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Baron Sellafield

Degenerate Crown Servant John Hutton. As the Queen's Business and Enterprise Secretary, John Hutton right, stated "nuclear power is safe, clean and good for the environment". Obviously you need to be fucking barking mad to become a Minister Of The Crown.

The Queen promoted Hutton to Minister of Defence. Putting a complete nincompoop in charge of Nuclear Targets/Weapons Of Mass Destruction gives you some idea how much the Queen really cares about the future of Britain and the British.  (Hutton resigned when the Daily Telegraph began exposing servants of the thieving Crown. Hutton had fraudulently claimed £23, 000 of the taxpayers money). 
The Daily Telegraph described him as "Hutton dressed as lamb."
For his part in increasing the Queen's nuclear waste & weapons profits, the Queen made him a Baron.
Martine Lockheed (where the Queen is a major share-holder) now employ Hutton as a "consultant".
As a member of the Privy Council Hutton now spends his time in the Lords talking up the totally needless Trident submarine. Once a shit always a shit.
Its important to keep tags on active members of the Queen's Privy Council. Bare in mind more than half of them are decoys.
  Added January 23rd 2017: Today we heard how the passing Prime Mouthpiece followed her royal orders to cover-up the Trident Submarine misfiring a nuclear missile.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WlVMeIEYpk 

ADDED October 25th 2017
Theresa May is apparently going to give Hutton some kind of phoney baloney energy job...

The Real Terrorists Part 1

memo The man made element Plutonium 239 (239) is ten thousand times stronger than cyanide. Visible amounts of 239 have a potential killing cycle of 240 thousand years. Not the oft-quoted 24,000 years. The 24,000-year 'half-life,' often heard in politicians' sound bites, only applies to invisible atoms. An eggcup full of 239 atoms will kill anyone - who's daft enough to go anywhere near it - for the next 240,000 years. Plutonium 239 kills 100 cells per minute. The human body contains billions of spare cells. The spare cells are programmed to mend any damage. When the body is invaded with 239 atoms, that can never stop killing cells, the body starts to die faster than nature intended. If the body conceives in this condition the results are horrific.
Splitting 239 atoms as we did in 1945 at Nagasaki, do's not destroy all the atoms. The incredible speed of the blast means many atoms stay intact. When these atoms escape from nuclear power stations they are called Nuclear Contamination or Nuclear Fall-Out. People who promote nuclear power stations are called Fucking Lunatics.

By 1976 Windscale-Sellafield had already stockpiled enough nuclear weapon material to furnish the Armed Services with more warheads than we could ever use. Without choking to death on our own Fall-Out. In the 1976 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution the distinguished nuclear physicist Sir Brian Flowers stated.
"It would be irresponsible and morally wrong to commit future generations to the consequences of fission power."
Sir Brian was well aware that between 1957 and 1976; British reactors had produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete.
The Royal Commission was royally ignored. The Queen's cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear firms operating under Her Majesty's Official Secret Act. Funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers £Trillions.

After Chernobyl leaked some of its poison in 1986 only a greed-stricken inbred royal lunatic would build another Target Of Mass Destruction at Sizewell B (and the proposed Hinkley C).
The Defence of the Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. Soft targets like Sizewell. Sellafield. Torness. Hartlepool. Heysham. Hinkley. Hunterston and Dungeness are Against The Interest Of The State. Anyone who say's otherwise has been born too soon.
It will be many decades before medical science can help these stupid cunts, with a brain transplant. Those who speak in favour of building more Chernobyl's should be shot on sight.

"The institution of royalty  is an insult to the human race"

Mark Twain


May 14, 2009. Nuclear Lizzy's Dounreay Dump.  
Cleaning up Dounreay (the complete waste of taxpayers billions in Caithness, Scotland, will cost the taxpayer at least another £300 million for new facilities to store 200,000 cubic metres of nuclear waste no decent person would have produced in the first place.

May 15,
2009 Nuclear Lizzy's
Sellafield Sieve

A slow leak of radioactive liquid discovered in January has been upgraded to Level 2 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. This particular leak was allegedly discovered the same day that Prime Mouthpiece Brown visited the site and announced the Queen's intention to build new nuclear reactors at Sellafield. The event was initially rated at Level 1 (an 'anomaly') on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), but this has now been upgraded to INES Level 2 ('incident'). In April 2005, a similar leak at Queen Lizzy's Sellafield led to a £500,000 fine. Which the taxpayer, of course, had to pay.











Rosie O'Donnell's Revenge

Court No 1. Manhattan July 28, 2012

On the morning of the third day the leading lawyer for the Prosecution addresses the court.   

