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Springtime in Yorkshire

The billionaire's open letter to the Queen was published by all the worlds alternative news outlets. The worlds Fake Media ignored it. The letter stated:


I am returning my knighthood and other palace ribbons.

Having spent the last five years earning a first in History I have discovered the royal family have always been a vile, inbred collection of unctuous parasites. Who no decent person should support.

Since your coronation in 1953 you have banked ŁTrillions, in offshore tax havens, your profits from your control of Britain's energy bills.

From the start of your reign you have allocated pennies per-year to developing safe power systems while giving tens of billions of taxpayers money per-year to Crown owned companies building nuclear power stations and nuclear waste reprocessing plants.

In 1979 you ignored the fact that Three Mile Island nuclear power station nearly poisoned the State of Pennsylvania.

In 1986 you ignored the fact that Chernobyl nuclear power station permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales.

In 2011 you ignored the fact that Fukushima nuclear power station began poisoning the Pacific Ocean.

Just to prove you have no interest in Britain and the British you and your French and Chinese business partners are presently building another Three Mile Island/Chernobyl/Fukushima on the Somerset coast at Hinkley Point.

In view of the above facts I have started a campaign to abolish the Monarchy.
The campaign will by funded by me, many of my fellow billionaires and the general public.


The package containing the letter and the ribbons had been delivered to Buck House post room at the same time copies of the letter arrived at the post rooms at Sandringham and Balmoral.
All three palace's have live-in MI5 officers who monitor the palaces anti-bugging systems. They also open all mail sent to the royal family using bombproof equipment. MI5 assured the Queen the letter would be studiously ignored by the controlled media. BBC et al would flood the airwaves with infantile verbal vomit of how nice the royals are. vg9,Without reminding anyone the tax payer pays all the royals bills. Buck House Press Office had only one snotty comment on the letter: "There has always been opposition to the Monarchy. No more comments are necessary".

North Yorkshire

Two vile servants of the vile Crown, in their blue bibs, immediately crossed the road as Paul drove his Winnebago Chieftain into the farmers field - to the delight and applause of some one hundred Water Protection Officers camped in the field. Paul was shaking hands with everyone when the blue bibs pushed their way through the cheering crowd and offered their hands. “Are you out of your tiny minds?' said Paul. 'I don't shake hands with traitors”.  The crowd went wild.
Paul's camera, legal and security teams were now arriving - in an impressive of fleet of designer built motor-homes and HGV's. The farmer began sorting out the parking in his fallow fields.
It was a bright cold day at KM8 and Common Sense was coming home.

Paul's convey had live-streamed its arrival at KM8 from its own drones. On the  white roofs of the camera equipment trucks were three words painted in black. THE TRUTH TRAIN.
A two minute clip of the aerial view was being shared by real news channels around the world. Another two minute clip from the camp also going viral. An hour after the convoy parked-up Paul went live on a world-wide web of channels to announce his new company called Water Guards.
"If like me and my friends.' Paul said. 'You wish to stop the Queen poisoning Britain's water supply with forty-thousand Fracking Wells. Please join us and become a Water Guard. Just turn up at any Water Protection / Anti Fracking Camp and sign up". Holding up an A3 booklet Paul continued. "This is the Water Guards Handbook, in ten pages this booklet explains the Queen's plan to drill 40,000 two mile deep mine shafts and 160,000 extraction tunnels. Once the gas is extracted the tunnels will be used to dump nuclear waste from Crown owned and controlled nuclear sites like Sellafield. For the last sixty three years Members of Her Majesties Parliament have sworn their allegiance to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors. Members of Her Majesties Parliament do not swear their allegiance to the NHS the railways or anything else Great Britain really needs. The only way we can stop the royal plan to turn Great Britain into an International Nuclear Waste Dump is to rid ourselves of the royals and change Her Majesties Parliament to The British Parliament. We can do this by revolution or referendum." 

The Water Guards Handbook

Part One: Her Majesties Infrastructure Act 2015...

Once the gas is extracted from two and three mile extraction tunnels, left, the Queen has passed a Law enabling fracking companies to fill extraction tunnels with nuclear waste from Her Majesties nuclear dumps like Sellafield...

Despite BBC et al habitually distracting the public with stomach turning "news presenters" pouting sycophantic royal tripe about the coming royal wedding while totally ignoring what is really happening in Britain, by May 4th every road and lane around every fracking site was blocked solid by people who wished to sign up as Water Guards.  

