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Designer Confusion
 Cheney's War Games


On the morning of 9/11 Lieutenant Colonel Dawne Deskins was not a happy bunny. Deskins, right, was leading a NORAD team conducting a week long, anti-terrorist-attack, War Game, some comedian had named Vigilant Guardian.
On that morning another three War Games had been scheduled to clutter-up her radar screens.
Around 8: 32 am, Deskins received a phone-call from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) concerning the first alleged hi-jack - Flight 11 - which would be reported as hitting the North Tower at 8:46 am. Deskins had to check, up and down the line, to ascertain if the call was real or part of one of the War Games.
Regional air-traffic-controllers had similar problems as reports of three more alleged hi-jacks added to the confusion.
At 9:21 am NORAD received another call from the FAA saying Flight 11, having allegedly ploughed into the North Tower at 8:46 am., was now heading for Washington DC!
Was it really Flight 11's transponder transmitting its true position at 9:21 am? Or was it part of the War Games? No. It was neither. It was classic Black Op's diversion tactics.
The way War Games are set-up FAA and NORAD controller's would have been unaware America's air-defence-system was being rendered useless by misleading signals inserted into their radar screens. This was done to mask the true positions of the alleged "hi-jacks."
Designer confusion gave Black Op's Awac's the required time to knock-out the 9/11 jets radio's and transponders. Black Op's F16's were given plenty of time to intercept the (now radio silent) passenger jets and escort them to secure airstrips. Black Ops remote controlled look-a-likes seamlessly replaced the real jets.
This was not the work of an army-less, navy-less, air-force-less gang of angry misfits. This was the work of far-more-serious-lunatics. Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Rummy Rumsfeld and General Myers used their War Games to suspend US Air Defense while their foul deed was done. Given the truth serum, which someone should stick up their rectum's as a matter of urgency, they would tell you they were following Presidential Orders.

above NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) in Rome, New York. The jets said to have hit the towers are the two yellow lines leaving Boston on the map below. The blue stars on the map below are military bases. Five minutes study shows any genuine hi-jacks would have been dealt with before they could do any damage.

Short video of the CIVILIAN satellite tracking system that is technologically twenty years behind the PRIME WARNING super-systems used by NORAD to identify individual aircraft

Fighter pilots do not need Presidential Orders to shoot down a potential threat. If the potential threat refuses to follow the fighter to a safe landing site. The fighter pilot faces a Court Martial if he fails to shoot down the potential threat. He has no options. He must protect America. Why the fuck else would his country give him a Billion-Dollar-Flying-Gun?
There were no fighter pilot's called up from the air-force bases above to intercept the alleged hijacks. If there had been the pilot's would have seen the alleged "jetliners" were empty drones painted in airline colours.
The President's hijack Fairy Tale fly's further apart when you examine the times spent, illegally, off-course. Compare the times on the map above with the time it took NORAD to intercept the golfer's small jet in 1999. Payne Stewart's Lear jet went off-course at 09:38 - an F16 fighter was with him at 09:52. Another five F16ís came up just to see what was going on! NTSB Payne Accident Summary   9/11 refs - Myers 
August 2009 Bill Mahers denies paycheck for his 9/11 lies.

US Air Defense: Standing Orders

 A sufficient (classified) number of fighter interceptors to protect the USA must be on 10 minutes ground-to-air standby at all times. If this doesn't happen Court Martial's happen. That is the Law. Or at least it was until George W. Bush became President. In June 2001 the rules of automatic intercepts were changed to suit the President's (classified) requirements.
Before Bush changed procedures - the Law was activated 129 times in 2000 and 67 times between Jan & June 2001.
If the normal, pre Bush, procedures had been followed on 9/11 all four alleged hi-jacked jets would have been intercepted, forcibly escorted to a safe landing site, as was the usual procedure, or shot down. 
Had a credible enemy been attacking America on 9/11 President Bush's
total lack of response (between the explosions in the North Tower at 08: 46 am and the explosions at the Pentagon at 09: 38 am) gave the enemy enough time to nuke NORAD HQ, and wipe-out Washington DC & New York. Corrupt corporate TV and newspapers criminally and continually fail to mention this First Principle for immediate Impeachment.
Perpetuating the 9/11 lies is the most un American activity ever invented. Katie Cuckoo, Charlie Gibberish, and their like, continue committing Treason by Conspiring With The Enemy - which carries the death sentence on American democracy.

Air Traffic Control
The FAA Command Center, New England. The hub of the US air traffic system. Independent of the military (NORAD) the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) ensure every flight has filed a flight plan and tracks every flight over and within USA from take-off to landing. 
President Bush made certain the relevant FAA radar records of 9/11 were quickly destroyed or held under "Executive Privilege" along with the relevant NORAD radar records. These radar tracks would show where the "hi-jacks" were intercepted, where they landed, and where the Bush Drones came from.


