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Smoke & Mirrors
 Fires In The Night


The fire started by the missile that hit the Pentagon at 9.32 am was extinguished that afternoon. So who lit the Pentagon fires that night?

 When Adolf Hitler burnt down his own Parliament he ordered his thugs to start the fires in the offices of those who opposed him.
I mention this in case you wonder why the huge fires were burning in the Pentagon 48 hours after the original explosion stopped this Pentagon clock.

The local Fire Chief declared the
Pentagon fire extinguished at 4pm that afternoon.

The President's Nazi propaganda document, published as: The 9/11 Commission Report puts the first explosion at 09:38. The stopped Pentagon clock and the local people who heard the first explosion disagree.
The Guy Fawkes Gang were horse-dragged through the filthy streets of London before being hung, drawn and quartered for attempting to blow-up Parliament. The Bush Gang blew up the Pentagon several times on 9/11 then awarded themselves The Freedom Medal! Their first explosion, that stopped the clock, had absolutely nothing to do with the fires they started that night that were still burning 48 hours later!
The bright light in the middle is where the first explosion occurred
around 09:32.


The first photographs of the 9/11 damage at the Pentagon prove there never was a one-hundred-ton Big Jet crash at the Pentagon. Every independent eye witness confirmed the smoke came from inside the building - as you would expect when a missile goes through a wall. The fake crash cobbled together at the Pentagon and the demolition of WTC7, over seven hours after the towers were atomized, flagged the fact that 9/11 was a botched Bush Black Operation. The Pentagon fire that was out and then obviously lit again, and again makes it a slam dunk.



 Missing Assumed Lost Or Stolen


Missing Assumed Lost

Or Stolen:  One One-Hundred-

Ton 757 Airliner

Answers to the Number N644AA


Smoke rises from a hole in the Pentagon wall 9.11.2001.
As you can see there is n
o sign of a 757 Jetliner.

Aided by two fellow office workers Army Specialist April Gallop walked out barefoot on to the lawn above after the first explosion that caused the hole she walked through. One of the guys helping her then walked back through the hole to help others out. Mr Bush say’s a one-hundred-ton 757 Jetliner was in this hole - in the process of burning itself into untraceable cinders at the same time April Gallop and her co workers were walking out. Who do you believe?

Fifteen seconds into this Link April speaks of the explosion that she would later be told - by CIA spooks - was a plane crash. A totally false statement that April, being made of the Right Stuff, refuses to repeat. You will then hear that gutless wanker Jamie McIntyre contradict his original (on air) statement from the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11.
April then explains her morning before the explosion that wrecked her office and why she refuses to tell the unholy lie that a passenger jet hit the Pentagon.  Update. Google April Gallop + Lawsuit + Pentagon

      Why dumb Americans think the Arabs did 9/11


Question's The BBC et al Never Dare To Ask  http://www.youtube.com/watch?

When the Towers (WTC1 & 2) were exploded. Hundreds of tons of steel fell on WTC5 & 6. They did not collapse. And neither did WTC7 which, being further away, suffered much, much lighter damage. At 5:20 pm WTC7 was 'pulled' by the same demolition experts who earlier pulverized the Towers.

The sniggering comments of George W. Bush about 9/11, i.e. "9/11 was an interesting day" betray the fact that even he, with his limited grasp on reality, thinks its a bloody miracle he got away with it.

將影片新增至 [快速清單]



  NORAD Drills on the Morning of 9/11


23 June, 2008. George Carlin left us to it, RIP.





Pulp Fiction: Writer's Guide


The 9/11 Commission.
eralded as an investigation into all aspects of 9/11,
completely fails to even mention
Need we say more?







Checks In

Send your comments on President Bush's
9/11 Commission Report
 The Fairy Tale Dept.,
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington DC.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOsiRsVxxys  Part 1


Osama Confesses?

In 2003 it was reported Osama bin Laden allegedly reversed his many documented denials and said he was responsible for 9/11. This seems plausible from the man who long ago declared war on America. But implausible when you ask why would he wait two years to gloat?
Whatever else bin Laden was thinking when he watched the Twin Towers crumble he knew enough about civil engineering to know multi-million-ton-buildings are not reduced to dust by a jet plane.
It would not have taken him too long to realize the alleged terrorists were Oswald type patsies set-up by Black Ops led by his old business pal and one-term President George Bush Senior. 

