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Chernobyl: Waiting To Happen

"Reactor No 4. Chernobyl over-heated and flipped it's lid..."
" It was a steam explosion. A nuclear explosion would
have been a million times worse..."

01:23:40.                       01:23:42.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station covers an area the size of six-soccer-fields. Reactor No 4, above, could be likened to a gigantic kettle standing forty-feet high. Made of twelve-feet-thick steel, with millions of gallons of water on the boil.
The kettles elements were 1,661 six-foot-tall uranium fuel rods arranged in ascending circles. Miles of integrated stainless-steel water-channels carried the heat from the (white-hot) fuel rods.

Over 200 tons of black graphite bricks surrounded and supported the metalwork holding the fuel rods in place.

The water came in from eight enormous high-pressure-pumps. 
A reactor this size needs nine tons of water every 60 seconds. Nine tons of steam leaves the reactor every minute. The steam drives the Turbines generating 1,000 Mega-watts of electricity (enough for ten million 100-watt. light-bulbs). The safe working temperature of Reactor No. 4 was 600 degrees Centigrade.

When uranium fuel passes its melting point (2,700 Centigrade) it can double it's temperature as it melts. Going from 2,700 to 5,400 to 10,800 to 21,600 and so on, quicker than you can do the maths.

April 26 1986. No. 4 went out of control. This happened because the Automatic Temperature Control had been illegally disabled.

Imagine the operator's sat in the control room watching all two-hundred of No 4's temperature gauges flying into the red! They were powerless as the surge of nuclear heat vaporized miles of stainless steel water channels into expanding gas. Walls of black graphite bricks turned white and disintegrated. Nine-hundred tons of water flashed into super-heated-steam.

Within seconds of the operators realizing something was wrong, an almighty explosion tossed the 2,000-ton steel & concrete reactor lid up in the air like an old penny. It somersaulted and landed on top of the reactor, balanced on its edge (above right). 
Oxygen rushed in causing a spectacular series of explosions; shooting out blazing lumps of melting nuclear waste. Aircraft reported some of these lumps went one-mile-high. Radiation warning klaxons screamed from the roof of every building in the sprawling nuclear complex. Erupting cascades of flaming nuclear waste started thirty more deadly toxic fires. Every fire engine within 50 miles answered the call to Chernobyl Power Station.

Fourteen hours later. The smaller fires were all under control but the reactor fire was still failing to respond to the millions of gallons of water hundreds of high-pressure-fire-hoses were pouring on it.

An Emergency meeting was in progress at the Kremlin. The Politburo heard their top nuclear scientists explain how the increasing temperature could cause a fast-chain-reaction. At one-million-degrees-Centigrade (super-critical) all the nuclear atoms in the blazing reactor could split in unison. Causing a nuclear explosion that would blast Chernobyl's other three reactors into atoms - sending over 800 tons of eternally fatal fall-out up in a mushroom cloud.
Prevailing winds would have brought tons of fall-out to Moscow.

The Politburo were left in no doubt Moscow would become a nuclear ghost town if Chernobyl went nuclear.
Kremlin scientists ordered-in squadrons of helicopters to bomb the fire with ten-ton-loads of wet sand and clay, limestone, and chunks of boron-carbide steel. The chunks of steel would slow down the splitting nuclear-atoms and lessen the risk of a fast-chain-reaction. Limestone when burned releases carbon dioxide, which would starve the fire of oxygen. The wet sand and clay was intended to form a heat-sink to trap some of the fatal fall-out.

May 3. Geiger-counters recorded the radioactive release was steadily increasing. So was the temperature!
The attempt to smother the fire was apparently feeding it! It seemed the sacrifice of over 2,000 fire fighters, who, by this time, had received fatal doses of radiation, had all been for nothing...

May 6. By the Grace of God, the Geiger-counters slowed down...

One year later the remains of the molten nuclear fuel had cooled and set like warm volcanic lava.

Scientists found 70 tons of the original 204 tons of nuclear fuel had escaped (become lighter than air and quite literally gone-up in smoke).

Chernobyl was surrounded by farmland. By 1994, fall-out-poisoned collective farms and nearly 2,000 villages covering an area the size of Wales had been abandoned - forever. People who say we need any more nuclear power stations have been born too soon. It will be many decades before medical science can help these stupid cunts with a brain transplant.


A Town Near Chernobyl

"The firemen who were sent to put out the
reactor fire were fried on the spot by gamma radiation".


My name is Elena. Chernobyl's "dead zone" is 130kms from my home. One can take long rides there on ghostly empty roads.
To begin our journey, we must understand background radiation.
One roentgen is 100,000 times the average radiation of a typical city. A dose of 500 roentgens within 5 hours is fatal to humans.
In the first days after the accident, some places around the blazing reactor were emitting
3,000-30,000 roentgens per hour.
The firemen who were sent to put out the reactor fire were fried on the spot by gamma radiation.

The map above shows my recent journey through the dead zone.
I have never had problems with the dosimeter guys, who man the checkpoints. They are the experts. If they find radiation on your vehicle they gave it a chemical shower.
I don't count those couple of times when "experts" tried to invent an excuse to give me a shower, because those had a lot more to do with physical biology than biological physics…  

A guard opens the doors at the entrance to the state radiation ecology reserve

One of the “Dead Zone” checkpoints



Elena Picture

 Chernobyl 2018:
Rotting Radiation Sign

Nuclear power warning sign - warning
the land is unfit for human habitation.
  Fatal uranium & plutonium fallout will reign
here for approximately 200,000 years.
Plutonium is named after Pluto,
God Of The Dead.


