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The other old Queen in love with the EU

Minutes after Leila Deen threw a pint or so of green custard into the face of the Queen’s Business Secretary, the BBC received an email with a marriage proposal for her :) Likewise over at ITV and Sky News members of the public were busy e-mailing their heartfelt  support and admiration for the girl who said what needs to be said about this mega-slimy-criminal-pervert who should never have any part to play in government.    topTh

Twice sacked old queen returns on royal

In 1998 the British public demanded Mandelson’s removal from Her Majesty's Government after the Guardian reported Mandy had broken all Parliamentary rules by receiving an undeclared loan of £373,000 from another Blair insider Geoffrey Robinson.
Two years later, surprisingly, Mandy was back in Queen Lizzy's cabinet...  2001.
Mandy was then accused of fiddling passport applications to favour foreign billionaires.
Before the true extent of Mandy's involvement was uncovered he “resigned.”

Monsanto's EU Scumbag 2004. Ignoring the fact that most of her subjects hate this filthy, conniving pervert the Queen gave Mandy the top job in Europe.
As European Commissioner Mandy did a great job for the Queen and her Globalist banker friends. By centering power in Brussels, thanks to her spin doctors like Mandy, the Queen no longer needs British Members of Parliament.
If British MP's dare to object to nuclear power stations the Queen will get the EU Council Of Ministers to impose nuclear power on the British. 
(The main profiteers from all things nuclear in Britain are the "royal family" who just happen to own a lot of uranium mines. As Head of State the Queen orders all uranium weapons, nukes and DU ammo, from companies mostly owned by the "royals" via their principle bankers Rothschild's.)

The same gang of Globalist Muggers known as the EU Council Of Ministers will also use the latest Globalization Charter, The Lisbon Treaty, to abolish the minimum wage and state pensions as the Rothschilds engineered Depression takes its final dive.))

October 3, 2008. The Queen ordered her passing Prime Mouthpiece, Gordon Brown, who hates Mandy, to bring Mandy back into Her Majesty's cabinet. Brown, a busted flush if ever their was one, will spend his last days in Her Majesty's Service closely monitored by Mandy - who's real job is preserving the pathetic myth that Britain needs a "royal family." see Royal Deceit 


    October 14, 2008

The Queen's Favourite QueenArise: The Baron of Slime
For his part in imposing The EU Constitution aka The Lisbon Treaty on the ill-informed European public Her Majesty has made her creepy cabinet spy a Baron.
Mandy will get a
£1 MILLION handout from the pool of taxpayers money stolen in the name of the EU.
On top of this outrageous waste of public money; the Queen has decreed Mandy will receive
£104,000 tax-payers money per year for whatever skulduggery he gets-up to in Her Majesty's cabinet.

 Dublin. Irish farmers protest Peter "Monsanto Mandy".
Mandelson: EU Commissioner followed his royal orders and sold Irish farmers down the river.
Come the Revolution it will be nice to see Mandy in his House of Lords robes - swinging from a Whitehall lamp-post.


 The new EU Commissioner

The Queen's new mouthpiece in Brussels, Baroness Ashton, will receive £3.5 million taxpayers money - for one year's service. After a year in office, she will receive almost three quarters of a million pounds in 'financial benefits.' Her single year of service will also entitle her to an annual pension of approximately £8,000 a year - more than twice what a British pensioner gets from the state after a lifetime's work. She will also be able to claim relocation costs, a 'residence allowance' and other perks.  ( also see Mail, 18 October)


added 21st October.
Baron Mandy of Slime & Skullduggery has today teamed-up with another super-cunning Globalist thug, Nat Rothschild.
The pair have come together to bitch-slap Doris Cameron's girlfriend "Boy George" Osborne - seen here circled in red with some of his Bullingdon girlfriends in his Oxford days - Osborne was recently invited to attend a Globalist chinwag-cum-piss-up on the Rothschild's Corfu estate. He later broke the Globalists golden rule (of keeping all informal Globalist meetings secret) by reporting the remarks of Dirty Mandy - who was rubbishing the Queen's passing Prime Mouthpiece - Gordon Brown. Nat Rothschild has now accused Osborne of soliciting Tory Party Funds from a Russian billionaire. It will be interesting to see what arse-licking-penance Osborne will be made to pay.