Evening May 4th. Much to Paul and everyone else's surprise Brian May appeared out of the mist driving his Winnebago Chieftain. Brian, well known for opposing foxhunting, told Paul after watching the real news channel Ukcolunm for the last twelve months he was about to put his palace ribbon up for sale on eBay. Brian had years of experience talking to degenerates who enjoy ripping defenceless animals apart for pleasure, he reminded the millions of people now watching the Water Guard Channel that Her Majesties Police Service protect illegal fox hunters and attack hunt protesters with the same violence they attack old ladies protesting Her Majesties fracking sites. 
Early next morning Honour Blackman arrived at KM8 on the back of a black Harley Goldstar. For thirty years the palace had offered her palace ribbons which she loudly refused. Born in the east end Honour knew how the much the Queen had done for Londoners - absolutely fuck all.
She was live streamed as she told the crowd her opinion of "Queen Elizabeth The Useless". Honour stated she had come to congratulate Paul and Brian and join their cause to stop fracking and abolish the parasites who profit from fracking and call themselves royal. She told the internet. "All this infantile nonsense about Harry Hewitts wedding bringing in billions of pounds to the British economy is typical BBC, Buck House Press Office lies'. The security for this parasites wedding will cost, the taxpayer, twenty times the amount of any so called enhanced tourist revenue". 

By May 7th very few people were watching ITV, SKY Ch 4 and least of all BBC Fake News.
Everywhere you looked people were learning the truth about the Queen's fracking plan on their smart phones. For the first time the British public were seeing the real reasons for "Austerity" explained by real news reporters - mainly on ukcolunm which was now a 24 hour seven day a week operation on countless internet channels... 

The Collapse of Fake News

Ukcolunm and similar channels made millions of royal family supporters aware of how the Queen as Head Of State had always intended to distribute every penny collected in taxes to her own companies through a maze of nominees.
They were not best pleased. Their first reaction was to demand a refund for the decades of deceit perpetrated on a daily basis by BBC News. The BBC website crashed as hundreds of thousands tried to cancel their licenses on line. Protesters waving their TV Licenses gathered outside hundreds of main post offices demanding refunds. The corporation that covered up for the child rapist Jimmy Savile for forty years was now in turmoil. Before the post office protests turned into full scale riots the BBC Board agreed they were unable to keep the royal lie going any longer. In an effort to make people watch the BBC again the Board decided to scrap the TV License. They promised refunds as soon as possible. The damage however was done. The public were now fully aware of the BBC's part in covering up for the parasites who call themselves royal...


this page iswork in progress. Hutch, 2018


Memo: The royal family have had escape planes on stand-by 24 hours-a-day seven-days-a-week since the Russians tested their first Atomic Bomb in 1949. In the event of a British Nuclear disaster helicopters will land in the palace grounds, be it Balmoral, Sandringham or Buck House to ferry the royals to RAF Northolt or RAF Lossiemouth on the first leg of their journey to one of their private palm-fringed islands in the Indian Ocean. As far as the Queen is concerned you and yours are already dead.

Members of Her Majesties Parliament swear their allegiance to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors. Members of Her Majesties Parliament DO NOT swear their allegiance to the NHS the railways or anything else Great Britain really needs. The only way we can stop the royal plan to turn Great Britain into an International Nuclear Waste Dump is to rid ourselves of the royals and change Her Majesties Parliament to The British Parliament. We can do this by revolution or referendum. And we all know Referendum's are ignored.










old stuff

Jean Charles de Menezes

Running Man: Was Not Running

To earn more than he could in Brazil, 27 year-old electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes obtained a student visa to “study” in London. Where the Queen's black economy (cash-in-hand) is booming as never before.

Friday 22, July 2005
. London's top cop, Sir Ian Blair, told a press conference Menezes had been shot dead after being challenged in the street and running into Stockwell Tube Station. The public were led to believe he leapt over the ticket barrier wearing a bulky coat that could have concealed a bomb and ran down the escalator and onto a waiting train.

Tuesday 16th August 2005. A whistle-blower provided ITV News with the official police report which proves Sir Ian Blair is as proficient a liar as you would expect.
Stockwell’s CCTV security camera's show Menezes strolling into the station wearing jeans and a thin jean jacket. He picks up a copy of the free newspaper Metro and then used his Oyster travel card to pass through the barrier.

He then strolls to the escalator blissfully unaware an order had been issued to kill him.
The police report reveals the order was given after he left the block of flats where he lived in Scotia Road, Tulse Hill. A police surveillance team and a firearms team were watching the block. They believed two of the occupants were "terrorists".