"Allow me a few moments to give you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, a brief summary of the evidence I shall be presenting over the next two days. The first expert witnesses you will be hearing from will be the civilian air-traffic-controllers who monitored the four flights in question.

They will testify to the little known fact that none of the alleged hijacks switched on the hijack code. It takes a pilot less than a second to flip the switch on the console in front of him, yet none of the four pilots sent-out the signal that would have told air traffic control a hijack was in progress.
The controller's were alerted to the four flights in question by the loss of normal cockpit radio contact and radio devices, known as transponders, that tell air traffic control the aircrafts position and flight number. These devices mysteriously stopped transmitting from all four flights. 

The controllers testimony will help the jury to decide how and why the jetliners cockpit radios and  transponders suddenly stopped transmitting. 

 I will then ask you to consider the worlds most expensive satellite and radar driven air Defense shield. The North American Air Defense system, better known as NORAD. For what reason did NORAD's fearless fighter squadrons fail to intercept every single one of the four allegedly hijacked jetliners?

Did the US taxpayer really pay nine trillion Dollars for a Defense system that doesn’t work?
Or was North American Air Defense switched-off by the only people who needed North American Air Defense switched-off - the perpetrators of 9/11?

To assist the jury with this question I shall be calling military air-traffic-controllers who were on duty on the morning in question. They will testify as to what they saw on their tracking screens covering the most heavily guarded building in America. The Pentagon. 

The jury will then hear from two of the Lockheed electronic-engineers who, in 1999, upgraded the Pentagon's independent-missile-defense-system, to cover even more airspace over Washington DC.
Their expert evidence will help the jury decide why this completely independent, state-of-the-art, multi-missile-defense-system failed to fire? When, as the Bush administration claimed, a one-hundred-ton rogue jetliner circled overhead and then flew straight at it?

The jury must then decide if America's nine-trillion-Dollar-defense-shield, the Pentagons independent missile-defense-system and the jetliners communications systems were all switched off by the perpetrators of 9/11? And why The 9/11 Commission Report failed to address this elementary question?

I shall then ask you to consider proof of boarding.
The passenger lists for the four flights in question were not subpoenaed by the commissioner's. Without any positive proof of boarding the commissioner's repeated the White House Press Office's unproven identification of the alleged hijackers. 

I will be using the American Airlines and United Airlines passenger lists the commissioner's failed to subpoena and investigate. As you will see, there are no Arabic names on these passenger lists. On 16, September 2001 the Saudi government informed the Bush administration, five of the alleged hijackers were very much alive and had no connection to 9/11. On the 20, September 2001, in a White House meeting requested by President Bush, the Saudi Foreign Minister told President Bush these five names must be removed from US media and US government statements on 9/11.

 President Bush did not remove the five names from White House, Pentagon or US media statements.

 In 2004, instead of calling these five witnesses, the 9/11 commissioner's proceeded as if they had died in 2001 onboard the allegedly hijacked jetliners.

This denial of undeniable bona fide facts would serve as the page-template for the 585 page criminal work of fiction known as The 9/11 Commission Report. All five of those alleged hijackers, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are in this courtroom today. There they are in the public gallery. Five perfectly ordinary men who the Bush  administration and the commissioner’s painted as suicidal fanatics. 

The commissioner's criminal practice of not calling on primary witnesses was applied to great effect to the alleged hijack-gang-leader Mr Mohamed Atta, accused of flying a Boeing 767 jetliner into World Trade Center Tower 1. Again I shall be calling the witnesses the commissioners wilfully ignored. The jury will hear Boeing 767 flying instructor's testify, it takes 12 to 14 months to train a fully qualified 747 pilot to fly a 757 and then 6 to 8 months to train a fully qualified 757 pilot up to a 767.
At the same time the jury will see four Boeing 767 Simulator Training Films featuring four experienced light aircraft pilots. These four individuals were each given control of a 767 simulator at 30,000 feet and asked to land the plane without being given any further instruction. All four lost control before finding the airport. These four films, made for instructor training purposes in 1999, prove how any untrained person trying to fly a 767 very soon loses control and falls to earth. In short ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Mr Atta had more chance of having a baby than navigating a Boeing 767 into a specific target, here in Manhattan, in the great city of New York. 

Equally absurd is the claim that the alleged hijacker Mr Hani Hanjour, took-over a Boeing 757. As with Mr Atta, there is documented evidence that Mr Hanjour's piloting skills were next to none. The jury will see the actual records of Mr Atta's and Mr Hanjour's abortive attempts to learn to fly. The 9/11 commissioner's, who did not call upon Boeings expert opinion of the alleged hijackings, also ignored the flying schools evidence and repeated the bizarre Bush Press Office claim that Mr. Hanjour flew Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

The claim that anyone could navigate a 757 at over five-hundred-miles-per-hour two-feet above the Pentagon lawn is more than the usual Bush White House fact-free-statement. It is a physical impossibility.