CIA insider since 1960 Bush Senior, left, has been known as "Caligula" since his Skull & Bones days. Heavily implicated in the Black Op's murder of John F. Kennedy. Bush Senior is one of the few CIA insiders with all the Black Ops connections to put the atrocity of 9/11 together. His idiot son did as Daddy told him to do; as-per-usual. 
Caligula was the emperor who married his sister got her pregnant then took a knife to rip the baby out of her belly.


Recruiting Head Bangers  

Most of the plentiful, post 9/11, books on terrorist groups tell you "al Qaeda" means "the base." Referring to the first Mujahadeen, or Holy Warrior, training camp in the Afghan mountains. Students of old Arabic will tell you "al Qaeda" is also old Egyptian slang for someone with all the charm of a clogged toilet. In plain English "a shithouse." 
Osama bin Laden, the
CIA trained shithouse, who set-up the Afghan training camps with American taxpayer's money, never uses "al Qaeda." He insists his disciples are referred to as.
"The International Front For Jihad Against The Jews And Crusaders."  
As a CIA point-man recruiting Mujahadeen to kick those Russian commies out of Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden could do no wrong. While the Russian - Afghan War was quietly raging Ronnie Regan's Vice President, George Bush Senior (above) funnelled billions of US Tax Dollars through BCCI, Swiss and Arabian banks to the bin Laden family. Those who know Bush Senior say at least five percent of those Tax Dollars were diverted into Bush family accounts. The rest armed, fed and clothed the Mujahadeen - now called "terrorists" "extremists" or "insurgents."

As bin Laden's ragbag army grew in strength the un-consulted US taxpayer not only paid their wages but paid for building the reinforced ammo dumps in the Tora Bora cave complex and many smaller command posts & ammo dumps in the Afghan mountains. The construction costs being wired from Langley into the Saudi bank accounts of the builders - The Bin Laden Group.   

 When the Russian's pulled-out of Afghanistan most of the Mujahadeen returned to their farms and villages.
Left with time on his hands, bin Laden concentrated on back-engineering the Koran to suit his death cult point of view. His only followers using the Afghan camps at that time were a chilling flock of dedicated misfits who spent their waking hours denouncing women who refuse to dress like Egyptian Mummies and head-banging the floor five-times-a-day. Totally immersed in violent-medieval-death-wish-mumbo-jumbo these lads were simply gagging to kick-the-bucket.
Bearing in mind the al Qeada camps are CIA (Tax Dollar) funded set-ups. For CIA/Black Ops to develop and steer ready-made-suicidal-patsies into what became 9/11 was as easy as falling off a log. 
Having set-up the patsies by paying for their flying lessons ect.. There really was no need for the patsies to board the "hi-jack-jets."

             NORAD Records: Not Really Required

Even without the satellite records Mr Bush is keeping from the public under "Executive Privilege." The local evidence shows Flight 77 (the Boeing 757 jetliner No. N644AA below) did NOT hit the Pentagon, as President Bush idiotically insists. Had N644AA been in the area to attempt the 400 mile-per-hour 330 degree turn described by Bush apologist’s it would have exploded all its main joints in the effort and fell to earth in bits.
Bush apologist’s are obviously to stoopid to understand the aerodynamic limits of Big Jets.

Which begs the question's. What really happened to Flight 77? Where did that nice Mr Bush have the 58 passengers and 6 crew murdered in cold blood? And why are the Bush Gang still at large?

Captain Russ Wittenberg has been a Boeing pilot for thirty-five-years. He had often flown two of the jets allegedly hijacked on 9/11, (N591UA, Flight 93 and N612UA, Flight 175 (and incidentally N739PA, the Lockerbie jet)). In the audio interview below Captain Wittenberg states: "The 757 won’t go that fast if you start pulling high G maneuvers at those bank angles. It could not have flown at those speeds which they [Bush apologists] say it did...''       Russ_Wittenberg_Interview.MP3   

    “Use your eyes and your mind will follow.” 
Tsong-kha-pa. The Great Reformer of Tibet circa 1400.  

