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"Nobody ever imagined passenger jets being used to attack America."
Stated Ms. Condoleezza Rice, increasingly repellent Bush apologist and Oscar winning venomous liar.
In the two years prior to 9/11 the military had been Wargaming what Rice said was 'unimaginable.'
NORAD's pubic records show civilian and military aircraft were used as mock hi-jacked aircraft to test NORAD’s ability to detect, identify and intercept any type of plane likely to be hi-jacked. The imagined targets were; the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House. Fifteen War Games including four hijack War Games were in play on the morning of September 11, 2001.  Obviously these games were designed to keep honest men out of the loop until Bush, Cheney, Myers, Rumsfeld, Rice, and their cronies had murdered 3,000 American citizens to start their phony war on terror. 9/11 refs WTC & Pentagon Drills    


OK. Hot Shot. So you are a terrorist intending to fly a one-hundred-ton 767 into an American target. Do you learn to fly a 767 on a Boeing simulator in the Middle East or Australia?
Or do you take lessons on a half-ton single engine Cessna in Florida?

Get Real!

Had Osama bin Laden's gang been responsible for 9/11. A person fit to be called President of America would have fuel-air-bombed bin Laden's Afghan camps while the towers were still burning. Bin Laden would have been shown to the world as a DNA sample in a test tube. Terrorists would have learned not to mess with America. What you see below is the work of the same congenital thugs who stole the White House by fixing the Florida ballot and bribing Supreme Court Judges to install a malignant turd as President.


+ Rather than roast to death, hundreds of people, some with their clothes on fire, some holding hands, jumped.  
 Black smoke pouring out of the North Tower fire started by the explosion on the 96th floor at 8.46 am. The explosion on 81st floor of the South Tower caused the fire-ball above left  at 9.03. 
The 96th floor was rented by the Bush/Kissinger crony Paul Bremer who would be put in charge of the "shit happens" phase of raping Iraq.

81st floor was rented by the Bush family's Japanese banking friends.
The alleged pilot of the alleged first jetliner, Mohammed Atta, we are told, had allegedly taken lessons on the thirty-year-old 727 simulator. Boeing Instructors dismiss the notion that
Atta 'or anyone with a few hours 727 simulator training could find and hit a specific target with a 727...' and 'certainly not with a 767 which is a completely different aircraft.'
The alleged pilot of the alleged second jetliner, Marwan Al Shehhi, had trouble handling a four-seat single engine Cessna. Yet the Bush Gang say Al Shehhi expertly dropped a one-hundred-ton Boeing 767 down into the target zone then swung it round in a ball braking south-north-turn to hit the South Tower at over 400 mph. 
  Impossible Turn

                                Al Qaeda: Foul Made Flesh by Ghouls

  The late British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, told the House of Commons. "Al Qaeda is not a terrorist group but a database of international Mujahadeen and arms smugglers used by the CIA and the Saudi Royals." Had he not mysteriously died Robin Cook could have told the Commons: The media myths about the 9/11 patsies being able to make & live off credit cards, while melting unnoticed into US culture were sheer Karl Rove fiction. The 9/11 patsies epitomised Henry Kissinger's description "dumb, stupid animals to be used."
They were financed, fed, watered, housed and minded 24/7 by the CIA, ISI (Pakistan) and the Saudi royal family. Leading patsy Mohammed Atta was a long time CIA/ISI asset. Not, as Bush apologists say 'a fanatically devout Muslim'. Atta spent more time on the piss in strip clubs than he ever spent on his knees in prayer. He became a triple (not-so-secret) secret agent. Taking money from Saudi, CIA & ISI spooks. 
Google Afghanistan + CIA + Bush Senior    

As you can tell by his public utterances George Bush Junior will never reach the mental age necessary to sum up 2 and 2. Organizing an operation like 9/11 is completely beyond his coked-up comprehension.
Carlyle Director, ex Envoy to commie China, ex CIA Director, ex Vice President, ex President & Knight of the Grand Cross, George Bush Senior is the chief architect of 9/11. As a recognized expert on financing the Mujahadeen who better to engineer Atta's Gang into place?
The patsies "personalities" made it possible for Black Ops to use them as bulls in the china shop. Six months before 9/11 members of the public and flying schools' staff reported Atta and the other 9/11 patsies suspicious behaviour. Nothing was done.
Bush Senior had ordered Bush Junior to close down all investigations into internal terrorist threats.
The so-called Head of US Security, Ms Rice, was told by Bush Senior's point-man, Dick Cheney, to forget about internal threats and concentrate on creating lies to sell Star Wars to the US taxpayer.  

Murdering Your Own

Jet-fuel-based fires can not exceed 1,800*F.
The melting point of the towers steel was 2,700*F. 
Jet-fuel-fires did not melt any of the twin towers steel.
The towers were destroyed with high energy beams and controlled explosions that turned people, concrete & steel, escalators, office furniture and computers into a five-mile-wide-toxic-dust-cloud. Had that dust been properly investigated at the time, these samples alone would have proved passenger jets had absolutely nothing to do with the towers coming down.
Seven-years-on and even with a "Democratic" Congress Bush continues to prevent an independent scientific analysis of Ground Zero.

       High Energy Beam Alchemy:
Concrete, Steel and People to Dust!