Nuclear Ghost Towns

Pripyat, a radioactive ghost town created by Chernobyl nuclear power station
Pripyat's children's playground is slowly disappearing in a jungle of nuclear poisoned trees and undergrowth...

photos N. Byrne  Telegraph March 2009

Pripyat's metal and concrete will eventually breakdown into toxic rust and dust. Mutated flora and fauna will continue to grow around Chernobyl as long as the sun shines...

 Chernobyl: April 26, 1986

How the boys on the nightshift blew it

    01:23:40.              01:23:42.

Reactor No 4.  Chernobyl

To speed-up safety checks, the night-shift maintenance crew by-passed the Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) 
Had they not. Reactor No 4  would have shut itself down safely.
When a reactor "Fails to Safety" it takes 50-80 hours to power-up again.
To save this time. The ATC was, illegally, disabled.  

Chernobyl plant manager Viktor Bryukhanov was sentenced to 10 years hard labour. Viktor was home in bed at the time. But. Viktor was held responsible for "introducing illegal practices that caused the accident."
The maintenance crew told a specially convened Soviet Court they knew they were pushing the reactor into the Red Zone. But they believed it would "do no harm as they had done so several times before!"

No 4 was not jerry-built as the controlled media CNN, ABC, ITV, BBC et al reported. No 4 was abused. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) records clearly show No 4 had not suffered any hideously expensive teething troubles - as most reactors do. 
No 4 had a better sustained-output-record than any British reactor. Had it not been abused No 4 would still be working.

The mechanical fault at Three Mile Island, 1979, was actually more terrifying than Chernobyl. Four independent inquiry’s into the mechanical failure at Three Mile Island, President Carter’s Special Commission. Babcock, who built the reactor., Edison Power., who owned the reactor., and the US Dept. Of Environment illustrate how Unit No 2 came very close to a nuclear explosion. Nuclear poison would have wiped-out Pennsylvania. Along with it’s annual Gross State Product of $183,000,000,000. Mechanical failure's are, legally, An Act of God.
You should not need a priest to tell you; building nuclear power station's spits in the face of all that is Holy. Nuclear power station's poison God's Earth and everything living upon it.
Shit for brains nuclear apologists, who say we need more nuclear power stations should be shot on sight.


 Chernobyl Today
Altered States:
 Nuclear Fish

These fish no longer swim away from humans! You can step into this stream and catch them with your hands.
Eating one could kill you!

Everything that still grows around Chernobyl contains nuclear poison. Fish grow twice the size they used to, but only live half as long.


Bad Day In April

01: 23:00. Saturday. April 26th 1986. ‘Glasnost’ was lifting the curtain of secrecy around the Kremlin.
The curtain came crashing down when President Gorbechev was woken with news from Chernobyl. He went pale as he was told.
A super- heated-steam explosion had opened-up a nuclear reactor.
Still in his pyjamas he ordered a News Black-Out.

Eight hours later, nuclear scientists told an emergency meeting of the Politburo. Everybody living within 70 miles of the accident must be evacuated. The Politburo decided an Exodus on that scale, involving over three million, would  cause chaos. Riots & looting would surely follow such an announcement.
Gorbechev ordered the unannounced evacuation of every dwelling within 19 miles of the reactor. The nearest town, Pripyat, was emptied in the remarkable time of four hours. At 2 pm, 27th April, the Red Army arrived in town, 45,000 people were loaded into commandeered buses and army transporter trucks.
At gunpoint they were told. 'Don’t bring any luggage. You'll only be gone for a day or two. Until the radiation levels have died down.'

At 6 pm the last bus, of the twelve-mile-long-convoy, left Pripyat. Not one of those 45,000 people had any idea they were leaving their homes forever.

The army built a ten-foot-high, concrete-posted, razor-wire-fence around the 19 mile-round-nuclear-desert.

But. As the Kremlin scientists predicted, nuclear poison blighted a much wider area. Those who could afford to wasted no time leaving the area. The break-up of the old Soviet Union disguises the true cost of Chernobyl . The last reliable figures came in June 1994, a Kremlin 'Statement on Chernobyl ' reads. "Relocation and medical treatment. Containment. Loss of land and lost food production has cost the equivalent of £800 billion."

Chernobyl was surrounded by farmland where 130 people-per-square-mile used to live. An average of 780 people-per-square-mile live around British Nuclear reactors.

Feb. 1st 1995. Sizewell B Project Manager Brian George told BBC 2 Newsnight.  ‘Nuclear Electric (now called British Energy) has less than half-a-billion insurance to cover nuclear accidents in Britain .’ 
Divide less than half-a-billion between the ten million living in Sizewell’s Fall-out-zone, (which includes Greater London) and you can see why Sizewell B should not have been built.

Poisoned by nuclear power; Chernobyl’s ghost towns and villages
are destined to disappear in a deadly toxic forest of deformed nature

The equipment below became so radioactive it is classed as nuclear waste. The Kremlin planned to bury all the equipment used in the failed clean-up but so many clean-up workers were keeling-over and dying the plan was abandoned.


Above; some of the equipment used in the futile attempt to clean-up a nuclear power station accident. Most of the contaminated equipment was buried in make-shift-nuclear-waste-dumps.

John Hutton, the Queen's Business and Enterprise Secretary, says that nuclear power is safe, clean and good for the environment! 

