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The Germans Part Three

Worthless Willy

June 16. Prince Willy's Granny, the Queen, wasted another million of the taxpayers money today on Prince Willy's Garter ceremony. For those wondering what is the Garter?  The Garter is a token of the monarch's esteem.
In short; a totally meaningless irrelevance in the real world.

Prince Wily, above with his Daddy in their white feather hats, will never be going anywhere near the real world where people actually work for a living. Along with the rest of the so-called royals Wily spends his entire life playing dress-up for the next piss-up-cum-photo-shoot.
His great-great grandfather's investments in Middle East oil and gas-fields are presently adding millions-per-day to the family's £17 Trillion off-shore fortune - that Wily will inherit.
Wily's great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria rarely wasted her Civil List on ridiculous ceremonies like the one above. Victoria, illegally, banked her
£600,000 per-year Civil List (tax-payers money) in Swiss and German banks.
600,000 per-year then, is equivalent to being given over £6 Million per-year now. Victoria received £
600,000 per-year every year of her sixty-four-year reign. Peanuts compared to the off-shore-fortune Victoria banked from her family's investments in the Slave Trade and its lucrative spin-offs. Victoria's Uncle Leo, a well known paedophile, advised Victoria on how to profit from cotton, opium, rubber and tobacco produced by brutal slave labour.


Charles Prince of Hypocrites

All this "green" nonsense Charles is constantly spouting boils down to a personal carbon tax and that means taxing the air we breath. January 26th 2007. When Charles heard he'd been given an American award for his Globalist nonsense speeches he decided to drop his weekend foxhunting to collect the award himself. Charles could easily have sent a member of his US "Foundation" to pick up his trinket. But no. After Mummy vetoed the very idea of using the Royal Airforce to fly him to the pointless piss-up he bought all 62 business and first class seats on a scheduled B. A. flight to America. If Charles cared about anything other than himself he would spend the odd weekend campaigning against nuclear power here in Britain.

Given one tenth of the billions Queen Lizzy's last three "governments" have wasted on building the totally unwarranted Sizewell B, MOX and so-called “privatised” British Energy. Britain would now be the leading exporter of land & marine wind power technology. There has been no serious government investment in safe-clean-power-systems. Instead, acting for the Queen's oil-gas and nuclear-vested Establishment, Thatcher, Major and Blair did everything to stop Britain leading the world in developing safe, cheap energy technology.
Her Majesty's Government Energy White Paper
(24 Feb. 03) was a classic-nuclear-rip-off. The paper simply signals a 15 % price rise in your electricity bill. As with the Tories Non Fossil Fuel Levy, stolen to pay for Sizewell B,* the public will once again be robbed to pay for nuclear waste outfits owned (albeit indirectly) by the royal family.  There will be no serious investment in safe-cheap-power-systems until the thieving royals and their percentage placemen are behind Traitors Gate.    

*see The Tory Record. Paul Brown 1997.

The Germans Part One 

The Germans Part Two






NuclearI Power 
Nuclear Waste Station Built on Shifting Sand!

January 25th 2007.
BBC News reported: Dungeness nuclear waste station, on the Kent coast, now requires 600 tons of gravel dumped on the shingle foreshore, right, every twenty-four-hours
to compensate for the action of the tide (long shore drift).

The BBC failed to report; this constant earthmoving project is costing the taxpayer £4,000 to £5,000 per-day. Everyday of the year.
As is usual in all things nuclear the BBC only reported half the story.
Despite many objections Dungeness was built on a shingle beach with a history of shifting. In the 1890's stretches of this shingle foreshore disappeared overnight.
Recent rising sea levels, not envisaged when Dungeness was built by the sea, have increased the danger of Dungeness being swamped in a surge tide.

Left without operator's; providing they have a constant supply of clean water nuclear reactor's close themselves down. Left without operator's and Swamped in seawater they can only explode.
Had the Nuclear Nutter's Club (Carlyle, Areva, BNFL/BNG/Westinghouse, Halliburton, Bechtel et al ) been allowed to build nuclear waste stations on those coasts hit by the Indian Ocean tidal waves. Those coasts would now be a nuclear contaminated No Go Area - lost to mankind.