Globalist Thug's Meeting Place: complete with its own anti-bugging systems

Dirty Mandy's Russian billionaire girlfriend, Oleg Deripaska, owns this yacht.
The Queen K.
  ( Is the K kode for kottage? You tell me ducky!)
Deripaska 's fortune comes from aluminum. As EU Commissioner Mandy handled aluminum quota's, tariffs and contracts. Mandy's decisions on quota's enriched Deripaska by £200 million. Only natural that the pair should go cruising together.
Rupert Murdoch just happened to have a yacht in Corfu at the time of this little Globalist shindig. Last August Murdoch's son-in-law paid the £4,000 airfare to fly Doris Cameron to another freebie on a Murdoch yacht moored off another Greek Island, Santorini.  

  Doris & Mr Murdoch  


Nat Rothschild, the Globalist fixer bitch-slapping Tory “Boy George” Osborne for soliciting illegal campaign donations from a foreigner had no problem giving a massive illegal donation to No Brain McCain - from himself, his daddy, Jacob the Fourth Baron Rothschild and their cronies.
Last April Nat Rothschild had the audacity to hold an illegal fund rising feast at the Rothschilds 17th-century London palace. Globalists paid a minimum of £500 a head to listen to NoBrain's private speech.
Johnny NoBrain is hoping the same fraudulent voting machines that put Bush in the White House will make him the next un-elected President.
The US Federal Election Committee is “investigating” the, obviously illegal, London fundraiser.

"You are a den of thieves and vipers, and I intend to rout you out,
and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." 

President Andrew Jackson addressing the Rothschild's banking cartel.


  Doris Cameron’s Chief Donor

Lord Laidlaw of Rothermie

Addicted To Sex

Recently it leaked out that Doris's bosom pal Lord (Irvine) Laidlaw paid £27,000 for a sex party where he wined and dined his naked pals in the £6,000-a-night Presidential Suite at the Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo.
£3,000-a-night prostitutes,
flown in from London, snorted coke and drank the finest champagne while performing domination, bondage and lesbian sex acts for the dirty old Lords delight. One of his young pals stated. "What I like about Irvine is that it’s done with so much style."

In 2007 Lord Laidlaw, above right, gave £3.5 Million to the thieving Tories resurrection fund. He also gave a further £25,000 to Bojo Johnson’s London mayoral campaign. He was one of the Tory Party donors questioned by police investigating "cash for peerages."
In a personal statement on his alleged addiction to sex orgies Laidlaw said he will leave his tax haven villa in Monaco for six weeks of "therapy" in South Africa.  "I hope that in time people will be able to understand and forgive me as I fight this difficult, personal battle," he wrote in the News of the World. Laidlaw's orgies follows similar revelations of Nazis theme sex orgies held by another "High" Tory Max Mosley.

Doris Cameron, left, made Laidlaw a Tory peer in 2004 after Laidlaw promised the House of Lords selection board he would pay his British (avoided) taxes of £50 Million plus. Having received his Peerage he flew out of the country confident he could forget his promise to pay the £50 Million - as long as Doris can tap him for Tory Party Funds. According to the Sunday Times Rich List Laidlaw has known assets of £730m. He owns magnificent homes in Scotland, Hampshire, South Africa, Monaco and St. Tropez.   

Asked if she would sack her old-school-girlfriend, Georgina Osborne,  for soliciting illegal donations while cruising on a foreign billionaires yacht. Doris replied: "If my mother had wheels she'd be a bicycle." When Doris becomes Queen Lizzy's Prime Mouthpiece you can expect this kind of answer every time she opens her mouth. Doris comes from a family with a long history of insanity - the Royal Family.

 see  Doris: The Queen's Next Prime Mouthpiece 


Cameron's Pal


Crown Licensed Thieves


The last Speaker of Her Majesty's
House Of Commons,
Michael Martin, is a typical royal arsehole licker. Public opinion demanded Martin was fired for his part in stealing tens of millions from the taxpayer in false claims for expenses
Not surprisingly the Queen immediately elevated Micheal Martin to Her Majesty's
House of Lords.


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