A brief study of Chernobyl's ongoing victims proves that Ministers of the Crown who advocate nuclear power stations belong in rooms with mattress wallpaper. 

Nuclear Power?

No Thanks Nuclear Lizzy

     Chernobyl's Fall Out 

Natasha (12) & Vadim (8).
Natasha was born with microcephaly, Vadim has a bone disease and is mentally retarded. The UK media never report the tens of thousands of children like Natasha and Vadim conceived outside the official (fenced-off) Contaminated Zones years after the accident.  
Natasha and Vadim were conceived a decade after the lid came-off Chernobyl. As long as people are to poor to move off the poisoned land birth defects can only increase. In April 2005 the leader of the Ukrainian Commission on radiation security, Professor Hrodzynskyy stated.
of babies now born near Chernobyl have birth defects. Thyroid cancer in local children is now a million times more likely than before the disaster."
Instead of sending teams of so-called "News" teams to cover the pathetic antics of "celebs" the BBC should be reporting the ongoing deaths and devastation from the "lesser contaminated zones" of Chernobyl. The BBC should be informing viewers: No country in the world will admit you and yours if your family get showered with nuclear power station poison as the parents of Natasha and Vadim did. Ministers of the Crown who are quite happy to risk doing this to you and your children are nothing more than criminal lunatics.

Nuclear Power:    top#tes

   Mugging The Taxpayer

[Image][Image]The fatal contents of Britain's aging nuclear waste pools like these two will have to be closely guarded for the next one-thousand-years AT LEAST. Which means the Public Purse will be raided to pay for building new, multi-billion, storage pools, ponds and ancillary plant, every fifty-years or so, starting anytime now.  The old pools, ponds & plant will then need to be encased in glass and buried, which means the Public Purse will again be looted to pay for building more hideously expensive nuclear waste encasing plants and building more & more-hideously-expensive-land-eating-nuclear-waste-dumps to bury the used nuclear plant!

Think about the carbon dioxide emissions that will shortly be emitted by the re-building program needed to "keep safe" the fatal waste in the above nuclear pools. And you can see why "government experts" who say nuclear power will curb global warming should be smacked on the head with a fifteen-pound-sledge-hammer -  at least twice. 

Building sea-power, solar-power and offshore-wind-power-systems will reduce future electricity bills. Who but an Enemy Of The British State would build potential Chernobyl's to produce more fatal nuclear waste to rob the British taxpayer of untold billions? Can you wonder why British Pensions are so low when the Queen orders limitless billions of taxpayers money into her family's nuclear companies.
note.  Nuclear Lizzy's Sellafield now has 5,000 times more nuclear poison ready to go environmental than Chernobyl ever had.

The way forward for Britain and the British people starts with reducing our Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction. Not increasing them.
Make no mistake; those who would build more soft nuclear targets in this green and pleasant land are the real terrorists.

Nuclear Power:
Perpetual Waste Of Taxpayer's Money

Hanford nuclear waste dump is a manmade nightmare. With wet and dry nuclear waste plots sprawling over 500 square miles of Washington State.
In 1986 Hanford's two-inch-thick-steel high level waste tanks were found to be leaking.
Congress quickly ordered a Thirty-Year-One-Trillion-Dollar clean-up.
But this is like painting the Forth Bridge. In 30 years time, the clean-up will have to start all over again! The cost at that stage will be astronomical. Unlike that marvellous Scots bridge which simply needs a coat of paint. Hideously expensive nuclear waste tanks get eaten away by the fatal waste they contain.

The Columbia River, home of the Grand Coulee Dam, is now at risk from Hanford's "nuclear seepage." 
Poured into a water reservoir - ten gallons of the plutonium liquid waste stored in high level tanks, like those below, would poison the water supply to the average size city. Apart from the poisoned citizens, every building with a water supply would have to be buried as nuclear waste.

Steel-fixers at Hanford nuclear waste complex, Washington State, working on the mat for new (hideously expensive) nuclear waste tanks.

Hanford Cock-Up's Continue Today

( waste tanks also see page 15 - Mountain Girls )

Her Majesty has ordered her Ministers to build ten totally needless new nuclear power stations. Her Majesty's
cousin Mr Bush has already allocated $13 BILLION TAX DOLLARS for "new nuclear build." The cousins will of course deny they mostly own and totally control the nuclear companies receiving an endless supply of the taxpayers billions. 
Her Majesty's
White Paper (January 10, 2008) confirmed Her Majesty's
Government (that's you, the taxpayer) will pay the extra cost if private company estimates for building nuclear power stations are wrong.
In short; when the Queen's business partners say.
"Sorry. The cost for Sizewell C will be
£10 Billion and not the £2 Billion we said."
The Public Purse, that should be used for better pensions ect., will be raided to pay the Queen's cartel.
The same private companies will also be able to cap their liabilities. Leaving the honest taxpayer once again to foot the multi-billion-pound-bill when present, palpably dishonest, estimates for future
nuclear-waste- storage and decommissioning treble or quadruple.
No other type of electricity production can incur these horrendous "back-end" never-ending-extra-costs.

Fatal waste producing potential Chernobyl's
are absolutely guaranteed to increase your electricity bills and that's the very least damage they will do.
You would need to be born into the royals-fairy-tale-world, destined to live and die on other-peoples-money in palaces surrounded by hundreds of fawning servants and armed guards, to be able to ignore what happened at Chernobyl.  