The jury will hear from aeronautical engineers how big jets create their own air cushion. At five-hundred-miles-per-hour that cushion forces a 757 to stay sixty-feet above the ground. Not the two-feet the Bush Press Office and The 9/11 Commission Report claimed.

You will then hear from construction engineers how the Pentagon wall was damaged and why that damage could not, by any stretch of the imagination, have been caused by a flying object the size of a 757. The jury will see the very first photographs and TV News footage showing there never was a Boeing 757 crash at the Pentagon. You will then hear the very first press photographer's on the scene testify to that fact.

I will then call upon some of the hundreds of Pentagon employee's who are ready to testify to the fact that there was no jetliner or any jetliner wreckage at the Pentagon. What they did see was a round hole in the ground floor wall and plumes of black smoke emerging from inside the building indicating a missile had penetrated the wall. These witnesses will also testify they did not fail to come forward at the time. They were interviewed and documented by the Bush administration and from that day forward totally ignored. Three years later they were interviewed and documented by the commissioner's and once again their eye witness accounts were recorded only to be totally ignored thereafter.

The jury will next hear from the designers and engineers who actually built the World Trade Center. These eminent men will explain why the impact of aircraft would have been as inconsequential to the Twin Towers structural integrity as a broken window would be to The Little House On The Prairie.

The World Trade Center architects and engineers will testify that they, like the Pentagon staffers, were interviewed by the Bush administration and later by the commissioner's only to see their sworn testimony locked away and never used in public evidence.  

Ignoring the very existence of American Construction Laws the Bush Press Office and then the commissioner's reported the towers collapsed due to the heat of the jet-fuel-fires melting the steel-floor-girders causing the floors to "pancake" one-on-top-of-the-other. The jury will hear America's leading steel construction engineers explain how "pan-caking" could only happen if American skyscrapers were held together with Sellotape.

The jury will then hear from psychics professors and fire engineers how jet-fuel-fires cannot melt steel girders. At the same time you will see fire department film's, made over the last twenty-years, proving that jet-fuel-fires have never and will never melt steel girders.

I will then call upon New York Fire-fighters, share-dealers, word-processors, IT specialists, bankers, office-managers, janitors, cooks and cleaners. All of who were lucky to escape from the Twin Towers.
These witnesses will testify how they heard, felt and saw massive explosions in the basements and lower floors that could not have been caused by the fires at the top of the buildings. They will explain how their evidence was ignored by the Bush administration who offered them millions of dollars to
stay silent. How they were ridiculed by the Bush controlled media when they refused to be bribed and how they were then ignored by The 9/11 Commission Report.

The jury will next hear from laser beam scientists and demolition experts, both military and civilian, who will confirm that what the media filmed, as it actually happened, was controlled-demolitions aided by laser beams.

I will then ask you to consider the removal and disposal abroad of the damaged steel remaining at Ground Zero.
This unprecedented, illegal, removal of tens of thousands-of-tons of evidence from the crime scene prevented chemical analysis that would have determined which type of energy beams and which type of explosives were used to pulverise the towers into dust.

I shall then call World Trade Center employee’s who will explain how it was possible for demolition crews to infiltrate the buildings and prepare the cavities for the necessary tons of explosives. An operation that took four to five weeks. The employee's will testify the buildings alarms and security camera systems were completely disconnected, ostensibly for main cable replacement, in the six weeks prior to 9/11.
They will also testify to the fact that security dogs, used to sniff-out possible explosives since the towers car-park bomb in 1993, were withdrawn a week before 9/11.

The jury will then hear testimony from ex-employee’s of the Securacom company. Securacom was responsible for guarding the WTC. Securacom was mostly owned by two principle directors. The President’s brother Marvin Bush and the Presidents cousin Wirt Walker. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury may not be surprised to hear the 9/11 commissioner's did not examine this central question of precisely who controlled access to the WTC? As with the missing fighter intercepts and the missing proof of boarding the commissioner's failed to seek or consider any evidence pointing to who, precisely, conspired to commit cold-blooded-mass-murder of our fellow citizens on the morning of September 11, 2001.

I shall then be calling America's senior aviation crash investigators who will testify, the Boeing 757's designated Flight 77 and Flight 93 did not crash in Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Anymore than did the Boeing 767's designated Flight 11 and Flight 175 hit the Twin Towers - as the Bush administration and The 9/11 Commission Report both claimed.

The jury will hear how investigators found planted aircraft parts but no credible 767 parts belonging to Flights 11 and 175 were found at Ground Zero.
No credible 757 parts were found at the Pentagon belonging to Flight 77.