       Video clip courtesy 911review.org

 First We Take Manhattan  

The white cloud moving up from Manhattan to the heavens contained atomised people, steel and concrete. Only politicians and dysfunctional donkeys could believe this was the work of a rag-bag army of paradise seekers. The Bush Gang bankers planned at least four more treasonous,plane, attacks on 9/11. Only time will tell who found out, stopped the other planes taking off and made the sick bastards abort. 

It's important to remember there were NO ARABS on board the aircraft involved in 911. To see the actual passenger manifests (lists), click here http://joevialls.altermedia.info/

Bush Orders:
No Evidence Left Behind
Mr Bush ordered all the towers surviving heavy steel, with forensic evidence of the specific explosive used to cut it shipped out to the Far East. Where it was quickly melted down. This particular part of the odious crime of covering-up Mr Bush's premeditated Mass Murder and unprecedented High Treason was already under-way by Sept. 20, 2001, when the photo was taken.  Photo first pub. Fire Engineering Mag. Feb 2002.   It is plainly illogical for any person of average intelligence to think the Twin Towers were knocked down by jets. Bush supporters have no logical arguments that Mr Bush did not plan and execute 9/11. The Bush version of 9/11 has to be delivered by ranting retarded school bully's like Fox TV's Bill O'Reilly. Need we say more?




Dawn, 30th Dec. 2006

Saddam Hussein refused to wear a hood. As the rope was placed round his neck he was taunted by some of his guards chanting the name of his life-long enemy Muqtada al-Sadr. Saddam shut them up by asking. "Is this the way real men behave?" Whatever else history records, Saddam Hussein died like a man. Facing a lynching party George W. Bush, who can't even face Cindy Sheehan, would be kneeling in his own shit wailing for his Daddy.   


War Criminals

As the 9/11 Truth Movement became unstoppable and the lies about Afghanistan and Iraq became apparent the Paraguayan Senate voted to “grant U.S. troops immunity from national and International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction.” This immunity includes the present excuse for the US troops Commander in Chief. Mr Bush's much arrested and recently married daughter, Jenna, paid a ten day 'diplomatic visit' to Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte. Weeks later the Bush family purchased 98,840 acres of Paraguay, near the Bolivian/Brazilian border. Scores of Nazi War Criminals settled down in this part of Paraguay to live out their lives under assumed names. 
Mr Bush's German business partners the "Royal Family" have dozens of similar bolt holes dotted around the globe.

President Bush is presently being sued by two survivors of the Holocaust who can prove his grandfather, Prescott Bush, profited from the Nazi Slave Labour Camps. Prescott Bush took a million dollar pay-out from the Nazi funds held by Washington after the end of WW2. 
Apart from 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq the Bush family should be brought to justice for their part in the Iran/Contra drug and arms smuggling ring.  
Prescott Bush  was charged with Trading With The Enemy - somehow he managed to stay out of jail. 

Deadly Duo

Blood Ties   

 January 2001.  Harold Brooks-Baker, of Burke’s Peerage, confirmed George W. Bush is a blood relative of Queen Lizzy. It would be extremely foolish to assume the cousin’s have no mutual interest in commerce. Money talks. Those with the most money dictate the political agenda. i.e. The rape of Iraq and the proposed rape of Iran. The Queen's grandfather was a major player in the first rape of Iran's oilfields.  Google Anglo Persian Oil Company + BP 

The Special Relationship


Creating Wars For Personal Profit


Smoke & Mirror's
Illegal Wars For Profit



 The Queen and her cousins the Bush family will of course deny their mega stakes in the planet's largest military contractors, BAE Systems, Babcock Marine, Boeing, Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed, Carlyle, Halliburton, Blackwater and Bechtel. The hourly bloodshed in Iraq continues stuffing the cousins off-shore accounts with £millions-per-hour.




"The Powers That Be"

 Out-going whipping boy Blair will receive the customary Queen's Bounty, £Millions in Swiss banks, armed bodyguards for the rest of his "life" and £96,000 per year pension taken from the hapless British taxpayer.
Unless he has an epiphany and do's the decent thing, and puts an end to the specious monarchy, the new Prime Mouthpiece will be no different.

Bloody Rape of Iraq

  What have 100,000,000 died for?
The answer is a bill presented in March 2007 to the Iraqi Parliament called The Hydrocarbon Law.
This bill calls for oil revenue sharing among the warring factions. If passed it will reverse Saddam’s 1972 Nationalization and hand control of 80% of Iraqi oil back to British and American companies owned by "the powers that be" - the worst money-grubbing ghouls on planet Earth.


Indian Point nuclear power station.

Had there ever been a gang of anti-American suicidal fanatics capable of flying 767's with pin-point accuracy. Indian Point, just 70 miles from Ground Zero, would have been their target. NOT the Twin Towers. The nuclear fall-out would have closed down New York for the rest of this century. And Then Some. Point Taken?  photo Ron From AP. 

If that nice Mr Bush and his cousin Queen Lizzy believed their own governments' "Terror Warnings" they would close down their Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction in favour of safe (and infinitely cheaper) solar, wind and sea power systems.  Wouldn't They?


 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaYepwRb5II    Jim Felzer

     Henry Ford actually said:
"History is bunk to them that can't fucking read."

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