More Chernobyl's?  J  No Thanks Nuclear Lizzy


Here's some weasel words from Her Majesty's Government designed to steal endless billions of Public Money if we let Nuclear Lizzy build anymore Chernobyl's in Great Britain.

White Paper January 10, 2008

Paragraph 3.52 states:
"If the protections we are putting in place through the Energy Bill prove insufficient, in extreme circumstances the Government may be called upon to meet the costs of ensuring the protection of the public and the environment". In short, the multi-billion cost over-runs that accompany all and every "nuclear new build" will be paid by YOU the taxpayer. Instead of going to schools and hospitals billion after billion of public funds will go to the Queen's nuclear stations that will create evermore multi-billion-pound-bills for the taxpayer to pay for storing the waste.
Only a Minister of the Nuclear Crown could fail to see the protection of the British and our green and pleasant land is best served by rejecting the Queen's insane plan for ten, hideously expensive, potential Chernobyls.
The latest weasel words also tell you what the Head of State really thinks about her subjects who pay for her family to live in obscene luxury surrounded by armed guards and seven hundred servants.
 Paragraph 2.66 states:
"We have not estimated a monetary value that might be associated with potential accidents."  In short. A Nuclear 9/11 would close the Bank of England.
In the wake of a nuclear disaster the Queen's subjects will be left to die like Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison. The Queen and her cronies will retire to their private-palm-fringed-islands. From where they will lease-out Great Britain as a nuclear pelting farm.
Thirty-years-ago the infant Greenpeace organization warned that one day
Britain could become "The World's Nuclear Dustbin". Her Majesty's
White Paper, January 10, 2008 was written to bring that day closer. The royals and their land-owning cronies (the Establishment) actually stand to profit from leasing-out
Great Britain as an international nuclear dump.

                   A Little History

In 1939 over one million acres of Great Britain were commandeered for battle troop training. Farm owners, home owners, village tenants and tenant farmers received seven days notice of their coming evictions. Crown Notification Order(s) carried the enlightening explanation. 'Emergency Powers Act: All Land And Property Reverts To The Crown.' 
After WW2 old established landowners received ample compensation (tax-payers money). Ninety-nine-point-nine-percent, of all those evicted, received sweet nothing. 1986. The accident at Chernobyl scattered 70 tons of nuclear waste. Fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Two million had to leave the area. We now have over 900,000 tons of nuclear waste stored at Sellafield. Sizewell B which the Queen ordered in 1989, three years after Chernobyl is now adding to the problem.
Should the Suicide Club pay a flying visit to Her Majesty's
nuclear dustbin every square inch of Britain will become unfit for human habitation. Not that that would worry the royals - who have escape planes standing-by for just such an event.
The main beneficiary of Britain’s nuclear industry is the Crown. To be precise; forty-seven members of the so-called "royal family," who, through the royal maze of banker \ nominee’s, own the controlling interest, or are heavily invested in every type of nuclear outfit operating in Great Britain.
As all land reverts to the Crown, in whatever the Crown decides is an emergency, who do you think will profit most if Sellafield's plutonium hits-the-fan and turns Great Britain into an International Nuclear Dump?

Below: What we have to lose to nuclear power.


below, Part of Chernobyl's back-yard - the size of Wales.

 above, Abandoned equipment used in the attempted clean-up of the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident.
The plan was to "bury everything including all the contaminated equipment" but the clean-up itself had to be abandoned when the clean-up workers became to sick to work. 
Hundred's of nuclear poisoned collective farms, 2,000 towns & villages had to be abandoned
forever. One-hundred-and-thirty-people-per-square-mile used to live around Chernobyl, mostly farmers. Now there is nothing but 800 shallow nuclear waste dumps containing everything from library books to spare back axles. Half of these dumps were never properly covered.
Above ground you'll find radioactive
boats, trucks, helicopters, earthmovers, tractors and trailers used in the attempted clean-up; and scores of Moscow & Kiev city buses used in the evacuation. Anything that grows here now grows mutated. Shit for brains nuclear apologists say this can't happen in Britain.

In case the lid comes off Sellafield or Sizewell B.
The royal family have escape-planes standing-by 24/7 


"Nuclear New Build"

The Usual Progress

March 2009. The much talked-up "nuclear new build" at Olkiluoto, Finland continues pouring other-peoples-money down the nuclear drain.
The same way the cost of building Sizewell B went from
£M450 to £2.9 Bn. The Finnish Folly is firmly set on the same criminal path. In May 2007 the publicized "final cost of €2.5 Billion" was "revised-up to 4 Billion". 
As off March 2009 the final cost was revised-up to  6.6 Billion
. This figure is expected to double!
The Finnish media are speculating the new estimate could easily double as the "nuclear new build" has now "failed its building standards inspection on over 1,000 separate counts!" And all these faults despite the "nuclear new build" being three-years behind its building schedule.
It was the French media that revealed the other-peoples-money to finance the Finnish Folly came from
the French taxpayer in the guise of 610 Million Export Credit. Iffy, back-door, State Aid (now being investigated by the EU) and a dubiously cheap bank loans. Most of which could be re-called and thereby end the project. Leaving the Finnish taxpayer with billion's of Euros to pay for sweet Fanny Adams. Not by a very, very long chalk the first nuclear stitch-up.
The French nuclear giant Areva are responsible for this latest criminal waste of time and money in the pervert's pursuit of totally needless nuclear power stations. 
Even pro-nuclear Finnish politicians are voicing their anger at Areva for farming-out parts of the nuclear engineering contract to Polish cheap labour. Not surprisingly Her Majesty's
Government will employ the French cowboy outfit Areva in the building of build Sizewell C. The first of ten potential Chernobyl's Nuclear Lizzy is plotting to build in Great Britain.