The armed officer filming the exit door say's he failed to record Menezes leaving the building because he was taking a leak. The existence of such a film would be proof positive of homicidal criminal negligence by Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, who was directing the anti-terrorist-team from Scotland Yard.

The missing film from the exit door undoubtedly shows Menezes, who happened to look like one of the suspects.
While following Menezes to Stockwell station another member of the armed surveillance team reported by radio the suspect had “Mongolian eyes.”  This was taken as confirmation he was one of two suspects. And Menezes fate was sealed.

Shortly after the shooting, eye witness Mark Whitby, who was sat on the train reading the paper, said Menezes was shot dead after he half tripped and was half pushed to the floor as he and three pursuers rushed into the carriage. Whitby told his story to the BBC, Sky and ITV outside Stockwell station. This then became the official version. Running man shot by mistake. All very tragic but no one to blame.  see  'They unloaded five shots

According to the police report; Menezes was actually sat down when armed police rushed into the carriage. He stood up and was forced back into the seat by a member of the police team. An as yet unnamed witness, in the report, who was sat opposite, states Menezes was then shot at close range - in the head.

Mark Whitby probably didn’t see Menezes entering the train. Hearing the commotion he would have looked up from his paper. He reported what he saw. Menezes, apparently being held to the floor by two police officers while another fired at his head with a black automatic (After Menezes had been shot in the head while being held in the sitting position). Mark Whitby counted five shots.

The police report states eleven shots were fired. Three missed, one went into Menezes shoulder and seven into his head.
Days after the shooting Scotland Yard sent a senior officer to Brazil with a legal document for the Menezes family. The document offered them money in exchange for their silence. This kind of unspeakable insult began with buying the silence of the relatives of 911 victims.
The Menezes family will not go gently. They want justice not money. They know as had Menezes been a playmate of Prince Charles or a toy-boy of Princess Anne Sir Ian Blair would have been fired within hours and his blundering cowboys would doing life for murder.
After the Bush, Blair administrations have been thrown out of office and we can sift the truth from the wreckage. Jean Charles de Menezes will be listed as innocent victim number 100,000 and something of an illegal war for oil and dirty ammo (DU) profits.
   Lies  Used To Start Iraq War

Like his cohort, Tony Blair, Sir Ian Blair obviously believes he can commit murder as part and parcel of the totally manufactured War on Terror. Speaking live on BBC News Sir Ian Blair was proud to announce the state murder of Menezes. Despite the fact that his shooters had told him it was not the terrorist suspect they had shot.

The person who leapt over the ticket barrier was one of the police team wearing body armour.     http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7069796.stm



old stuff


Tory Girl


 Sandra’s pony broke a leg






The Royal Mentality

      above Thellwell’s budding Camilla speaks ocean’s   

Having no part to play in real life, Mattress Camilla rides-out most days of the week with the Royal Beaufort. If they fail to catch a fox, hunt servants dig a fox out of its lair, shoot it, smash its head in, then throw it to the hounds - to be torn to bits. The royals and their pals hate going home without causing the violent destruction of at least one of Gods creatures. Hunt servants know exactly where to find a fox, they build the lairs. Artificial lairs have used to supply perverts with their prey from the start of the imbeciles sport of "hunting" the uneatable fox. When foxhounds lose their enthusiasm for the kill they run at the back of the pack. Mattress Camilla & Co have a rota for the pleasure of shooting ‘slow hounds’ through the head. Racehorse owner Camilla also owns half-a-dozen hunters, so, if one brakes a leg she can blow it brains out and climb on another.
Current wannabe palace mattress’s include polo and perjury fan Victoria Aitken, who’s daddy Jonathon (Sword of Truth) Aitken, was let out of jail early before someone filmed him buggering his cell mates. Privy Councillor Jonathon was jailed for Perjury. Not for his major crime, illegally supplying arms during Iran-Iraq war, when Ministers of the Crown told daily lies about Britain’s arms trade. 1978 - 1988 Privy Councillor Jonathon counselled the Saudi royals along with the Queen. Aitken’s book, The Young Meteors, describes his drug taking Oxford days. He has yet to write about his commission taking days; when commercial Jumbo’s (Flying Tigers) full of arms and ammo, flew from Stansted to Riyadh. Where Iraqi cargo planes waited on the tarmac (the Saudi royals openly supported Saddam until 1988). Lizzy, of course, will deny she profit’s from the arms trade.

Troops killed in the theft of Iraq 2003 - Today


Noises Off


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