who can afford it.

Destruction of the NHS has long been the Queen's ambition.
Last year entire hospitals were taken over by private companies.
Her Majesties latest legislation will make health care a wholly “for profit” entity.

The statutory regulations have let the cat out of the bag. Her Majesty and her Members of Parliament intend to dismantle all the social gains won by working people. That has been spelt out in the All-Party defence of NHS chief executive David Nicholson.

Nicholson was responsible for the Mid Staffs NHS Trust, during the period in which up to 1,200 patients are estimated to have died of the poor care they received at Stafford hospital. A public inquiry established that many died as the result of negligence, with patients left without pain relief, food and drinks, going unwashed for weeks at a time and left in soiled conditions for hours.

Relatives of those who died have demanded Nicholson’s resignation, but at his appearance before the Commons health committee, the chief executive denied any responsibility. Claiming that he had “no idea” as to what was happening at Stafford hospital. Nicholson’s main concern is obviously profit first people last.
Nicholson has been involved in the steady marketisation of the NHS since the Thatcher Safe in Our hands government in the 1980s and throughout the following excuses for government. He is now tasked with the final destruction of your NHS.            
Private Health "Care"


Questions in Her Majesty’s House of Lords, March 2013

Asked by Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer

To ask Her Majesty's Government, "whether they sent a delegate to the conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons in Oslo on 4 and 5 March... "

Baroness Warsi, Her Majesty’s Senior Minister of State replied.

 "After careful consideration, the Government decided not to send a representative to the conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons in Oslo".

In the event of a nuclear disaster The Queen her family and her
senior ministers will be flown out of this country to a place of safety.
Why should they give a flying fuck what happens to you and yours?


Chernobyl Today




 previously on sxolsout - Trident What the bloody hell is it for? 

Your Reward for Voting
in General Elections

Sixty million British subjects live in twenty-four-million dwellings.
These twenty-four-million dwelling's sit on 7.7% of UK land.
The Queen and her Establishment - own around two thirds of the UK.
This means around 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population.

Every British home pays £550 per year on average in council taxes while each landowning home receives £12,169 per year in criminally contrived EU hand-outs! By signing Britain into the Common Market (EU) the Queen made sure the middle class and the poor could always be systematically robbed by the obscenely rich.

Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of £37 Billion. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by “aristocrats” which means none of it on the land registry! This land is a small part of subsidized rural estates held by offshore “trusts” and “companies.” These outfits pay no tax due to Her Majesty's
contrived tax loopholes for the rich and worthless i.e. totally pointless shits like herself.

The royals and their pals measure their land by the square mile whereas the Queen’s subjects survive in an average of around 300 square yards per family.

Instead of closing the House of Lords. Sixty-six of the Queen’s placemen (hereditary peers) were removed. The total wealth of these sixty-six born parasites is estimated at £16 Billion. The House of Lords still exists for the Queen's non-hereditary placemen to continue dividing and ruling the population to suit the parasitic Queen.

Britain's top twenty landowning families own an area big enough to swallow up the entire counties of Bedfordshire, Essex and Kent - and then some. All the above facts about the Queen's Banana Republic are referenced up to the hilt at




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