After Three Mile Island nearly poisoned Pennsylvania in 1979 an honest Head Of The British State would have turned Sellafield and Dounreay into safe-energy-system production centers. Safe, cheap power is obviously not what Nuclear Lizzy wants. 
To continue ignoring the insane dangers of operating nuclear stations after the lessons of
Chernobyl gives you some idea how much the Queen cares about the British and how much she values her nuclear profits.

Chernobyl 2011 Pripyat. One of 2,000 nuclear ghost towns around Chernobyl. 
Pripyat, is still too radioactive to demolish. The dust would kill the demolition crews. The town of Pripyat is the same size as Dover in Kent; the Garden of England. 


Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown

Ordered in 1965 for £M90, the nuclear reactor at Dungeness B, South East Kent should have opened in 1972. Fundamental design flaws that accompany all "nuclear new build" made it obvious the project should be cancelled. But, like Sizewell B, it was built with the taxpayer’s (your) money. The Queen’s ministers kept pouring your money into their nuclear companies until Dungeness B was finally declared open - in 1989!  Seventeen years late!!!  Mrs Thatcher told Parliament the project had cost the taxpayer £M409 instead of the £M90 originally estimated. As usual Mrs Thatcher was lying. The true cost, with the labour costs Mrs Thatcher omitted, was well over £1 BILLION. A nice little earner for Crown controlled nuclear outfits. And another royal insult to the honest taxpayer. 
After the time and taxpayers money wasted on Dungeness B only the Queen’s nuclear-cartel could have conspired to pour £2.9 Bn (Three Millennium Domes) into building another in Suffolk - Sizewell B. The year before Sizewell B was ordered, 1988, British reactors had already produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next three centuries. By which times ‘nukes’ will be as relevant as crossbows. So, why would anyone order another bomb factory at Sizewell B in 1989! Three years after Chernobyl!  If not for base financial gain?

The Royal Agenda

Since 1979, when the brand new reactor at Three Mile Island proved a nuclear accident would wipe-out a small country like Britain, Privatization (selling-off public assets for private profit) has been the only visible policy pursued by Her Majesty's
Tory and Labour Governments.

The Queen gave her favourite "creative accountant" John Major and the Enron director Lord John Wakeham the job of privatizing nuclear power. This particular privatizing
rip-off sold nuclear stations, that cost the taxpayer £25 bn to build, to city spiv’s for £1.2 bn!
Having shed the nuclear millstone Her Majesty's
Government could have built safe, cheap, clean power systems. But no. Ministers of the Crown were ordered to continue giving billions of the taxpayers money to "privatized" potential Chernobyl's!?
From a royal point of view. Safe-power-systems means the end of obscene profits from oil, gas and nuclear pollution. Costing one millions of unearned income per day! And one wouldn't want that! Would one?


Megga?   WHAT'S?

 1 kilowatt hour will power a one bar electric fire.

 1 megawatt hour will power 1,000 one bar electric fires  

 1 gigawatt hour will power one million one bar electric fires 

2007. Worldwide, there are only 300,000 megawatts coming from 439 nuclear stations. Installing these 300,000 megawatts cost five as much per megawatt as installing oil, coal or gas or hydro.
Hermann Scheer Energy Autonomy

In line with Her Majesty's
Government claim that Iraq could mushroom London within 45 minutes.

Toady Blair's swan-song was the false claim that we need more nuclear power stations to save the environment! Only a time-served-palace-fool like Blair could ignore the fact that increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon
dioxide emissions.

Royal Orders

Despite the danger of a Nuclear 9\11 now that we have suicidal squads now living amongst us.
Despite the dangers of a Chernobyl type accident
Despite forty years of proven financial insanity of building and running nuclear power stations.
Despite the fact that increasing the production of everlasting nuclear waste automatically rules out any possibility that nuclear power can save future carbon dioxide emissions,
Ministers of the Crown have been ordered to build more nuclear power stations.
The Queen's nuclear proliferation White Paper 10 Jan 2008. Has nothing to do with keeping the lights on or the Defence Of The Realm. Building more Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction has everything to do with being born congenitally insane, obscenely rich and repulsively fucking greedy.   

2009. A small part of Chernobyl's backyard, the size of Wales, where time has stopped.

So many Soviet soldiers and civilian labourers drafted into Chernobyl became terminally ill, working in the uranium-fall-out, the attempted Chernobyl clean-up was ended after eighteen months. Billions of Dollars worth of uranium-fall-out contaminated earthmoving, transport and building equipment had to be abandoned along with the poisoned land - forever.

Its important to remember Chernobyl was a steam explosion. A nuclear explosion would have lifted the other three reactors. Its also important to remember the "monarchy" has billions invested in uranium mines.

"The institution of royalty 
is an insult to the human race"
Mark Twain

Nuclear Power J No Thanks Lizzy

Sixty-percent of the buildings on the one-mile-long Sellafield site have now been classed as Nuclear Waste. Taking nuclear profiteers out of the loop by developing wind, sea and solar power is the only sensible way forward.