    Black Ops  
   Bush Drone No 1
Bush Drone No 1 locked into the North Tower.
The aerial pyrotechnics were the overture to the
Bush Gangs bid for permanent power.





Black Ops   
Bush Drone No 2
No 2

The Simple Truth:   E = Mc2  and far more simple mathematics proves aluminum 767's do NOT, repeat NOT, knock down  skyscrapers. 



emo.  At 09: 57. The last tower to be hit, (at 09: 03). the South Tower, above & below, inexplicably exploded into dust. What you see here is Premeditated Presidential Mass Murder.

 At 10: 28. The first tower to be hit, (at 08: 47). the North Tower, below, inexplicably exploded into dust.

  Mass Murder: The Family Business

1994-2000. Marvin Bush, one of the President's brothers, was a principle director of a Kuwaiti - American investment group that gained full access to every building in the World Trade Centre (WTC) Marvin Bush had overseen WTC security. The next time President Bush mentions 9/11, probably in the next five minutes, bare in mind one of his sordid brothers had ample opportunity to study the blueprints and learn how best to demolish the targets.

The jagged white gap, above, shows the very minor damage caused to a very mighty building

 Sept/11/2001.  Had the damage to WTC1, above, been a genuine 767 jetliner impact the tower would still be standing. The fire would have been extinguished - had it not been for the Bush plan to extinguish the fire fighters. Nearly three-thousand people, including Edna Crintron, (below (and above in red square)) were murdered in cold blood by the ultra vile Bush Gang. Not by low-tech-boot-camp-terrorists.


Towers Built To Take Several Jet Impacts 
 "The walls were designed to have a fully loaded 707 jet crash into them, that was the largest plane at the time. The outer structure is like mosquito netting (The mosquito net, in this case, is made of bolted and welded steel girders encased in fire-proofed concrete). The plane is just a pencil puncturing the netting. It really does nothing to the standing strength of the netting. I believe the towers could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners."  
Frank A. DeMartini. Twin Towers Construction Project Manager

Building The North Tower

1,500 feet high. 110 floors.
Note the massive core.
The 9/11 Commission Report reads: "The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft..." 
As you see that is a blatant lie.
The core of each tower was not  "a hollow steel shaft" but "Forty-seven immensely strong towering steel support columns."
The towers forty-seven-steel-core-supporting-columns and the outer steel walls were purposely over-designed to withstand the unlikely event of a protracted Category 4 Hurricane.
There is no way an aluminum 767 jet hitting the outer steel wall between the 93rd & 97th floor could lead to the explosions that turned the tower into dust.  Colossal buildings containing 500,000,000 tons of steel and concrete are NOT turned to dust by an aluminum jetliner. Nothing other than high energy beams and hundreds of precision explosions, pulverizing both steel and concrete, could have created the dust you see below.

Below from the Space Station. Dust still rising 12 Sept. 2001

Nearly six years after 9/11. June 30, 2007 two suicide bombers drove a burning Cherokee Jeep at the Arrival Hall doors at Glasgow Airport. Proving, yet again, there never will be a gang of suicide bombers capable of putting together anything like the meticulous assault on Manhattan. No gang of suicidal martyrs will ever get the tens of billions Black Budget necessary to develop high energy weapons.
No gang of suicidal martyrs will ever be capable of blocking or miss-directing the Multi-Trillion-Dollar American Air Defense System. Only the President of America can arrange that.

Veteran Reporter Barry Zwicker Sums up 9/11   
"That morning no fighter interceptors responded to the highest possible National Alert Situation. This includes the Pentagon's own Andrews squadrons. What more do you need to know?"

                            above right  Andrews. Home of Air Force One 

Until President George W. Bush took-over; Andrews Air Base was an 'Example Base. Showing the others how it should be done.'
On the morning of 9/11 Andrews squadrons had at least thirty minutes to tool-up take-off and guard the Pentagon from attack. So why was nothing was done? Bush apologists also refuse to answer the question. "Why Washington's 'State-of-the-art surface-to-air inner and outer ring missile batteries protecting the Pentagon and the White House around the clock' were throwing a sicky for the duration of Mr Bush's attack on the Pentagon"
As there was no trace of a 757 passenger jet on the Pentagon lawn. We must assume Harry Potter was at the controls and flew it through a window.  