And no credible 757 parts, belonging to Flight 93, were found in the much photographed field in Pennsylvania .

The jury will then see and hear eye-witness and photographic evidence proving the planes that hit the towers were not Flights 11 and 175 but remote controlled drones painted in airline colours.

Had the commissioner's examined these known discoveries in 2004 they would have started from the certain knowledge that 9/11 was not the work of suicidal martyrs.
This most heinous crime against America had nothing to do with foreign misfits or indeed foreigners of any hue. The perpetrators of 9/11 had to be able to rig the towers ready for demolition.
Set-up the homing beacons for the lasers and the look-a-like drones to home-in on. Effectively shut down or divert NORAD's awesome fighter squadrons. Replace the jetliners with the look-a-like drones and unplug the much vaunted surface-to-air missile-racks in Washington DC. Only Bevis and Butthead could believe 9/11 was put together by a gang of misguided paradise seeker's in the Afghan mountains - as the Bush administration and the 9/11 commissioners ridiculously claimed.

Examining the available evidence in 2004 would have brought The 9/11 Commission Report to the only credible conclusion. And that is. The perpetrators of 9/11 electronically hijacked and disposed-of the missing jetliners in the same premeditated cold blood as they disposed-of the Twin Towers.
By ignoring the available evidence the commissioner's are every bit as guilty as the perpetrators.

The perpetrators of 9/11 and the authors of The 9/11 Commission Report proceeded on the premise they could treat the American public as imbeciles who would never be able to figure-out what happened."

July 4,

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Now that you have heard all the evidence from myself and my learned friends you will shortly retire to consider your verdict. The United States Of America must now wash it's hands of these vile, sadistic mass-murderers. America must now move on. The sooner we can forget George W. Bush ever existed the happier the whole wide world will be. I ask you now to find the accused. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and their ninety-two main conspirators. Guilty on the following counts.

Guilty Of High Treason By Gross Election Fraud And Conducting Two Illegal Government's From 2001 - 2004 & 2004 - 2009.

Guilty Of High Treason By Premeditated Mass Murder For The Purpose Of Starting Illegal War’s For Base Personal Financial Gain. 

Guilty Of High Treason By Spending $1 Trillion  American Taxpayer’s Money On Creating Anti-American Terrorists.

Guilty Of Unprecedented High Treason Against We The People By Ignoring Our Founding Father’s Constitution And Everything Our Founding Father’s Stand For.

There can be no other outcome to this trial than the death sentence for the bestial Bush Family Gang of cold-blooded-mass-murderers who brought shame and disgrace to America in a way none of us had previously thought possible." 

Demented Bush apologist Bill O’Reilly, who had found it expedient to move aboard, predicted the trial would last two years and the Bush cabal would walk. The trial actually lasted five weeks. All ninety-six found Guilty of Unprecedented High Treason Against We The People were executed on live TV, so justice could be seen to have returned to The United States Of America.

For Conspiring With The Enemy Of We The People Interpol Warrants were issued for Bush Gang pond life like Bill O’Reilly and the former "News Editors" of ABC, BBC, NBC, CNN, FOX and CBS.

Police caught up with O’Reilly in a Bangkok child brothel. He died in a crowded police cell after repeatedly banging his head on the cell's stone walls. The other prisoners in the cell said 'it was quiet pleasant watching him bang his head after listening to his raving mad opinions for twelve hours.' Bangkok Police recorded his death as 'natural causes.'  

Jim Hutchinson © For Rosie 2007

Had Osama bin Laden's gang been responsible for 9/11. A person fit to be called President of America would have fuel-air-bombed bin Laden's Afghan camps while the towers were still burning. Bin Laden would have been shown to the world as a DNA sample in a test tube. Terrorists would have learned not to mess with America. The outrageous cover-up of 9/11 facts by the controlled media (who sacked Rosie for saying the official story was a lie) proves 9/11 was carried out by the same congenital thugs who stole the White House by fixing the Florida ballot and bribing Supreme Court Judges.


Trial Notes For You The Jury



The President's Gobby Mom

Barbaric Bush, who conceived the mass murderer
George W. Bush,
displays her inbred insanity
when she suggests she has a beautiful mind! 


Tell this Iraqi child about "Iraqi Freedom"


The dead and wounded we see every day are only half the story. The media neglect to report the spectacular rise in birth defects and cancers in young Iraqi's due to British and American made DU ammunition (made of nuclear waste) embedded in the Iraqi environment - since the 1991 Gulf War. The barbaric Bush family have now purchased the best part of 100,000 acres in Paraguay after receiving written assurances from the government that Paraguay would NOT hand over US citizens accused of war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. 


Bush Story



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