The Safe Way Forward
“Renewable energy” means safe, clean, cheap energy


Near-shore 100ft high turbines cost  £M2 each. The £M348 slated for safe energy (White Paper 24 Feb. 2003) would have been well spent on 174 of these. This would reduce the price of turbines. But this did not happen. Blair was ordered to spread the money between a assortment of energy saving initiatives & safe energy schemes.  And. To make extra sure the royals oil, gas and nuclear profits are in no way reduced, Her Majesty's
Government spread the money out over a period of four years. This guaranteed no real progress towards much cheaper and infinitely safer power supplies for the British taxpayer. 
The Queen's personal fortune (in Swiss & US Trusts) makes at least £M4 every 24 hours. That's £M348 every 87 days. The royals obscene fortune rooted in Arm's & Ammo and the Slave Trade will continue to grow at the same rate irrespective of any British Nuclear disaster.
The fact that a Sellafield accident could end British history has never worried Queen Lizzy. 
Would you worry if you owned land and property all-over the world and had hundreds of billions in foreign banks? 

2002. Her Majesty's
Government allocated £
M2.3 for sea-power development. The same year Camden Council earmarked £M2.9 for refurbishing my local swimming pool - Parliament Hill Fields lido.
Had the Queen directed the development of safe sea-power-systems after Three Mile Island nearly poisoned Pennsylvania in 1979 your electricity bill would be half what is now. The Queen's oil, gas and nuclear profits will always come first, second, third and last - sending energy bills through the roof - as long as the British people tolerate the phony monarchy.

By occupying Iraq to increase their personal oil and arms sales fortunes the Queen and her cousin Mr Bush are provoking the worlds first Plutonium suicide-bomber.   

The Suitcase Plutonium Bomb

Reporter Howard Morland wrote an article on how to make a nuclear bomb. The US Government took him to court for revealing state secrets. Morland won the case by proving the knowledge was freely available to any intelligent person who cared to read Dr. Edward Teller's contribution to Encyclopedia Americana!

 Left. Morland with his model of a portable nuclear bomb outside the US Supreme Court. He wrote the article as a warning that we were producing far too much plutonium to control. 'It is inevitable' he warned 'terrorists will acquire the ultimate weapon to hit any one of our nuclear power plants.' 

Unfortunately plutonium is the product of vile Heads of State using an endless supply of taxpayers money cosily covered by a surfeit of criminal State Secrets Act's. Vile Heads Of State with their dirty little hands in the taxpayers till continue producing an insane surplus of plutonium ad horrendum. also see At Work In The Fields Of The Bomb. Harper & Row.  R. Del Tredici. &   Britain's Nuclear Nightmare. Sphere Books.  R. Edwards.  1992.  from Amazon.com

The royal family will deny they profit from nuclear waste. But why else would this small island be running potential Chernobyl's like Sellafield above. If not to make money for the degenerate rich who can be out of this country within minutes? 
After 9/11; a leaked in-house Sellafield Report forecast 30,000 deaths from nuclear poisoning within 48 HOURS of a large passenger jet hitting a British Nuclear Target of Mass Destruction. The report failed to mention the nuclear desert such a crash would create. The British media never mention the real danger of nuclear power is an end to British History. The BBC no longer employ anyone who cares if Britain becomes a nuclear desert.


___________   The Special Relationship

The only "special relationship" between Her Majesty's
Government and whoever is in the White House is the contingency plan for a nuclear war dating back to the Cold War.

In the event of a British Nuclear 9/11 American armed forces will implement the immediate evacuation of the royal family. British forces will not be involved because they would realize their families are being abandoned to die of fall-out. The royals would then become bullet riddled toast. The Queen plans to abandon her subjects without so much as a royal wave.  

Pripyat. Home to the workers of Chernobyl and their families (approx 50,000 people) Pripyat was abandoned - forever -  April 27,1986. The Day After the nuclear leak. It's important to remember it was a steam explosion that breached Reactor No 4. A nuclear explosion would have taken the other three reactors up into a mushroom cloud bigger than Hiroshima & Nagasaki put together. The fall-out from which would have poisoned most of Russia.

Safe Power: Rejected By The Queen

offshore-wind    sea-power    solar power  solar update March 21 2009

Feb. 1st 1995. Sizewell B Project Manager Brian George told BBC 2 Newsnight.  ‘Nuclear Electric (now British Energy) has less than half-a-billion insurance to cover nuclear accidents in Britain.’ Divide less than half-a-billion between the ten million living in Sizewell’s Fall-out-zone, (which includes Greater London) and you should see why Sizewell B should not have been built. The fact that the Queen has now ordered Sizewell C gives you how much the Queen cares about the future of Britain and the British. Building safe-power-system's would benefit everyone (other than the nuclear-vested) by saving the trillions the Queen and Mr Bush plan to give their cronies for the building of totally needless Nuclear Targets of Mass Destruction and storing the nuclear waste that no decent person would produce in the first place.


Nuclear Reactors are not built to produce electricity as mindless media repeaters would have you believe. Their sole purpose is the production of nuclear waste. Without which there would be no nuclear bombs, missiles or DU ammo.

 DU - Gulf War Syndrome J No Thanks Lizzy
A referendum on the monarchy would reveal how the Queen has blocked safe-cheap-power-systems for the last forty-years for no other reason than increasing the
royals offshore fortune


April 1986. Clinic No 3 Moscow. Hundreds of firemen who raced to attend Chernobyl died within months. Plane-loads of firemen like this poor man were rushed to radiation specialists in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk - to no avail. Unlike the Emergency Services who rushed to the Twin Towers anyone rushing to a Nuclear 9/11 would be knowingly committing suicide.



Nuclear Power?