One day my boy all this will be set-aside


"Nuclear New Build"

The Usual

2009. The much talked-up "nuclear new build" at Olkiluoto, Finland continues pouring other-peoples-money down the nuclear drain. The same way the cost of building Sizewell B went from £M450 to £2.9 Bn. The Finnish Folly is on the same criminal path. In May 2007 the publicized "final cost of €2.5 Billion" was "revised-up to €4 Billion". 

By February 2009 the final cost had been revised-up to €6.6.
This latest estimate could easily double as the "nuclear new build" has now "failed its building standards inspection on over 2,000 separate counts!" And all these faults despite the "nuclear new build" being three-years behind its building schedule.

The French media revealed the other-peoples-money to finance the Finnish Folly came from Export Credit from the hapless French taxpayer, back-door State Aid (now being investigated by the EU) and dubious cheap bank loans - which could be re-called and thereby end the project. The Finnish taxpayer could end-up paying billion's of Euros for sweet Fanny Adams. Not by a long chalk the first "nuclear new build" multi-billion-fuck-up.
The French nuclear giant Areva are responsible for this latest criminal waste of time and money in the pervert's pursuit of totally needless new nuclear power stations.
Even pro-nuclear Finnish politicians are voicing their anger at Areva for farming-out parts of the nuclear engineering contract to Polish cheap labour.
Not surprisingly Her Majesty's
Government favours the French cowboy outfit Areva to build Sizewell C. The first of ten potential Chernobyl's Nuclear Lizzy is plotting to build in Great Britain.
http://www.areva.com/servlet/cp_   & see  Chris Mullen, Hansard, Energy  Jan 10, 2008.  Hansard & David Heath, Charles Henry, Colin Challen, Hansard, Energy  Jan 22, 2008.


Ministers Of The Nuclear Crown

Ordered in 1965 for £M90, the nuclear reactor at Dungeness B, South East Kent should have opened in 1972. Fundamental design flaws that accompany all "nuclear new build" made it obvious the project should be cancelled. But, like Sizewell B, it was built with the taxpayer’s (your) money. The Queen’s ministers kept pouring your money into their nuclear companies until Dungeness B was finally declared open in 1989.  Seventeen years late!!!  
Passing Prime Mouthpiece Thatcher told Parliament the project had cost the taxpayer £M409. It transpired the true cost was well over £1 BILLION.
 A nice little earner for Crown controlled nuclear companies. And another undeniable royal insult to the honest taxpayer. 

From Jan, to Nov, 1995  Dungeness B was shut down due to faults which cost the taxpayer another £M200 to rectify. Another nuclear bonus for the Queen's cartel. Ministers of the Nuclear Crown “say” their offshore accounts do not benefit from nuclear contracts. If that were true they would close down Britain’s potential Chernobyl’s in favour of offshore wind-farms, solar power and water power stations. Actively denying Britain cheap electricity proves the Queen and her ministers are only concerned with stuffing their Swiss accounts before Murphy’s Law pays a visit to a British nuclear cesspit and closes the Bank Of England.

After the billions wasted on Dungeness only the Queen’s nuclear-cartel could have conspired to pour £2.9 Bn (Three Millennium Domes) into building another, totally unwarranted, Chernobyl in Suffolk - Sizewell B. The year before Sizewell B was ordered, 1988, British reactors had already produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next three centuries. By which times ‘nukes’ will be antiques. So, why would anyone order another bomb factory at Sizewell B in 1989! Three years after Chernobyl!?  If not for base financial gain?

 If Prince Charlie hasn’t got both hands in the nuclear till, why did he spend so much time criticizing the cost of the Dome, £M950, yet never say a bloody word against Sizewell B, which cost the taxpayer £2.9 bn? 
£M650 of the cost of the Dome came from the National Lottery. Whatever you thought about the Dome, it cannot poison Great Britain. A nasty accident at Sizewell B and your arse is toast. If Prince Charlie had a spine in his back he would have joined the Sizewell B protest. In truth a nuclear end to British History could never worry Charlie. When one is born with billions in foreign banks it really doesn’t matter what part of the planet one happens to be killing dumb animals to pass the time of day. Do's it?

Memo. All this "green" nonsense Charles is constantly spouting boils down to a personal carbon tax and that means taxing the air we breath.