No Patsy Plane     for WTC7 

Some researcher's believe the Bush Gang had as many as another seven planes, with disposable patsies painted aboard, that failed to take-off for various reasons. The look-a-like of one of those planes would have been remotely flown into WTC7, above.
Files held in this building contained incriminating evidence against big time fraudsters i.e. Bush,
Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld cronies. As you can see, the Bush Gang went ahead and demolished WTC7. Despite the fact the patsy plane they intended to blame for the collapse never took-off.  


 Missing: Assumed Lost Or Stolen

One-Hundred-Ton 757 Airliner

Answers to the Number N591UA

A hole made by an explosion in a field, Shanksville Pennsylvania 9.11.2001.
As you can see there is no sign, trace or part of a 757 Jetliner.
The only "evidence" we have to show for all four 9/11 jets is the word of George W Bush and his apologists.


Smoke & Mirror's
Four Missing Aircraft


 Hard Facts   

All critical aircraft parts have their own, unique, serial number. Each number is tracked from manufacture to scrap yard by international laws governing every aviation engineering company. Most critical parts are virtually indestructible.

As of June
the US "government" has failed to produce certified numbered parts that would positively identify any one of the following missing aircraft.  

United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767, registration number N612UA, carrying 65 souls. Reportedly flew into the south tower of the World Trade Centre. Reporters were later shown a jet engine in the debris. But refused permission to photograph that engines internationally recognizable ID numbers.

American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767, registration number N334AA, carrying 92 souls. Reportedly flew into the north tower of the World Trade Centre. The Bush Gang had no problem finding the passport of an alleged hijacker in the rubble but no positive ID for the one-hundred-ton 767. 

American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, registration number N644AA, carrying 64 souls. Reportedly flew into the Pentagon. Emergency services attended almost immediately. In this case it would have been easy to use uniquely numbered parts to positively identify the 757 within hours. Had a 757 been there. 

United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 registration number N591UA, carrying 45 souls. Reportedly vanished in a Pennsylvanian field. Associated Press reported this plane was one of two that landed safely after onboard bomb scares. Local witness's said they saw some kind of plane braking-up in mid-air. Again no credible 757 parts.  

Retired USAF Colonel George Nelson has studied 9/11 from day one. In September 2005 he stated.  
"As a senior air crash investigator for over twenty years. I have never heard of a land accident where investigators failed to identify the aircraft. It would be impossible for a crash to destroy or obliterate all the aircrafts critical parts or their unique serial numbers.
I repeat, impossible."
  Google George Nelson + 911

As a young man George Nelson did not dodge the draft as did Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney.
As he worked his way up to Colonel he was in the ideal job to learn all there is to know about doppelganger aircraft. Whole squadrons of duplicate aircraft were built to use, illegally, over Vietnam. They operated from unofficial airbase's in a neutral country. The questions nagging the good Colonel are what really happened to the 265 souls onboard the missing aircraft?  Where were they really murdered? Or is that nice Mr Bush using them as lab rats at Area 51?   

Propaganda - Ground Zero   

Their own involvement in 9/11 meant the Bush Gang spent three days quelling what could have been a military take-over of the Bush White House. Having bought off, or bumped off, the insurgents who learned the truth from the fact that no fighter intercepts were being ordered, or saw a "hi-jack jet" landing at a military base, President Bush's minders eventually hauled him to Ground Zero to make an "impromptu" bullhorn speech written by his West Wing scriptwriting team and stage managed by his army of minders. Lackey's dressed as workmen were planted in the crowd. "I can't hear him."  "We can't hear him."  The lackey's mumbled until some sap shouted-out "We can't hear you." Bush notched-up the bullhorn and parroted the few words he'd been rehearsing for eight hours. He promised to "get those responsible."
Two days later he told the media. "Osama bin Laden is wanted dead or alive."
Three years later he told the media he couldn't care less where bin Laden was!!!??? 
Here we are eight-years-on and its crystal clear, to all who read the evidence, 9/11 was put together by America’s richest thugs who had no problem setting-up a bunch of foreign misfits daft enough to take the fall.

Mr Bin Laden, be he dead or alive, is still working for the New World Order recruiting the ignorant and the gullible - to give their lives in needless wars created on the back of Mr Bush's 9/11 - to make multi-billionaire thugs even richer.  


Mr Plod Looks On
Photo Daily Mail Sept. 19th 2001.