No Thanks Nuclear Lizzy



  Nuclear Ghost Towns 2009

Chernobyl was a steam explosion. Had the reactor gone nuclear. This town and it’s 45,000 inhabitants would have disappeared in a mushroom cloud. A nuclear explosion would also have lifted the other three reactors - causing enough uranium, caesium and plutonium fall-out to send most of Russia back to the Stone Age.

Royal Point Of View

All Her Majesty's
Government's have a disgraceful history of ignoring, obstructing and rejecting safe, cheap, clean power-systems. 
Just think of all those dreadful public services running for next to nothing.
All those awful State schools and NHS hospitals not having to pay massive electricity bills! One's energy investments would be worthless. Costing one millions of unearned income per day! And one wouldn't want that! Would one?

Pay Day At The Palace
1979 - 2007. The Queen's Prime Mouthpieces, Margaret Thatcher John Major and Tony Blair became multi-millionaires by doing nothing but yap about the crime rate, pensions, schools, hospitals or public transport. They did absolutely everything for the obscenely rich royal family - who will abandon Britain within minutes of a nuclear accident or attack.
The royal family have  escape planes on stand-by 24 \ 7. There never has been any plans to save the public after a nuclear disaster. As far as the Queen is concerned. Her subjects are already dead.


Prosperity On Hold

Given, safe, cheap power British Industry can produce the cheapest, and the finest, ships, planes, trains, cars, machine-tools, electrical goods and computers in the world. Politically engineered unemployment and the crime it causes can be become a memory. But not until we get rid of the oil and nuclear-vested monarchy. 



Safe Energy

The same year the Danish government made it compulsory for power companies to build clean, safe power systems, 1995, Her Majesty's
Government opened a totally needless nuclear waste station - Sizewell B.

2002-2006. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports., The raw electricity price paid by Danish industry was the lowest in the EU. The Danes actually pay more for their power than we do. This is because their government almost double the raw price of electricity bills with tax. The tax go's to public services but some still grumble. Most Danes are far happier living with a power tax rather than potential Chernobyl's like Sizewell B.  
www.iea.org/     www.windpower.org/    Friends of the Earth     & Greenpeace
 Study the offshore site map at The Crown Estates Offshore Wind Farms  For thirty years these sites were been denied development on the direct orders of the Queen. Had Her Majesty's
Government built offshore wind farms thirty years ago, as advocated by every environmental movement in Britain, Sizewell B would not have been built and Britain's electricity would now be half the price it is.
Safe cheap power is not what the Head Of State wants. The royal family will deny they profit from nuclear outfits like Areva, BNG /Westinghouse, Bechtel and Halliburton. But if that were true, the Queen would have closed down British reactors after Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. Wouldn't She? 
And why else would the Queen order a war on Iraq? Other than the royals investments in arms, oil, uranium mines and DU (Dirty) Ammo? 
Now that Halliburton are running Her Majesty's
nuclear establishments isn't it time we had a referendum on the monarchy?

Royal Planning

UK to rely on explosive liquid gas from the royals Arab pals. 
Instead of directing the profits from our electricity bills into building safe, cheap power-systems here in Britain. The Queen's privatized forieng energy supply outfits will feed billions of our money into oil and gas companies owned by the royal family and their cronies.
above left Feb. 2nd, 2005. Ras Laffan, fifty miles north of Doha. Prince Andy Peado is watching his golfing pal, Qatar's Crown Prince, lay the cornerstone of a $12.8 bn gas project to supply Liquid Natural Gas to Britain. The royals Arab pals will supply fifteen million tons of LNG annually... This explosive shit will be piped ashore at  Milford Haven  where a slight change in the wind direction shoved the oil tanker Sea Empress on the rocks and smashed it open. update 2009

Deadly Cousins

 George W Bush ('Eye’s so close he could get by with a monocle.'  Christopher Hitchens).

    January 2001. Harold Brooks-Baker, of Burke’s Peerage, confirmed George W. Bush (Dubya) is a blood relative of Queen Elizabeth 2 (Snotty Liz). 
It would be naive to think the cousin’s have no mutual interest in global commerce. Those with the most money dictate the political agenda. They can spread the wealth and by so doing stop the bloody wars.
Or proceed like the pair of ghouls above murdering their own and tearing the planet apart for no other reason than increasing their personal obscene wealth.


 217 British coal mines shut-down to suit the Queen's oil, gas and nuclear-vested Establishment.
1975-80 27, 1980-81 9, 1981-82 12, 1982-83 6, 1983-84 15,1984-85 1, 1985-86 27, 1986-87 15, 1987-88 14, 1988-89 6, 1989-90 11, 1990-91 9, 1991-92 15, 1992-93 0, 1993-94 31, 1994-95 1, 1996  4,  1997 0, 1998 2, 1999 2, 2000 2, 2001 0, 2002 2, 2003 2, 2004 3, 2005 1.
Half-a-million miners were flung-out of work to suit the Queen's oil, gas and nuclear investments.


 more deceit   &  waste upon waste  &   nuclear stitch-up 
&     the cheapest way     &   TMI    &  
What Dad Never Knew

Henry Ford actually said:
"History is bunk to them that can't fucking read"

The Need To Know

Britain's worst nuclear power accident, thus far, happened in the core of Britain's first nuclear reactor at Windscale, now called Sellafield.
The small fire, that started on October 10, 1957, illustrated the insanity of building nuclear reactors anywhere near towns or cities.
As the fire intensified the men in charge were faced with two choices.
If they allowed the fire to burn, in the hope it would burn it-self out, the nuclear fuel could melt into a super-critical-mass causing a nuclear explosion larger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together. 
If they attempted to put the fire out by flooding the reactor. The increasing temperature could flash the incoming water into super-heated-steam. Causing a non-nuclear explosion (as would happen at Chernobyl).
Either type of explosion would spread fatal fall-out over the homes of millions, leading to mass evacuations - and a much-devalued £. Rather than do nothing. They flooded the reactor. The gamble paid off.