The Fairy Tale of Los Angeles Flight 77 

Once upon a time, 35,000 feet high in the clouds of never never land, somewhere over the rainbow, Hani Hanjour, a shy, lightly built Saudi young man, wrestled control of a Boeing 757 jetliner from a former Vietnam combat pilot and the co-pilot. Who were both, muscular well built men, each weighing in at 165lb. According to that nice Mr Bush, Hani had no problem taking the 757 off itís scheduled course to Los Angeles and swinging the big jet around to find Washington DC.
On reaching the capital Hani performed a series of stunning aerobatics that fully experienced 757 pilots will never be able to perform, without a shed load of magic wands, because 757 cockpit controls do not have that degree of flexibility.
While setting-up the 'hi-jack by Arabs' Fairy Tale. Black Ops had given Hani a Commercial Pilots License. They completely failed to teach him to fly. His phony license fooled no-one when he tired to hire a small plane. The flying instructors who checked him out refused to hire him a plane. They have since stated. 'He was a nice guy but he could not understand English well enough to understand the instruments' (of a tiny Cessna). 'We can't comment on how he got that commercial certificate.'
Hani was also refused flying lessons! On that occasion flying school instructors had agreed and recorded. 'Hani had no potential,' and 'Hani could not fly at all.' 
But that nice Mr Bush insists Hani wheeled that 100 ton jetliner around and down the sky to approach the Pentagon at 530 miles-per-hour, in a straight line twenty-feet above ground level, skimming across Highway I-135 in the last mile. 
 In the Real World, the 757's weight of 100 tons, and speed of 530 mph would have shaken the aircraft apart at 10,000 feet where the air is five times thicker than it is at the 757's safe cruising height.
If by some miracle a 757 could fly at 530 mph at ground-level the air pressure combined with the speed & weight would have kept the 757 sixty-feet above the ground. The engines, wings and tail turbulence, would have scattered the cars, trucks and buses below in a tornado trail of death and destruction before reaching the Pentagon.
In the Real World, outside the children's fantasy bubble where Bush apologists obviously live, crashing airliners break-up, shedding bits of wings, tail fins, engines and landing gear. While, at the same time, spewing-out tons of recognizable airline paraphernalia, luggage, cups, plates, trays, cutlery, etcetera, etcetera. None of which was present after the first explosion was heard at the Pentagon.

 Within four hours of local people hearing that explosion teams of FBI agents had used National Security Laws to seize eighty-four video tapes from private company and public security cameras in the local area.

A President with nothing to hide would have made these real-time video's, of what was happening around the Pentagon, available within days of 9/11. Seven-years-on and a Freedom Of Information Request for their release is still being criminally ignored by President George W. Bush.  Added June 2012, these video's have never been released...

It wasn't until almost 45 minutes after the first explosion that another explosion
weakened the structure enough to collapse the roof. 

Spot the un-burnt white painted walls and the un-burnt wooden desk and table above. Funny how no-one ever spotted the Boeing 757 airliner the BBC say hit the wall above, 45 minutes before the wall collapsed, and then devoured itself in a fireball that miraculously failed to destroy the DNA of everyone allegedly onboard!?

If anyone working for ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN et al had a spine in their back they would have told the truth from day one, i.e. There never was a 757 crash at the Pentagon and skyscrapers are not turned into dust by aluminum aircraft. 

Instead of repeating the obvious Fairy Tales from the squinty-eyed traitor's, Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rummy the media could have conducted a proper investigation that would have hung the Bush Gang for High Treason before the end of 2001, prevented the slaughter-fests in Afghanistan and Iraq. And saved the US taxpayer around $10 Trillion to date.

The first photographs of the 9/11 damage at the Pentagon prove
 there never was a one-hundred-ton Big Jet crash at the Pentagon.


above. Two photographs taken after the first explosion at the Pentagon before another explosion brought the roof down. Note the smoke is coming mainly from inside the building as you would expect when a missile goes through the wall. 

Jamie McIntyre, CNN, did report the simple truth from the Pentagon (The Web Fairy CNN (9/11/01)  
But McIntyre sold out and now repeats the Bush fairy tale that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Like the rest of the gutless wankers, miss-called "anchors" in the media, Jamie boy will never be short of 9/11 blood money.




  Where was Cheney on 9/11? Jersey Girl  

  New Photographic Evidence Added 17 January, 2011

'It wasn't until almost 45 minutes later that the structure was weakened enough that all of the floors collapsed...'  Spot the un-burnt white painted walls and the un-burnt wooden desk and table below.  Funny how no-one ever spotted any part of the Boeing 757 the BBC claim crashed here...

Where is the one-hundred-ton passenger jet?
Since when did a one-hundred-ton passenger crash into a building
 without leaving any trace of itself, its passengers or their luggage?

Since when did a one-hundred-ton passenger jet hit a wall and fail to break 
 the windows two feet-away from the point of impact?

It wasn't until almost 45 minutes after the first explosion that another explosion weakened the structure enough to collapse the roof...
Spot the un-burnt white painted walls and the un-burnt wooden desk and table below.  Funny how no-one ever spotted any part the Boeing 757 the BBC claim crashed here...

What kind of idiot could believe a one-hundred-ton passenger jet devoured itself in a blazing inferno without scorching the furniture a few feet away?

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9/11: The Trial

The Bush Gang had a brand new weapon and no enemy
So they used it on Americans to take away their "freedoms".

Update October 2009 Bin Laden Dead and Buried in 2001

Henry Ford actually said:
"History is bunk to them that can't fucking read."


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