                            fat arse in moriztSt. Morizt 1915
Favourite venue of royal war profiteers and their agents \nominees.  
After WW1 the royals resumed their usual lifestyle. Entertaining German cousins with the usual gold plate banquets after hunting on their various estates. Racing their yachts at Cowes, their horses at Ascot. Fashion shopping in Paris in the spring. Cruising the sunspots in the summer and, of course, the usual winter bash in the Alps - paid for by their bankers.


   The Usual Nominee’s

 George 5, centre, with Princess Mary, Queen Mary and four of  Mary’s German brothers who ferried royal loot abroad. In July 1917 Labour MP’s called the creation of the phony House of Windsor.  ‘A German insult to the British people and a fine old castle.’ Newspaper owners were bribed never to mention the family’s real name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Or their maze of investments. True to form the public soon forgot the phony royals are not even British. 


The Dowdy Duchess  (Queen Mum)


 ‘Thick-set’ Elizabeth Bowes Lyons set out to marry the future King Edward 8th. Press reports of the time speculated they were secretly engaged. Some gossip columns  later apologised for the speculation. Apparently Edward had kicked Elizabeth out of bed in favour of another self-seeking Establishment filly. A process he repeated ad nauseam for twenty years. Elizabeth ended up with one his lacklustre brothers - Albert, Duke of York.  

Elizabeth Bowes Lyon became Duchess of York in 1923, when she married Albert, the dimmest of Edward’s three brothers. She became Queen when Edward threw a royal wobbler and handed over the Crown to Albert.

 Royal Wedding 1923. Elizabeth & Albert with their parents.  Left to Right. The Earl and Countess of Strathmore. The future Queen Mum, the future King George 6, Queen Mary and King George 5. Elizabeth became known as the Dowdy Duchess. Later photographs would be doctored. Photographer Cecil Beaton 'fiddled about in the dark room' to give the dumpy Dowdy Duchess a new image. Married at a time when most British people lived in extreme poverty. The Queen Mum chose to spend her 'extended' honeymoon, on the taxpayers money, shooting dumb animals in Africa.

August. 2003. Her great grandson Prince William was reported as 'really enjoying himself' stalking and killing dumb animals, on the taxpayers money of course, on one of the family's African estates.

Glamis Castle Scotland.
The Queen Mum's ancestral home

The Queen Mum was brought up surrounded by unctuous servants. Her father, the Earl of Strathmore, owned two castles and three hunting estates. Nobody knows where she was born. Or indeed who she really was. At the time she appeared there were rumours she was her fathers illegitimate child to a housemaid, adopted in secrecy when the Countess lost the child she was carrying. Her father was fined seven-shilling-and-sixpence for not registering her birth within the statuary six-weeks (This was a jailable offence but Members of the Bar used to shoot on the Earls estate's). He told Hertfordshire Magistrates he was busy with the deer shoot when his wife went to London to have the child. He thought his wife's staff had registered the birth. He said she was born on the Hertfordshire estate. Parish Records refute this; as do's the local press.  Friends of the Countess claimed she was born in Bickerstaff Mansions, opposite Baker Street Station. Other's in London high society claimed she was born in a Harley Street Clinic. She herself liked to claim she was born in an ambulance in between the two. It is as difficult to prove her actual birthplace as it is to prove her true parents. Generations of Palace rewriters have done their usual shredding job. The truth was buried long before she was. On the bright side. The truth about the real father's of Prince Andy Pandy and Prince Edwina can now be found in your local library.
see. The Royal Marriages, Smyth Gryphon. Lady Colin Campbell
and Queen Elizabeth 2… not amused.  Carol Publishing Group.  Nicholas Davies
and Prince Philip, a critical biography.  Sidgwick & Jackson.  John  Parker. 
and Elizabeth, Mandarin Books. Sarah Bradford.

Too old for anymore boyfriends these days & having nothing better to do Queen Lizzy is often seen strangling half-shot grouse, ducks and pheasants.  On this occasion she is bashing a wounded pheasants head in with a stick.




 Lizzy's ponies that carry her shot deer are also put to work carrying rich kids.


Pony trekking at Balmoral 10 am – 4 pm  £90.00 per child.       



                                      Book by e-mail.  trekking@balmoralcastle.com



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