Ministers Of The Crown, who knew how close the North of England came to becoming a nuclear desert, were also faced with two choices.
They could tell the truth: An accident at the Sellafield plutonium factory will destroy the lives of millions. Therefore, nuclear waste (read bomb) production should be left to our allies in the wide-open spaces of America.
Or they could keep quiet and continue feathering their offshore nests by pouring the taxpayer's billions into Establishment companies supplying and operating Windscale/Sellafield - accountable only to the Queen and her ministers cosily covered by Her Majesty's
Official Secret Act(s).

Between 1957 and 1976 British reactors produced enough nuclear waste/weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years.
By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete.
Although we had more nuclear weapons material than we could ever use, without choking on our own fall-out, the Queen's cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear companies funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers billions.
Memo. The Queen ordered Sizewell B three years after Chernobyl poisoned an area the size of Wales. Unlike most of us the royals, of course, have escape planes standing-by 24/7. 


Her Majesty's
Thirty Year Rule

Her Majesty's
first nuclear bomb factory was built at Windscale on the coast of Cumberland on the edge of Britain's much loved Lake District.
Declassified documents about the 1957 Windscale fire (see The Need To Know above) released under Her Majesty's
Official Secret Act Thirty Year Rule proved what many people had guessed at the time. The fire in Britain's first nuclear reactor started in containers of uranium being irradiated to make Plutonium for Her Majesty's
nuclear weapons companies.
The Queen, who owns several uranium mines ordered her passing Prime Mouthpiece, Harold McMillan, to lie about the amount of nuclear poison released.

Hours into the sixteen-hour-fire Her Majesty's
Government decided not to evacuate everyone living in the envisaged "ten-square-mile danger zone" around Windscale/Sellafield.

It transpires the danger zone (read fall-out-zone) was ten times larger than envisaged. The fall-out poisoned parts of Ireland where the cancer rate subsequently doubled.
People living within two-mile of the fire were showered with ten times the agreed "safe lifetime absorption of radioactivity."
Google  Greenpeace  + Sellafield History    Irish Contamination

The Queen inherited African and Australian uranium mines. Or to be more precise she inherited stolen land under which uranium was later found.

In his very first Prime Minister's Question Time Gordon Brown confirmed Her Majesty's
intention to continue refusing proper investment in safe, cheap power systems in favour of increasing the royal fortune by building more uranium burning Chernobyl's in Great Britain.
Hansard http://www.publications.parliament.  Columns 994-5  
The price of uranium has risen 500% in the last 6 years.




Prince Harry: Lout-About-Town

 Heading home to one of the royals SAS guarded palaces Harry Hewitt often needs his SAS bodyguards to help him from the nightclub into the royal transport.



Christmas Games At The Palace

Queen's Pawn To
Prolong Wars For Profit 

                Big Ears              Harry        Daddy

 As the loutish son of a commoner  Harry Hewitt is a time-bomb ticking under the specious monarchy. Royal history dictates, by one foul method or another, Harry will follow his mum into an early grave. Last year the Queen decided having him body-bagged in Basra would be a bit too bloody obvious. On or about Christmas Eve he was secretly flown out to a secure cave in Afghanistan from where he would later emerge for the designer photo-shoots the Queen had ordered to prolong the illegal wars - started on the back of Mr Bush's 9/11 - for no other reason than Bush/Royal family arms & oil profits.
Poppy profits: click here
The same media
cowards who never tell the truth about 9/11 had no problem not reporting the Queen's pawn had been deployed as a disposable Recruiting Sergeant to prolong the Muslim slaughter-fest started by monumental 9/11 and WMD lies - repeated ad nauseam by the BBC et al.
Judge Dread, the website that gave us Miss Lewinski's little blue dress, got word that Harry like Osama bin Laden had become a cave dweller. And the Terminator photo-shoot was cut short for "safety reasons."
Does Harry know he is a doomed pawn on the Giant Chessboard? No. His mum, God rest her soul, didn't know her arse from her elbow until she was thirty. Its doubtful Harry will make it that far. Granny will probably arrange to have him bumped-off on an overdose or a broken neck on the ski slopes. 

Unlike real soldiers, who return from Afghanistan in body bags unreported by Queen Lizzy’s arse licking media, Harry came home from his mountain cave to a "heroes welcome" from the media and the  photo journal of Harry directing US bombers to drop 500 pound DU (nuclear waste) bombs on innocent men, women and children living at "Taliban Targets."

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) estimate the occupation has driven 2.4 million Afghani's from their homes. Those who stay in DU contaminated area's will lose the ability to conceive.
Harry had been murdering and maiming the same Taliban that Mr Blair and Mr Bush assured us were "eradicated" over three-years-ago.
These are the same Taliban who offered to hand-over Osama bin Laden providing he was given a fair trail in a neutral country. Mr Bush had no intention of giving bin Laden the opportunity to prove Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers and Rice planned and perpetrated 9/11...




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