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Exotic Poisons

Exotic Poisons: One of the strangest “native practices” noted by eighteenth century explorers was the tribal punishment for adultery. Village elders would supply the wronged woman with a specially prepared venom which she would slip into her husbands super. He would then suffer a seizure and collapse. The whole village would immediately turn out to bury him in a shallow grave. The poison would ware off and the husband would wake-up and frantically claw his way out of the grave. Nobody is expecting Robin Cook to climb out of the grave but some of us are still wondering what kind of poison put him there.

During the scandal of Her Majesty's "Government" supplying arms to Iraq. Robin Cook dissected the criminals on the Tory front bench. Publicly cutting-up John Major and minor ministerial liars no matter how much they wriggled and squirmed.
When Labour came to power, 1997, Cook was seen as the best brain in Parliament. He was given the Foreign Office. From the offset it was apparent he did not intend to supply arms to brutal regimes via illegal deals like the £50M Pergau Dam deal perpetrated by Tory Foreign Minister Douglas (now Lord) Hurd.
Cook's ethical stand and his unequalled knowledge of Iraq did nothing to endear him to Queen Lizzy. He was removed from Her Majesty's Foreign Office in 2001.
Not one of our Fake News reporters/correspondents predicted Cook's demotion.

To increase arms sales and oil profits Toady Blair was ordered to take Britain to war by telling absurd lies in Parliament. Rather than go along with the Weapons of Mass Destruction lies Cook resigned from Her Majesty's "government."

Gullible MP’s were led up the garden path to believe Iraqi nuclear missiles could hit the Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction, Sizewell B - just 70 miles from Parliament, within 45 minutes of Saddam Hussein giving the order. This fairy tale concocted by repugnant spin doctors 'Mandy' Mandelson  and 'Alley Cat' Campbell and the Bush puppet Condi 'Mushroom Cloud' Rice. 

After 9/11 Greenpeace wrote to the Head of State and to her First Minister Mr Blair asking them to announce the phased closure of Britain’s Targets of Mass Destruction Before one of them is used to release enough nuclear poison to make Britain unfit for human habitation. Queen Lizzy of course doesn't give a fuck if that happens. The "royals" have escape planes standing by 24/7 in case of a nuclear event. Nuclear Lizzy also has long standing plans to lease out Gt. Britain an International Nuclear Waste Dump.

Her Majesty's Government have no intention of closing down places like Sellafield, On the contrary the Queen wants to build ten more!!!! And just to prove the loonies are running the asylum she will also order more utterly futile Trident nuclear submarine missile systems.

After his dismissal from Her Majesty's Foreign Office and the way he was studiously ignored over Iraq. Robin Cook was a time bomb ticking in the middle of the Queen’s oil and nuclear cartel. Of all our anti nuclear MP’s Cook was the only one with the intellect to probe who profits from nuclear waste and lay the facts before Parliament. Such a move would have brought down his own government along with the worthless monarchy. Considering the needless slaughter in Iraq, was he about to do just that? 

     Robin Cook (who died Aug 6th 2005) writing in the Guardian July 29 2005.

Down at Aldermaston they are spending hundreds of millions of pounds of your money on a refit of the production line for nuclear warheads. We are assured this does not mean that any decision has been made to replace the Trident nuclear system. Dear me no, the investment is merely intended to keep open our options.

It was Jim Callaghan who first struck the Trident deal with President Carter, eccentrically in a beach hut on Guadeloupe. The justification was that we faced, in the Soviet Union, a great hostile bear bristling with nuclear claws. The missiles were put on submarines precisely because the ocean bed was the only place they could hide from Russian firepower.

The collapse of the cold war has removed even the theoretical justification for our possessing strategic nuclear weapons. However, the spirit of the cold war lives on in the minds of those who need an enemy to buttress their own identity. Hence the vacuum left by the cold war has been filled by George Bush's global war on terror.

But nuclear weapons are hopelessly irrelevant to that terrorist threat. Investment in a new strategic nuclear system would be worse than an irrelevance.
Britain's most valuable role in global stability is the professional, experienced contribution of our soldiers to peacekeeping missions, which earns us much more goodwill round the world than our nuclear submarines prowling the seas.

The world would be less stable and Britain would be less secure if we were to trade in even more of our army units for son-of-Trident. It is not just peaceniks who would oppose such a choice. I suspect a clear majority of the officer corps would vote against diverting the defence budget into another generation of nuclear weapons.

Trident missiles are not even owned by us, but are leased from the Pentagon in an arrangement that Denis Healey once dubbed as "rent-a-rocket".

Renewing our collaboration with the US on nuclear weapons will deepen the bonds between Downing Street and the White House, at the very time when the rest of the nation longs for a more independent stance.

It is therefore against Britain's national interests to replace Trident. It is also against our international obligations, notably the commitment in the non-proliferation treaty to proceed in good faith to nuclear disarmament.

More nations have given up nuclear weapons over the past generation than have developed them. Brazil and Argentina negotiated a treaty to terminate their rival nuclear programmes. Ukraine and other former Soviet states renounced the nuclear capacity they inherited. South Africa, post-apartheid, abandoned its nuclear programme and dismantled its weapon capacity.

None of those countries regards itself as any less secure than before. Nor need we, if our leadership can find the courage to let Trident be the end of Britain's futile and costly obsession with nuclear-weapon status.     
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   Worse than irrelevant.   Robin Cook

Toady Blair did NOT attend Robin Cooks funeral
August 12, 2005.

Toady Blair following the Queen's orders as-per usual

King George Bush Adams


The Defence Of The Realm depends on the Head Of State controlling the production and sale of Arms & Ammo.   

right, Coastguard cannon. ‘Made In England Under Crown Warrant.’  

The royals have always been the main financial beneficiaries of the British Arms Industry. Every British monarch has been ‘into’ insider-arms-deals since Athelstan wisely licensed blacksmiths making twin-headed-battle-axes. in these days of the BBC's infantile fake news its increasingly important that you do your own research into the so-called "royal family".



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