 A policeman looks on as Londoner's express their support for bin Laden eight days after 9/11. Although bin Laden issued a statement denying he had anything to do with 9/11 the media reported tens-of-thousands of British, French & Spanish Muslims, who had previously never heard of bin Laden, were declaring their support for him.
Anti terrorist experts expressed the view, that bin Laden's argument, that "America should keep-out of other people's politics", was enough to recruit hundreds of thousands of impoverished Muslims to his cause. A minuscule percentage of which, by the law of averages, will become suicide bombers.

Documents found at London's Finsbury Park Mosque the following year suggest young British born Muslims have formed direct action clubs to fund the training of "Holy Warriors" i.e. suicide squads. Information gathered before Finsbury Park Mosque was temporarily closed should have prevented 7\7. But Like the 9/11 patsies the 7\7 patsies were allowed to develop. To be more precise, the British Head of State allowed the 7\7 suicide squad to be developed by her Secret Agents.  No one in Britain profits more from arms & ammo sales and war inflated oil & uranium prices than Britain's richest "war on terror" racketeer - the Queen. 


Royal Oil Wells

Memo  Until 1972 all the Iraqi oilfields belonged to companies founded by the royal Establishment. Through the usual royal nominees, Rothschilds et al, the Queen's grandfather King George 5 was an avid investor in Arabian oil wells. Until Iraq's rising star Saddam Hussein Nationalized his countries oil business the Queen and her cousins were paying a ridiculous Three Cents per barrel for Iraqi oil. Saddam Hussein made them pay the market price - which stopped the Bush/royal family banking $millions of excessively obscene profits per day.

From 1972 onwards, instead of Iraqi oil revenue going into moneygrubbers Swiss bank accounts, Saddam used the oil revenues to turn Iraq into the most advanced secular Muslim country in the world. This included opening up all the professions to women and providing twice as many doctors to serve the population than Her Majesty's
Government ever provided for the British (Saddam's Iraq had one doctor per 2,000 the UK has one doctor per 4,200 people) Saddam could not have brought better living conditions to the majority of Iraqi's without murdering his medieval-minded-fundamentalist opposition who believe women should never, ever, be educated and must spend their entire adult lives in silence dressed like Egyptian Mummies.   
As planned. The illegal invasion of 2003 has handed Iraq back to the warring fundamentalist idiots. Predictably trebling the obscene oil & arms profits of the Bush/royal family.

 The Queen's Decision

Some people still think the Queen's passing whipping boy, Toady Blair, was responsible for sending the Queen's troops to Iraq. Blaming the monkey instead of the Organ Grinder ignores the bleeding obvious. If the British Head of State, like the Russian, French and German Heads of State, had refused to go along with the American Head of State. There never would have been a debate in Her Majesty's
Parliament on the false claim, rightly rejected by the Russian, French and German Heads of State, that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction
- ergo no British involvement in an illegal war. To increase the royal fortune the Queen ordered her whipping boy to tell the blatant lie that Iraq could arm and fire nuclear missiles at London on 45 minutes notice. The Queen's favoured spooks whispered to doubting Members of Parliament that Blair's Weapons of Mass Destruction hysterics were probably true. That's how the Queen took Britain into an illegal war.

The Queen's Cousin, below, is also

The President's Gobby Mom

Barbaric Bush, who conceived the mass murderer
George W. Bush, displays her inbred insanity when she suggests
has a beautiful mind! 
The barbaric Bush family have now purchased the best part of 100,000 acres in Paraguay after receiving written assurances from the government that Paraguay would NOT hand over US citizens accused of war crimes in America, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

   9/11: The Trial

London 7\7  


Evil Intent

The Bush Gang planned the permanent, illegal, occupation of Iraq along the lines of the US presence in South Korea (since 1953). One hundred predominantly American military bases were established in the first year - 2003-04. The plan was to consolidate these into fourteen permanent sealed fortresses, like the 14 square-mile Al-Balad air base north of Baghdad, by the end of 2005. With the puppet government firmly in place and the largest American Embassy ever built supplying the underage hookers & call-boys necessary to keep the Baghdad puppets on message.
However some Iraqi's had their own plans - for their own country.
Six months after his "Mission Accomplished" speech "pro-life" President Bush issued orders to destroy entire towns and cites to quell the increasing Iraqi opposition. "Anti Terrorist Operations" begin, as we saw at Fallujah, with shelling the hospitals where the "pro-life" President says the "terrorists" always hide. Fallujah  

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